Sharia University linked to EP Governor Hisbullah? – Ashu
Posted on May 1st, 2019

Yohan Perera Courtesy The Daily Mirror

There is a possible linkage between Eastern Province Governor M. L. A. M. Hisbullah to Batticaloa Campus Private Ltd., which has been identified as a sharia university, UNP MP Ashu Marasinghe charged today. 

Dr. Marasinghe is a member of the parliamentary oversight committee on education and higher education.  He is also chairman of the subcommittee on higher education who function under the oversight committee.  

At a press conference, Dr. Marasinghe advised that probes must be carried out to determine the connection between the campus and the governor. He also advised that an Islamic institution named ‘Hira Foundation’ possess a 90% stake in the campus.

He said a total sum of Rs 3.6 billion had gone to this foundation for several years and that the campus is not registered under the Ministry of Higher Education or with the University Grants Commission (UCG). 

The MP suggested that the institution should be converted into a state university so that monitoring would be easier. MP Mujibur Rahman also attended the press conference and said the amendments which the opposition wants for the Counter Terrorism Bill could be accommodated so that it could be approved in parliament soon. 

This legislation comprises necessary laws to combat global terrorism” he said. He said the support of the opposition is needed to bring in new laws to apprehend global terrorists as many areas have to be looked into when combating international terrorists. 

Therefore, he said using modern technology for training and communication should also be looked into when making laws to combat global terrorists. One could even learn how to use weapons online with the available technology,” he said.

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