Posted on March 25th, 2019

Dr Sarath Obeysekera 

When Sri Lanka had a lean time in tourist arrivals during war time, locals were treated with arms extended by the staff of all hotels in Sri Lanka.

Brownies are not well treated by the brownie managers as the hotel is collecting dollars .from foreigners .

Now that tourism is booming, many white and yellow colour tourists are swarming in Colombo and other areas.

It happened to me today morning, when I went to a  four star hotel which has a Holiday”  name earlier to collect some Korean Experts who came to Sri Lanka .to work in my yard .

Until they come down to the lobby I decided to have a coffee and a brown toast after my early morning walk, on the way to the shipyard.

Beverages manager at the breakfast corner was told by me that I only need a coffee and brown toast and I have no intention to have full buffet breakfast ‘He asked me to serve  coffee from buffet and I  sat to enjoy it.

I asked for the toast and he said to me as I have touched the buffet, you have to pay for the whole buffet ( May be  by consuming all string hopper, bacon sausages and what not! )

Otherwise they have to  serve a coffee separately and picked the coffee cup which was in my hand and walked away.,I THOUGHT WHAT A WASTE !

I called the hotel manager and explain to him that If it was a foreigner who had to undergo this treatment , he /she would Have given earful the staff of the hotel.

 .I also told him that influx of foreign tourists is again causing a complex among our own brownies and  that they started treating us like dirt .

Hotel Manager offered me a free coffee in the presence of the training manager who came to listen to my complain and apologized.

I accepted the apology and went to coffee shop in the lobby and bought one for a wapping 520 Rs to prove my point and walked away.

On the way out I saw the Waitress with a  full tray of coffee which was hopefully complementary ,but my ego and disgust  made me to tell her to consume it herself

So Brownies need to be weary of   SO Sri Lankan change of attitude as we are dying for Dollars

Dr Sarath Obeysekera 


  1. A Concerned Citizen Says:

    This is indeed disappointing if the case. You, or any other citizen, or frankly anyone of brown skin, or otherwise should be treated in such a way. This is not representing our country so I hope this type of nonsense is strictly cracked down upon.

    We must showcase the warmth, hospitality and kindness of our people to ALL who visit and stay in our country.

  2. A Concerned Citizen Says:

    Correction – ” You, or any other citizen, or frankly anyone of brown skin, or otherwise should NOT HAVE been treated in such a way.” Everyone should be treated with respect and good customer service equally!

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