Governance and Psychology – 6 The Democratic Socialist Republic of SriLanka
Posted on January 9th, 2019

Kanthar Balanathan


While LTTE was engaged in killing Sinhala civilians and destroying nations assets worth billions of dollars, India turned a blind eye and was helping the LTTE with arms and ammunition and allowed them to be domiciled and train themselves in Coimbatore and other places in the North. RAW was helping LTTE in the strategical development and military training. This act of India was a cataclysmic violation of freedom, democracy, and a nations territorial integrity.

It can be directed that this is the fault of JRJ and Prabakaran and both are fools. One is an attorney idiot and the other an uneducated idiot.

There were many hundreds of houses destroyed by the military and people moved out to shelters losing their properties and assets etc.

Members of the UNP political party are centered in their own safety, wealth and unpatriotic and they are not interested in the republic, safety of their own citizens.

Ranil W is no other than a SriLankan, a nephew of JRJ and has the same attitude and core values, and is arrogant, abrupt, does not respect other’s views, and has internal dictatorial attitude concealed in his mind. People should come to know this weakness. Both Ranil and Prabakaran are the same in their mind, thoughts, and concealed actions.

It is a bombshell that Sambanthar, TNA, and MAS knowing all that happened from 1987, have supported the UNP to survive in their parliamentary power. What causes the TNA and the Tamils to support UNP all the way from independence to now. Is it the DNA?

Tamils should not support the FP and TNA if TNA is supporting the UNP. SriLankan politicians should unite, irrespective of political ideology, to protect the nation from vultures taking over for their military base(s). UNP politicians, Sarath Fonseka, Mangala Samaraweera, and Chandrika Bandaranaike & co should stop blabbering supporting the Tamils and talking against the government. They are only helping set up a USA base in Trinco or Hambantota. Tamils think they can be okay with Americans in SL or NP. They should comprehend the social condition of Bangkok today. Jaffna / Trincomalee may become a US Navy club if things are not sorted out quickly.

Period since 2005

It is assumed that Mahinda Rajapaksa’s core values are: Govern personal relationships, Guide business processes, clarify who we are, articulate what we stand for, Help explain why we do business the way we do, guide us on how to teach, inform us on how to reward, guide us in making decisions, Underpin the whole organization, Require no external justification, Essential tenets.

It is just an assumption based on the progress he made and the work he completed within a short time. So many projects like the Jaffna train, Belliatta train, electricity to all villages and towns, durable beautiful roads to places we out not imagine, Port, AirPort, Colombo development, and so many other projects completed.

Mahinda R (MR) is a patriot and a just leader and he loves his country. He does not hate Tamils. He loves all people on the basis that they are all Sri Lankans.

Comparison of MR is to Nehru.

Comparison of Ranil W is to Idi Amin of Uganda, who does not care for his people except POWER.

  1. JVP – who is the JVP?
  2. LTTE – cadre was trained in the west and India.
  • Arms deal – Through the west and UK.
  1. LTTE operatives were working from the UK in the 80s.
  2. Rudrakumaran floating the TGTE in the USA is obvious that the US was supporting the Tamils right from the beginning. USA has no comments on this act, which is a breach of achieving peace in SL.
  3. Norway moved into Karainagar in the name of a project called Fiber Glass” fishing boats in the 70s.
  • More Tamils were taken to Norway in the 70s.
  • Currently, LTTE operatives (Nediyavan) operate from Norway.
  1. Several LTTE operatives are in the UK.
  2. Diego Garcia contract expires possibly in 2016, and renewal is in doubt because African nations and Mauritius may not support the renewal. USA & UK may lose African support. The USA definitely needs a base in the Indian Ocean because they are scared of Russia.
  3. Trincomalee is a natural harbor.
  • Did SL have any strategic study group apart from the Social Study Circle formed by Late Srimavo B.?
  • USA and UK may develop their study 50-100 years ahead.

Finally, it could be presumed that we people in SL are fools fighting between each other, which is what the west wants. Tamils have been indoctrinated and incited by the west leading to intoxication, which gave birth to LTTE. Currently, TNA members are being brainwashed to continue the power act. India may now realize that they made a mistake by training LTTE. India may be a target for the west next. Indians are not to be missed as they have lack of political perception.

The blame goes to UNP members and Chandrika Bandaranaike for not having that perception to study the west’s motive.

To be continued.

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