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Posted on March 31st, 2019

Asoka Weerasinghe  Kings Grove Crescent. Gloucester. Ontario .K1J 6G1. Canada

28 March 2019

Chief Minister Hon. Edappadi K. Palaniswami

Office of the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu

Veda Nilayam

81/36  Poes Garden

Chennai -600 086

Tamil Nadu


Cc:Michelle Bachelet, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights

      UNHRC, Geneva

      Lord Naseby, House of Lords, Westminster, London, UK

      Tilak Marapana, Sri Lanka’s Minister of Foreign Affairs. Sri Lanka.

Dear Chief Minister:


I just read the news item in Colombo Gazette of 25 March 2019, which said,, AIADMK seeks probe into Human rights violations”  during the Tamil Eelam war in Sri Lanka.

At first blush, my reaction was, No, can’t be.  Surely these are not the same Tamil Nadu politicians who in the early 1980s, with the help of Indira Gandhi, took over bare-foot Tamils from the North of Sri Lanka, who couldn’t shoot straight to fight the Sri Lankan armed forces, to give them military training to go to war, to claim their  mythical separate mono-ethnic, racist, Tamil State, Eelam, carved out of 33% of the real estate and bordered by 66% of the coastline in the North and East of the island.  Military warfare,  was training them how to shoot AK47s and throw hand-grenades like leather cricket balls at targets and not fighting with catapults and stones as in a High School backyard.  It was sophisticated military training to violate the ‘Right-to-life’ of innocent Sinhalese peoples in border villages of their de facto, Eelam,  by killing them”

And then I realized that these were the aging, friends or siblings of the same Godfathers of Tamil Tiger  terrorists who trained them to violate  the most paramount Human Right, the right-to-life, by killing innocent fisher- and farming Sinhalese folk,  in the process of ethnic cleansing, They happen to be my people.  I am a Sinhalese-Buddhist.

That’s pretty rich on you Tamil Nadu politicians calling for a probe on Human Rights violations in Sri Lanka, having disguised yourselves painting your faces lily-white like scary Halloween ghouls, and sitting on high-horses pretending to be angelic Paragons-of Virtue.  That is a stomach-somersaulting Ha! Ha!! joke, Chief Minister.  You got that one wrong!

That was pretty rich and you Tamil Nadu politicians got the gall and temerity requesting UNHRC to probe alleged Human Rights violations”  by the armed forces in Sri Lanka, when you guys were the Godfathers of those Tamil Tiger Human Rights violators of unarmed innocent people in the scores of. hundreds.  Don’t you guys understand this collusion?

I notice that these Tamil Tiger terrorist human rights violations during the Eelam War are no great concern to you Tamil Nadu politicians nor to the UNHRC.  Little wonder why the US quit UNHRC saying that it is a cesspool of political bias”, and leaving the stink to foolish ‘bully’ countries and politicians like you to inhale and cope with. You all just cannot wriggle out of that horrible fact,  That was nasty, Chief Minister, and you know it.  You all should be ashamed of yourselves and hang down your heads like Tom Dooley every day, when walking into your legislatures.  Look at your palms and you will find a film of red Sinhalese blood in every one of  your palms.  That is the blood of my innocent Sinhalese people and my anger is visceral. And after almost 40 years my eyes are  still cartwheeling with anger spitting dragon breath at you, Tamil Nadu Godfathers of Tamil Tiger terrorists, who killed thousands of my innocent Sinhalese people for almost 30 blooding years.

Come on Chief Minister, give me a break, cut out that Tamil Nadu political  blarney, and get off your high-horse, come down to earth, and take a reality check and don’t be so disingenuous as you will be a good

candidate for the role of Mirror, mirror, on the Wall, who is the liar of them all,” when a fist would punch through the mirror pointing its index finger at you saying, It is You, Sir.”

Chief Minister, I won’t be surprised if you tell me that We are not only Paragons-of-virtue’ we are also Babes in the woods, and we are innocent of your charge that we were involved in training the Tamil Tigers to violate the Human Right of the right-to-life of the Sinhalese people when the Tamil Tiger terrorists massacred thousands of innocent Sinhalese people, by shooting, claymore mining them and chopping them with machetes as if they were animal carcasses  hanging in a Chennai  Street butcher’s stall.   Haro..Hara!  And you from the South of all of Tamils in India requesting the UNHRC to probe the human rights violations in Sri Lanka during the last gasping five-months of the 30-year Eelam War is a call of bull-headed insanity.

Let me nudge your memory, Chief Minister, and tell you that you all in the early 1980s trained the Sri Lankan- Tamil militants from the Eelam People’s  Revolutionary Front (EPRLF); Tamil Eelam Liberation Organization (TELO);  Peoples Liberation Organisation of Tamil Eelam (PLOTE); Eelam Revolutionary Organisation (EROS), and Tamil Eelam Liberation Army (TELA).

Once they graduated from their military training they were sent back to Sri Lanka’s North in Tiger-striped khaki fatigues and jack boots, cradling Kalashnikovs like babies in their arms, and festoons of live bullets around their necks.  They were now fully fledged cyanide capsuled  Tamil Tiger Terrorists, assassins and massacers, ready not only to take on the Sri Lankan Armed Forces, but also the Indian Armed Forces who trained them.  And that was embarrassing for Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi and his RAW advisors. Ha! What a miscalculated adventure when your Indian Peace Keeping Force of 100,000  soldiers were forced to get back home to India, taking with them 120 of their brother-soldiers in body-bags,  That bully-boy-adventure cost your India  US$3 million a day, a huge country characterized by the gaunt drawn out faces of the starving, when you all could have used that money to feed your starving.  Shish! What a bunch of blithering fools.

Here are some locations of camps in Tamil Nadu where the Tamil Tigers were trained by Indian retired army soldiers: Parangamali, and a place about 40 km from the Chennai airport;  Salem;  Kollimalai KanjipuramKollimalai Kakavel; Anna Nagar; Sengalpattu Presawakkam;  Valachchari and Theniukramama, and so forth.

The weapons training by your Tamil Nadu Indians to kill and violate the Sinhalese innocent victims right-to-lifewere AK47s; pistols and revolvers; SLRs; LMGs; Rocket launchers: 2” Mortars and other modern sophisticated weapons.  Definitely not stones, catapults, and Indian Police crowd controlling bamboo-sticks.

So Chief Minister, it is pretty rich for you Tamil Nadu politicians to paint yourselves lily-white and pretend that you are  Holier than the Sri Lankan Armed Forces whose job training was to safeguard the island’s sovereignty, its territorial integrity and her much loved peoples.  And that included the Tamil communities.   And as you know, the Sri Lankan Armed Forces did a pretty good job annihilating Indira Gandhi’s proteges, Sri Lanka’s Tamil Tigers. on 19 May, 2009. The last Tamil Tiger was shot dead on the sandy beach of the Nandikadal lagoon on the east coast.

AIADMK seeks probing by UNHRC  Human rights violations in Sri Lanka during the last 5-months of a 30 year long war, which I read in the news item was a crock full of chilli-smarting masala wadai.

Let me be frank and tell you bluntly, that you have sold your soul for geo-

political reasons, ‘bully’ western country pressures at the UNHCR in Geneva,and your domestic Tamil votes at home, and turned your back on your puny neighbour, Sri Lanka, to help crucify her.  And I  have difficulty to swallow Sri Lanka’s brand of foolishness when her governments keep trying to convince me by repeating that Manthra, India is a good friend of ours, and she has been so for donkey’s years.”

That unconvincing tosh I never believed for the simple reasons that a good friend would never park a warship in the International waters outside Colombo’s harbour as a psychological threat, while this  ‘bully-boy’ good neighbour on June 4, 1987 violated Sri Lanka’s airspace  by flying over 5 Russian Antonov 32s Indian Air Force Transport planes escorted by 4 screaming Mirage 2000 fighter jets, to drop 25 tons of red lentils, rice, milk powder and medicines onto the Jaffna peninsula to feed 800,000 Tamils who India said were deliberately been starved by the Sri Lankan Government. 

You know what, Chief Minister, that was mischievous, that was India flexing her gingerly-oil massaged muscles, and that was sordid. That ‘parippu drop’ of 25 tons, was cruel and I strongly believe that Rajiv Gandhi got some sadistic gratification knowing that the majority of the 800,000 Tamils in the North and East of Sri Lanka, were pushing and shoving each other, fighting and clawing the sun dried earth to collect some grains of rice and lentils to boil and eat, as according to him, they were being starved deliberately by the Sri Lanka government.  Was Rajiv Gandhi nuts or what, Chief Minister.  That was cruel!  What drivel!  What poppycock!   What kind of a bleeding heart did he have?  

I have difficulty to accept this huge good neighbour of Sri Lanka’s Manmohan Singh’s Indian Government providing nails to the UNHRC  to nail Sri Lanka onto a wall by refusing to commit Sri Lanka, their friendly neighbourliness, and support against the US-sponsored UN resolution accusing its military of committing war crimes in the final assault on the Tamil Tigers in 2009. Do I really consider India a good friend of Sri Lanka.  Na…I suspect this neighbour of Sri Lanka as a cunning  hegemonistic fox.

 And my final comment on what you said printed in that news item: …The party will urge the Union Government, United Nations and International Communities to order a credible international probe into the human rights violations, war crimes and genocide committed by the Sinhalese by the then Sri Lankan Government……”

What Genocide” may I ask?  Man…O…man, Chief Minister Edappadi Palaniswami, you are on a slippery slope on that one, and don’t you  walk on thin ice, as you might slip and hurt yourself, or drown in a lake of confounding stupidity by breaking through the layer of thin ice,  which was only meant for stupids and no good liars to skate on.

Here’s my problem with your accusatory word Genocide”  Tell me how you would reconcile the fact that by the end of the Eelam war on 19 May 2009, the Sri Lankan Sinhalese” soldiers rescued 295,873 Tamil

refugees from the clutches of the Tamil Tiger serial killers who used them as a human shield for 30 long months, marching them like unwashed cattle from the west coast to the east coast under a scorching Jaffna-Kilinochchi sun,  The  soldiers could have popped them with bullets at close range, as how on June 11,1990, Indira Gandhi’s Tamil Tigers did to 700 surrendered  Sinhalese unarmed  and blindfolded,  policemen with their hands tied at their backs, popping bullets into their heads, at close range in the jungles in the east.  Well, the good news is that the Sinhalese soldiers were not that brutal and didn’t.  They all had compassionate hearts well guarded in cages of ribs.  And you call this Sinhalese act of compassion, respecting the lives of 295,873 of their Tamil brothers and sisters, Genocide How come?  You make me croak with disgust!

Having saved the 295,873 Tamil refugees they were housed in temporary camps and sustained them  with hearty breakfasts, lunches and dinners every day which they gobbled down in haste to fill their hunger, having been starved during the Tamil Tiger Human Shield days of 30 months.  That means, the majority Sinhalese people cooked a million meals a day.  That act of humanity deserves a Nobel Peace Prize and not a penalty sought by you from the UNHRC.  That was a bummer.  What the Sri Lankan soldiers did was an amazing act of loving kindness, to a separatist Tamil community who killed and maimed for life members of their Sinhalese community for 30 bloodying years. It is time that you Tamil Nadu politicians stop ignoring this amazing event.

During the final days of the Eelam War, the soldiers, all of them from the Sinhalese community, carried  frail Tamil grandmothers and grandfathers in their arms like babies and ran to safety, dodging Tamil Tiger bullets.  These acts were recorded on film and one Tamil grandmother kissing the young Sinhalese soldier on his cheek and blessed him for his act of valour saying Puthata Buddhu Sarani” (Son, you will be blessed by Buddha’s Triple gem.)

For Pete’s sake don’t you come out with a ‘hole-in-the-head’ comment telling me that these acts were acts of Genocide.”

And here is a litmus test for you to be fair on your loving Mother who brought you up to be an honest man and not to project yourself as a community and an International Humbug.  

Here is my riddle and it is not a tricky one   According to war statistics, the ratio of casualties, those killed to those injured are 1:2.  For you to request a probe into Human Rights violations  during the last five months of the Eelam War from UNHRC, it is obvious that you have accepted the 40,000 number killed as mentioned in the roguish Darusman Report  If that is so, there should have been roughly  80,000 fatally injured casualties during the last five months of the Eelam War.

Lets try your smarts’ and your common sense and find out from Ban Ki Moon, who used to moon Sri Lanka often, and his anti-Sri Lankan panel of three Musketeers Darusman-Ratner-Sooka, and his UNHCR High Commissioner Navi Pillay who endorsed the Darusman Report.

as to what happened to these 80,000 casualties, who may have been bleeding and scared, may have been wounded heavily,  lost an eye, may have been hobbling on one foot having lost the other.    Were they taken care at makeshift hospitals, or at hospitals in Kilinochchi, Jaffna, Vavuniya or in other cottage hospitals with, may be  a maximum of 50 beds the most.  Or were they left to die by the roadsides by foreign bleeding-heart foreign human rights organization personnel rushing by in air-conditioned SUVs kicking dust at the wounded soldiers faces.  That will expose the bleeding-heart Humbugs among the foreign NGOs.  Eighty thousand (80,000) fatalities are a colossal number for a puny developing country to be taken care of immediately.

If you do not get honest, convincing, acceptable answers, your conscience has every right to conclude that the cut and paste Darusman Report is a Report of Humbugs and dismiss it.  Throw it into the wastepaper basket in your office or make a bonfire out of it.

For your Mother’s sake, make that lady, where ever she is, extremely happy, by showing your honesty which she had inculcated in you when growing up. Don’t turn your back on your neighbour  Sri Lanka, as her Government is convinced that India is their honest and good neighbour, and apologize to the Sri Lankan Government and her peoples  for your faux pas and tell the High Commissioner of the UNHRC that you are withdrawing your request to probe into Human Rights violations” during the Tamil Eelam War in Sri Lanka, Genocide” in particular.

Go ahead and do it Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu.  I will be the first person to tip my hat to you, Being a teetotaller, I will toast you with a

fine hot cup of the best Ceylon Orange Pekoe Tea.

Bless you.  Shanthi…shanthi…shanthi.


Asoka Weerasinghe (Mr)

Ottawa, Canada

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