How come a drug dealer selects sophisticated M39 rifle?
Posted on February 26th, 2019

NIMAL LEWKE Former Commandant STF Courtesy The Island

It has been reported that drug dealer Makandure Madush had plans to smuggle in a specialized weapon, M 39 rifle to the country. Although I do not think much about this drug dealer and his detection was given huge publicity, and at the same time his name was linked to a plan to assassinate the VVIP. I have tried to impress, the leadership of this country that a strong intelligence unit is of paramount importance to govern this country, protection of assets, and safety of the nation, but I did not get a proper response.

When you say intelligence, the information you collect is analyzed by knowledgeable, experienced, committed people and they will developed intelligence to take appropriate action.

Coming back to the weapon, what is the background of this drug dealer and is it true he was planning to smuggle an M 39 rifle? One wonders, from where he got expert knowledge and the idea to look for such a sophisticated, latest weapon used by none other than US Marines. If this is true, the security hierarchy has a huge task to get to the bottom of it, and find out all details about this so called plan to assassinate the VVIP.

M 39 Marksman rifle is used by US Marines and they used it in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Although, it is from the M16 family, which we used in the STF and British special forces, this is a higher caliber 7.62 nato caliber ammunition, with an effective range of 800m and a maximum firing range of 4000m.

These cartridges are more powerful than any M 16 amo, and are used by marine scout snipers on special missions.

Since the special features of this weapon, one wonders, how come a drug dealer has selected it, and who advised him on this purchase? This is matter that worth investigating?

In 1963 when John F Kennedy was assassinated by a sniper, he used an Italian sniper rifle called Caracan, which I believe is a bolt action weapon. Even with a gun of that nature he managed to get the target very accurately. This special weapon has the capability of mounting sniper day scope with a telescope site, due to the fact that it uses long-range ammunition. This is a light weight accurate system, utilizing a cartridge more powerful than the M 16 standard, and it has the capability of mounting night vision.

Considering recent reports appeared in newspapers, although we do not have access to the defence circle, we had immense experience during the 30 years of war where we came across many sophisticated firearms, munitions and various tactics of terrorists. Surely the people in authority to protect the nation and its leadership will give top priority to intelligence, VIP security and overall national security. This is a very important matter for the defence authority, which must go deep into before it is too late.

“Do not forget VIP Security is a highly sophisticated subject,” which need careful planning and analyzing the situation accordingly. Mr. Kadirgamar’s case was a classic example.

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  1. Hiranthe Says:

    How about DIG Nalaka Perera?

    He is already in the assassination team although no action has been taken. We need a strong headed leader like Mrs Sirimavo Bandaranayaka.

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