Posted on January 3rd, 2019

Stanley Perera Melbourne, Australia.

Elon Musc the American Billioner was preparing a capsule to rescue the Thai boys from the cave. This pommy guy who was a cave rescuer said the American can stick his capsule where it hurts.  In response to that tounge lashing American billioner Elon Musc said that pedo guy.  As I did not know what it meant by pedo guy, I asked this Aussie guy what the meaning of pedo guy.  The Aussie guy said to me ” those Pommy Guys and Aussie Guys go to Thailand to sleep with boys are called pedo guys.  So that pedo guy the cave digger sued American billioner Elon Musc for deformation of caracter.  Elon Musc said “I am not denying.  I said what I know about the pommie guy.  He sleeps with Thai boys.  Such people are called pedo guys”.  What are you going to do about it?  So the pedo guy had to shut his face.

The other day  In a public speech the Siri Lankan President said ” that man is a butterfly”.  As I did not know the meaning of butterfly, I asked a young Siri Lankan lass what it meant by Butterfly.  This young Siri Lankan lass told me it is the three letter word starting with G”.  Oh it is the god I said .  No dumb dumb three letter word starting with ga.

Oh, it is gal.  No idiot it is gay.  I still cannot understand what it really means gay.  Let me tell you in simple language man, she said “it is the man sleeping with a man”.  Then I asked the young Siri Lankan lass what is the difference between the gay guy and pedo guy.  The lass said the pedo guy is the guy who sleeps with the boys and gay guy is the guy who sleeps with a guy.  I am confused it is like the Siri Lankan constitution and 19A,33A, and 40 a,b.c. which can be translated either this way or that way but not both ways.  I asked this Siri Lankan lass what is this homo.  This lass told me I don’t no man I am a les girl. I am confused and confused like the Siri Lankan constition.  God save my Siri Lanka.  My Siri Lanka is in the hands of a bunch of gay guys and pedo guys with les guys.  Where is the nearest mental assylum?  I want to book a room in there.  Before I get there I will find out if there are any pedo guys,gay guys and les guys.  Don’t worry myself all the residents and doctors including nurses are pedo guys, gay guys and les guys.

Stanley Perera

Melbourne, Australia.


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