Posted on May 1st, 2019


TNA Sambandan, Sumathiran, LTTE Diaspora are rejoicing the events of Good Friday.  Whilst Tamil Tigers aim to destroy Buddhism, its counter-part Muslims are aiming to destroy Christianity.  Though these two groups are in two diversely different camps, their ultimate objective would be to cripple Sri Lanka so that the small island could easily become fertile ground like Afganistan.  

TNA and LTTE Diaspora are so silent since Good Friday events, raise the suspicion that they too might be providing vital intelligence with years of experience.  North of Sri Lanka must also be searched, from house to house.  So far authorities have not searched the houses of Sumanthiran, Rauf Hakeem, Hisbulla, Sally.   By now these crooks had sufficient time to find hide outs to put away their weapons, if any.

It is a shame that we still have to call Maithreepala Sirisena as President and Ranil as Prime Minister of Sri Lanka.  No one believe that these two did not have prior knowledge of the planned attack.  Ranil will never initiate any action against Tamil and Muslim politicians, for their possible involvements. Ranil never considered Internal Security as vital for our nation. Ranil held the role for just few months in 2015 and then passed on to Sagala Ratnayake  and then to Ranjith Madduma Bandara. Now our Law and Order Minister is  Pallewatte Gamaralalage Maithripala Yapa Sirisena.

Impressd by a  pre-prepared somewhat emotional speech of convicted criminal Sarath Fonseka few days ago in the Parliament, Ranil is now trying to sneak SF to the role.

Schools remain closed which will disrupt teaching and examination schedule.  Even if schools are opened, most parents may not send their children to schools for some time.

At this moment we cannot allow these incidents to pass through without severe punishment to those who took over the country.   Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith has provided effective leadership at this hour, compared to our Malwatte Chapter.

This is not a suitable time for 20th Amendment, Anura Kumara need to see a doctor in Angoda Mental Hospital.  This is not a time to make trial and error appointments to Cabinet and appoint  a disgraced politician with hidden agenda.  This is also not a time to give any more time to our current failed Leaders, viz. Ranil and Maithree.

This is the time to call for General and Presidential Elections.  Considering unstable security situation, electronic media could be used effectively for political propaganda activities.

Ranil and Maithree, please step down.

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