Sri Lankans should be more compassionate with empathy, devoid of ego hatred, ignorance and be honest??
Posted on March 4th, 2019

Dr Sarath Obeysekera

I was listening to  you tube talk by one Buddhist monk ,who openly stated that we Sri Lankans ( most probably we was referring to Sinhalese) are hypocoristic people with no compassion ,He was referring to Theravada Buddhist practice in Burma ,Thailand ,Tibet and Laos ,where people look up to Buddhist cultural values and practice then in their daily life. In Sri Lanka behave like animals, we take alcohol during Pirith and Dana ceremonies our drivers are not polite but very arrogant with no concern about fellow drivers, our state workers and officers take bribes for anything they do. Females are sexually harassed in public transport, and get whistled or gazed by bystanders.

And yet he said when he travelled most of the foreigners have been praising Sri Lankan for being very joyful and smiling!

He says that it us so surprising to hear that from visitors.

Should a political party be formed with a manifesto where they will take every endeavor to make this nation more compassionate and kind like in some Buddhist countries like Burma?


People in Myanmar

People in Myanmar are simply awesome.  They are kind and sincerely in general. Buddhism of the country taught the kindness to most people. Of course, recent communal violence between Muslim minority and Buddhist fundamentalist mobs also bring shame to the community. Hey, we all got some smelly eggs in family!  But most people in Myanmar are simply honest and peaceful.”

Dr Sarath Obeysekera


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  1. Hiranthe Says:

    I totally agree with Dr. Obeysekara. We only blame our politicians.. but when you see these comments, it is very true that the whole Sinhala nation is not living… they are half dead Zombies trying to eat the flesh of each other.

    We had those values prior to British raped our society by introducing alcohol to the ordinary folks.

    That is the only method they found successful in destroying the values our ancestors carried forward for 1000’s of years.

    British opened taverns in every little towns and initially they provided almost free until people get addicted to it as I heard from someone.

    With alcohol, all the good values went down the drain. Although we don’t consider Alcohol as a serious destroyer, Lord Buddha has made it into the five percepts to be maintained by lay people. It is so damaging and it is evident from our society.

    Even the Islam prohibits Alcohol in strong term and unlike Buddhists, Muslims are careful not to make alcohol a part of their life.

    It is mostly Sinhalas who get drunk. Muslims and Tamils are staying away from alcohol.

    Yahap’s want people to get drunk and get destroyed more. That is why they reduced the price of Beer on the advice from IMF. All the enemies of Mother Lanka wants all of us to get drunk.!!!

    Even of an auspicious event like Bana or Pirith at a home, the men will look for alcohol before the meals. It had become a passion and a posh thing. But no one realises that it destroys the whole nation.

  2. Randeniyage Says:

    Why Buddhist country Burma alone ?
    Please travel to Jakarta and see.
    I was shocked and ashamed of my self seeing how general public in Jakarta were so polite , compassionate and kind to fellow human beings. Muslim Indonesia is more Buddhist than Sri Lanka.

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