FIGHT AGAINST CORRUPTION – MR, RW, GR and MS etc all in bed together
Posted on March 28th, 2019

Dr. Mahela Gunaratne

Suggestions for proper future candidates and a fight against corruption

We Sri Lankans have become lost. 70 plus years after independence, having started off as one of the most prosperous nations in Asia, led by honest and decent gentleman such as the Father of our nation and educated visionary people during our early years as a free nation once more, we have now been reduced to an impoverished state run by the corrupt and for the corrupt only.

Having had a neighbour finance terror against us, we now have spineless traitorous leaders in all the parties from this government, and the last one who openly appease the very same nation at the expense of relations with ALL OTHER NATIONS (notably the US and China) and at the expense of our own people and their advancement . Recycling the same politicians for the last decade and more has gotten us nowhere. Whilst we will be grateful to those who freed us from terror, we cannot blindly support people who lack the will to do what is necessary, or have their own selfish vested interests at heart above the nation.

I am most happy that several new candidates have put themselves forward for the next election in the year 2020 which hopefully will be a turning point for our great country and put us back on the path we had at independence. However this will take a serious non-political approach recognising genuine corruption. 

Notably there are some organisations fighting against corruption. I commend several names who have appeared on the media recently and the few media organisations who try to report some kind of policy based news rather than the trashy tabloid style reporting by most who do nothing but worship certain political clans. Names that come to mind who could bring hope to our nation include:

1. Nagananda Kodituwakku

2. Malinda Seneviratne

3. Maithra Gunaratne

4. Rohan Pallewatte

Notably as if often talked about on this forum, unlike a certain Gotabaya and a certain oft talked about political family, as well as the goons/traitors like RW currently in power today, many of the above and their associates have said they WILL abolish the Provincial Council systems and establish proper clean governance. 

I urge genuine patriots to share amongst friends and family the names of such new candidates who do seem to be gaining support amongst the people. Because as everyone is beginning to see, the whole lot of the current political class are taking us for a ride and in the same boat.

Here are two videos that are interesting. Without supporting one of the old parties, let us support such people to fight corruption by the well known names:

May Sri Lanka properly develop and may people assess who they should vote for based on policies and character, not on being a character from a certain family, or party who are all the same”

17 Responses to “FIGHT AGAINST CORRUPTION – MR, RW, GR and MS etc all in bed together”

  1. NeelaMahaYoda Says:

    Dear Dr. Mahela

    Do you really believe that Nagananda Kodituwakku or Malinda Seneviratne will get enough support to win Presidential election?

    As far as I understand Nagananda Kodituwakku has no national policy to come forward to contest even as an MP, let alone, the Presidential election. He is planted by some anti-Sri Lankan forces in the West to disrupt political stability in the country. Don’t believe him, we know him even at the time he applied for political asylum in the UK

    Malinda Seneviratne is a journalist and both Nagananda Kodituwakku and Malinda Seneviratne have got enough experience in Criticising others work and but they have not proved that they can do some work for the benefit of the country

  2. Christie Says:

    The writer contradicts himself.

    Our corruption started in 1956 when Banda came to power who was financed by India and Indian Parasites here.

    That was the start of dividing of Sinhalese.

    Then we had few years of Sinhalese united under MR but again India and Indian Parasites managed to bring in Sirisena.

    I have been following Nagananda and Malinda and to me they are also here to divide the Sinhalese further.

    So beaware.

  3. Hiranthe Says:

    I totally agree with NMY and Christie.

    Nagananda is clearly playing to the gallery. He has got some supporters also planted in the web by the same organisation funds him who comments on his postings highly positive and proposing him to come forward and save the country.

    This is a gang work to divide the Sinhela voters.

    Initially he tried with this female lawyer (Arundika or Sugandika or similar name with “Wattiamma” type attitude) aiming for discrediting our judges as corrupt to support the “foreign judges” proposed by the West. When that idea did not get enough public support, they changed the modes of operandi and he started going solo. Don’t know where that women is?

    It was clearly visible that they were funded by an NGO.

  4. Dilrook Says:

    They have no chance of winning the 2019 presidential election. However, that is beside the point. So many candidates have contested presidential elections with no chance of winning it.

    There are many reasons for them to contest.

    1. If anyone supported by NK, etc. contests and wins say 8% of the vote, they will be the kingmakers at the parliamentary election to follow. No party will be able to form a government without them. Presidential election will be a launch platform to get into national politics.

    2. Sri Lankans must start somewhere to crack feudal clan politics that plagued Sri Lanka since 1931. The “Gamperaliya” moment must happen one day in Sinhala politics. It takes time but it must start at some point. When BJP was launched in 1980 many laughed at it and it did very poorly at elections. A few political clans called the shots. However, with a former Italian citizen becoming PM who signed various pacts with USA, Indians realized the danger facing their nation. BJP managed to get the PM post in 1994 and in 2014 won convincingly.

    Pakistan also ended clan politics.

    Sadly it is yet to die in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh – overall poorer nations than the above two.

    I have my reservations against NK but if anyone has the courage to at least promise they will abrogate 13A, he/she gets my support.

    A comparison of Sri Lanka and the Maldives shows how we lost our way badly since winning the war (and before). By the end of 2009 the gap between Maldives and Sri Lanka in GDP per capita was $4,600. But it rose to $6,000 steadily by 2017. Generally a country that emerges from war registers very high GDP growth rates for a very long time. It didn’t happen in Sri Lanka.

    However in debt accumulation it is a far worse story.

    The danger of continuing this way is we will be either fooled to (under UNP) or forced to (under Sirisena or Mahinda camps) become a subject of foreign countries. And the nation will be willingly (under UNP) and forcibly (under Sirisena or Mahinda camps) divided if things continue as they did since 2009.

  5. Hiranthe Says:

    I have a little news for all.

    Rev Sobhitha was one of the chief Architects in the Regime change project. He has visited Norway many a times planning this.

    We would all like to know where he is now… whether in the “Thusitha” heaven or the Hell after his death.

    An enlighten monk who has gone to Samadhi and searched where Sobhitha is now.

    It is sad to say that he is in “Avici Maha Niraya” in a worst situation.

    I account it for betraying this blessed country and also not following the “Sangha Vinaya”

    We don’t know what else he committed to fall into this worst place.

    One good think may be in his mind.. he must be counting days and waiting to shake hand with “Dambara Amila”

  6. Randeniyage Says:

    Imran Khan started his campaign many years ago and finally won. Our ඛේදවාචකය cannot be changed in one election, but it has to be changed. The real change should start somewhere.
    Please read this, how Sinhalaya is treated by English speaking posh people ( who actually are cleaning toilets in airplanes).

    Binuri Disasekara
    March 27 at 7:33 PM

    ***ශ්‍රී ලංකන් සමාගමේ මැදපෙරදිග ඛේදවාචකය***

    එක් පහන් සැදෑවක මම ලන්ඩනයේ Heathrow ගුවන් තොටුපොලින් කටාර් හරහා මව්බිම කරා යාමට ශ්‍රී ලංකන් ගුවන් සේවය මගින් ගුවන් ගත වුනෙමි. එම පැය හයක ගමන පුරාවටම ගුවන් සේවක කන්ඩායමේ ආදර සංග්‍රහ සැලකිලි විඳිමින් පැමිනියෙමි. පසුව ඩෝහා ගුවන් තොටුපොලෙන් කටාර් රාජ්‍යයේ සිට මවුබිම බලා යන මගීන්ද සමග නැවතත් කටුනායක බලා ගුවන් ගත වුනෙමි.
    මම ලන්ඩනයේ සිට ඇඳගෙන ආ ඇඳුම් මාරු කර පහසු ඇඳුමක් වන සායක් සහ ටී ශර්ට් එකක් ඇඳගතිමි. මගේ එහා අසුනේ සිට මා සමග කුළුපග වූ කාන්තාවක් ඈ කටාර් රාජ්‍යයේ නිවසක සේවිකාවක් බව කියා සිටි අතර ඇය ලංකාවේ දරු පවුලක් රැකීමට මැද පෙරදිග සිට දුක් විඳින අහිංසක කාන්තාවක් බව මම වටහා ගතිමි.
    මේ අතරේ ගුවන් සේවක සේවිකාවන්ගේ හැසිරීමේ පැහැදිලි වෙනසක් මට දැනෙන්නට පටන් ගත් නිසා අපට ලන්ඩනයේ සිට පැමිනුන ගුවන් යානයේ සේවක මඩුල්ලෙන් ලැබුන ආදර කරුණාව කොහේ ගියේදැයි මනසින් විපරම් කලෙමි. වතුර වීදුරුවක් ඉල්ලූ විට එය ලැබුනේම නැත. තේ එකක් ඉල්ලූ විට දැන් කෑම ගෙනෙනවා යයි කීහ. මගේ අලුත් කටාර් මිතුරිය කිය සිටියේ “එයාලා එහෙම තමයි. අපි මැද පෙරදිග නිසා කුඩම්මගෙ සැලකිලි තමයි හැමදාම. සුද්දන්ට හරි බටහිර රටවලින් එන අයට හරි හොඳට සලකනවා”. ඈ කියා සිටියා.
    “එහෙනම් මමත් මේ බටහිර රටක ඉඳලනෙ එන්නෙ. එහෙම වෙන්න බෑ”. මා කියා සිටියෙමි. “ඒත් ඔයා සාය හැට්ටෙ ඇඳල නිසා ඔයත් මැද පෙරදිග ඉඳල එනව කියල හිතනව ඇති”. ඒ මගේ අලුත් මිතුරියගේ අදහසයි
    මා මුලදී එය විශ්වාස නොකලද වැඩි වේලාවක් නොයා එහි සත්‍යතාවය මට දැනගන්නට ලැබුනි.
    ලන්ඩනයේ සිට කටාර් එනතුරු ලැබුන සැලකිලි මේ ගුවන් යානයේදී නොලැබුන අතර සුදු මහත්ම මහත්මීන් ලඟ නම් මේ අය සුවිශේශී ලෙස දෙකට තුනට නැවෙන බව පැහැදිලිවම දක්නට ලැබුනි.

    මෙය මොන තරම් අවාසනාවන්ත තත්වයක්දැයි මට සිතුනි. අද අප මවුබිමට විදේශ විනිමය උපයන දෑත් වලින් 75% ක්ම සිටින්නේ මැද පෙරදිග බව මේ එල හරක් මොළ වලට නොතේරෙන්නේ ඔවුන්ට ඒ දැනුම ඉහල තල වලින් ලබා නොදෙන නිසා වන්නට ඇත. එපමනක් නොව මැදපෙරදිග ඒ සොයුරියන් මව්බිමට මේ විදේශ විනිමය උපයන්නේ ඔවුන්ගේ හාම්පුතුන්ගෙන් පමනක් නොව ඒ රටවල් වලදී ඔවුන්ට මුණගැහෙන ශ්‍රී ලාංකික පිරිමින්ගෙන් පවා අනවශ්‍ය බලපෑම් වලට ලක් වෙමින් අපා දුක් විඳිමින් බව තේරුම් ගෙන ඔවුන් දෙස සානුකම්පිතව බැලීමට ස්‍රී ලන්කන් සමාගම ඔවුන්ගේ සේවකයින් පුහුණු කල යුතුය. මැද පෙරදිග අපේ සොයුරියන්ද සුදු අප්පොලා සේම මුදල් ගෙවා මේ ගමන් යන බව මොවුන් නොදන්නේද?
    මෙවුන්ගේ මේ බටහිරට නැවෙන මානසිකත්වය අනෙක් ගුවන් සමාගම් වල සේවා කන්ඩායම් වල දක්නට නොලැබෙන බව මම අත්දැකීමෙන් තේරුම් ගතිමි.

    මෙය වහාම වෙනස් විය යුතු තත්වයක් බවත් ඒ දැනුම මේ මුග්ධ සේවක මඩුල්ලට වෘත්තීය පුහුණුවක් මගින් ලබාදිය යුතු බවත් බලධාරීන් තේරුම් ගත යුතුමය.

    මේ අසාධාරණ හැසීරීම වෙනස් නොවේ නම් අපේ අහිංසක මැද පෙරදිග සොයුරියන් ඒකාභිලාශයෙන් එක් වී Sri Lankan ගුවන් සමාගම ප්‍රතික්ශේප කල යුතුය. ඔවුන්ට මමද එක් වෙමි. මගේ සහයෝගය නොමඳව ලබා දෙමි. මා හට හදිසියේම මව්බිමට යාමට සිදුවී Economy පන්තියේ ටිකට් පතකින් මැදපෙරදිග හරහා ගිය නිසා මේ අත්දැකීම ලැබුනද නැවත කිසිදු දිනෙක පෙර පරිදි Business Class ගනයේ ටිකට් පතක් ශ්‍රි ලංකන් සමාගමින් මිලදි නොගන්නෙමැයි සපත කරගතිමි.

    මව් බිම රකින මැදපෙරදිග සොයුරියන්ට ජය වේවා!
    තෙරුවන් සරණින් දෙවි රැකවරනින් ඔබේ සියලු බලාපොරොත්තු ඉටු වේවා!
    ශ්‍රී ලංකන් සමාගමේ ගොන් මොළ වලට නුවණැස පෑදේවා!

    ********(ලන්ඩන් සිට ඩෝහා හරහා ලංකාවට යාමට ශ්‍රී ලංකන් ගුවන් සේවයෙන් හැකිදැයි අසන්නන්ටයි. මේ ගමන මට හදිසියේ පිලිවෙල කර දුන්නේ Code Share ක්‍රමයට සංචාරක ඒජන්ත සමාගමකිනුයි. ඒ කෙසේදැයි ශ්‍රී ලන්කන් සමාගමෙන් අසා දැනගන්න
    ********** මේ පෝස්ටුවේ අදහස මැද පෙරදිග සොයුරියන් වෙනුවෙන් පෙනී සිටීම මිස මගේ ගමන ගැන කතා කිරීම නොවන බව අවධාරණය කරමි. මගේ ගමන ගැන කරදර වන්නන් නොව, මැද පෙරදිග සොයුරියන්ට වන අසාධාරණය වෙනුවෙන් කතා කිරීමට කැමති අයගේ අදහස් පමනක් ඉත සිතින් බාර ගනිමි.)


    The basic question is who is going to finance:
    1. Nagananda Kodituwakku

    2. Malinda Seneviratne

    3. Maithra Gunaratne

    4. Rohan Pallewatte

    In Sri Lanka, no money, no votes. Even if best policies must be marketed to the targeted audience.
    I might add few more colourful names:
    5. Galabodaaththe Gnanasara ( if pardoned in time)- Money will come from Bond Scam
    6. Sunil Handunhetti – ( Sunil in my books is MR CLEAN. He must get rid of Anura Kumara. Money will come Trade Unions and supporters). But cannot win this time, bright future if correct pathways selected;
    7.Brother Charles Thomas ( he has a massive audience, can that convert into real $)
    8.Dudley Sirisena ( Money for Jam)
    9. Dammika Perera ( Money for Jam)
    10.Sumanapala Mannapperuma ( Money for Jam).

  8. Dilrook Says:

    Sinhala people are divided because no candidate has the guts to take up Sinhala grievances and Sinhala aspirations.

    In that event, there is no need for Sinhalas to unite. What for? They are divided into various camps that provide them light entertainment.

    That is not the way Tamils and Muslims think. They demand things from both major candidates. Then a competition ensues between them to appease minorities. The one who appeases them most wins the block vote. Why can’t we do it?

    If GR or Sajith or Karu wants to unify Sinhalas, take up Sinhala grievances and aspirations, talk about them, have an action plan to deliver them and work towards that. Without doing so don’t expect “pin chanda” from Sinhalese. Unfortunately a large number of Sinhala voters do give “pin chanda” to politicians who promise nothing specifically beneficial for them.

    e.g. Chandrika in 1999
    e.g. Mahinda in 2015

    The key word is “specifically”. Unless that happens, Sinhalese will not unite. On the other hand, one need not unify Sinhalas to win the presidential election. Minority votes plus 40% of Sinhala votes are sufficient to win.

    e.g. Sirisena in 2015

    But things are changing. The under 40 camp sees what happens around the world and is demanding.

    I’m no fan of Venerable Gnanasara Thero. But he did talk about Sinhala grievances and Sinhala aspirations. He deserves at least 5% of the Sinhala vote if he contests.

  9. Randeniyage Says:

    The basic question is who is going to finance:

    1. MR, GR, BR
    2. RW, SP
    3. AKD ( If you check the assess JVP is the richest among all)

    Are they spending their hard earned money ?

  10. Randeniyage Says:

    Thank you for allowing my last comment, I didn’t expect it to appear.
    Nationalists should keep in mind that Naganada is NO NATIONALIST.
    He clearly said ,
    1. No Sinhala only
    2. No 1st place to Buddhishm ( regardless of him behaving like a Sothapanna)

    This is one part, I don’t favor him, not because I am fooled by “CIA AGENT” scare.
    But he is up front about everything. We must respect him for that.
    Also clearly he is anti-Ranil more than anti-MR (political slaves please note).

    On the other hand, before we become a Sinhala Buddhist country, we regain our due place. At the moment we are English Speaking, Hindu believing and God believing country.

    We must win the equal status first. At the moment we are being discriminated because of our language and religion.

  11. Christie Says:

    There is a thing called National Peoples’ movement that includes about 20 odd organizations of “anti corruption and good governance” mobs. They may be able to sway 5% of Sinhala votes against a real Sinhala candidate.

    Looks like they have taken over from Sobitha and financed by the Indian parasites. People might say NGO and the West.

    What we do not see is the fact these NGOs and West get money from India, Indians here and Indians outside India.

  12. Hiranthe Says:

    @ Christie,

    I appreciate your saying the following;

    “Looks like they have taken over from Sobitha and financed by the Indian parasites” .

    But as I understand, they need not to take over from “Sobitha”, it was already their project. they wanted a leading monk to execute their plan. Previously they tried with BBS and it was disaster. The BBS monks acted violently with the strength of their financiers and crossed the line and screwed up their project.

    As the next alternative, they approached “Sobitha hamuduruwo” through either or both Ravi and Chandrika and he had believed their lies and came forward to lead from front. In this journey, he has committed serious karmas against this blessed land and against the Buddha Sasana in Sri Lanka and also violated the Sangha Seela.

    The source of all the mother of destruction against this blessed land is still unchanged.. it is as you always said “Indian colonial parasites”

  13. samurai Says:


  14. Randeniyage Says:


    Remember Maduluwawe Sobhitha Thero was not someone who lived in luxury like current Pachcheka Buddhas like Samathabdhra ( you may have seen his high caliber well wishers recently). If someone( a monk) is an foreign agent to destroy Buddhism – this is the one.

    Let me share a 100% true story which you can use to assess Sobhitha Thero. One of the monks who was in the car with him told be the story some 12 years ago, so , I believe it. He had no reason to fabricate this story.

    Sobhitha Thero was traveling in a car with few younger monks in the USA in a highway. Suddenly he requested the driver to stop the car somewhere so that he could urinate. No other car was seen nearby. However the other monks told him no one there does that and it is also risky. He kept silent and after some time he said, “මේ වගේ වෙලාවට තමයි අපේ මව් බිමේ අගය දැනෙන් නේ”!

  15. aloy Says:

    There is no one in sight to fall back on. Must remember that no one is perfect. Time seems to be running out and Srl lankans have select some one.

    How about Sanga?.

    He already has experience in handling a ministry which is a success story. Has international exposure with no inferiority complex and is young. Only thing our young crowd think he is pro-west; this of course can be corrected by a team of professional that can help him. He can also get support from progressive MPs without blemishes but should not join any of the existing parties.

  16. Christie Says:

    How come it is only Sinhalese that are corrupt?

    Indian Colonial Parasite Merchants who sell things three times what it cost are not corrupt.

    They run the local economy and has been doing it since 1840.

    So you can see where these people like Sobitha, Nagananda and those anti corruption people are coming from.

    If the economy is in the hands of the majority Sinhalese then they do not have to engage in corruption.

    The way we are heading the land we majority Sinhalese occupy at the moment will be occupied by the minority Indian Colonial Parasites and Sinhalese will be the minority.

    We Sinhalese will be like the Creoles of Mauritius or the Bo of Amdaman and Nicobar Islands.

    Let us understand this simple thing and stand up to India and Indian Parasites.

  17. Dilrook Says:

    Very good question Christie.

    How come it is only Sinhalese that are corrupt?

    That is because all major parties (UNP, SLPP and SLFP) compete to win minority parties at any cost and take extreme care not to hurt them. This happened after executive presidency was introduced. Minority block vote is very important for presidential elections (even if it cannot do much).

    UNP, SLPP and SLFP leaders and members consider TNA, CWC, SLMC and ACMC to be gods. They can do terrorism, separatism, chop forests, rob state coffers, bulldoze Buddhist shrines, call Buddhist monks “saffron terrorists”, attack the STF/army/navy, etc., breed and preach hatred and do any other imaginable crime but rest assured nothing happens.

    One of them refused to take oath in front of a war hero. The president begged him to take oath in front of him. He reluctantly agreed to grace the presidential palace for the ceremony.

    Since they are above the law, UNP, SLPP and SLFP politicians blame each other for TNA, CWC, SLMC and ACMC faults!
    How can one blame the gods and acts of gods!

    So it is our fault, always. And lets keep executive presidency so that TNA, CWC, SLMC and ACMC will always remain gods (not just kingmakers).

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