Another wild theory about suicide bombers
Posted on May 5th, 2019

Dr Sarath Obeysekera

Even before the Easter bomb blast I have been talking about possibility of connection of drug trade with increased tourism and other crimes.

When president started to wage the war against drug trade , remaining intelligent agents were concentrating on netting up Drug Masters  . I wrote an article about  Paolo Escobar who was a drug baron in Columbia, who managed to destabilize governments by exploding bombs and killing leaders and law enforcement agents .

Drugs helped him to find people to do such activities .Most of his ruthless killers were drug peddlers and drug abusers.

They were strong Catholics and yet they did not have mercy.

In Sri Lanka Catholics are more refined and disciplined under the guide of the  cardinal and other church leaders. Therefore such activities could could only be done by Muslims as Buddhist were somewhat more pious.

My question is whether Sri Lankan authorities ever checked blood of the suicide bombers and the suspects they have arrested to check substance abuse,means drug abuse.

The method of using canine / dogs to check explosives is fine, but the authorities should check whether drugs were also in use.

It may be that the suicide bombers all over the world need some brain twisting means to persuade them to such drastic action.

( in order to satisfy 72 virgins they intend to enjoy ,may also need drugs to make them believe that it is true !)

In Russia when red army went on charging the advancing German Invaders , Stalin gave  gallons of Vodka to the soldiers who were at the war front.

They forgot value of their life and went on suicidal attacks to beat the Germans.

It is essential to verify about fact that drugs  has been used by the youths who killed themselves.

If it so President’s theory  the war against drugs waged by him had accelerated the Terrorist Attack can be assumed factual.

Dr Sarath Obeysekera

3 Responses to “Another wild theory about suicide bombers”

  1. Ratanapala Says:

    Dear Dr Obeysekara,

    Please do not take the conversation off track. Use of intoxicants is prevalent in any army before undertaking an offensive that involves close enemy contact. Rum is the usual intoxicant used by the western armies and the Red Army may have used their Vodka which is their national drink. So don’t try to put what happened on Easter Sunday on drug-induced mindless killers. Although a majority of drug peddlers are Muslims, drug use by them is rare. The 9/11killers did not take any intoxicant before blowing up those planes destroying the Twin Towers and a part of the Pentagon. They will not be going to Paradise let alone near their God in a drunken stupor!

    It is rather disingenuous trying to take the conversation on a wild goose chase unless you are yourself a part of the Islamic Easter Sunday Massacre, conspiracy and now deception.

    Read and understand the following closely. Still better understand the adage -” Fools go where Angels fear to tread”


    “Deny, delay, evade, confuse, mislead and if everything fails, cry!”

    Be careful when questioning Islamists! They are permitted by the Koran to lie unashamedly to deceive anyone who they consider to be their opponents or enemy. It is called Taqiyya.

    Be careful of artful deception and deceit – they are masters at the game and well versed in debating! 
At the recent talk-shows after the Easter Sunday Massacre, it is clear how Muslims and Muslim Clerics respond to the line of questioning by the moderators as well as from other participants.

    The moderators have a set of questions they have planned to ask. Many are in a hurry to go through one and to get to the other. There is no concerted attempt to follow one question until an acceptable reply or explanation is received.

    Islamists are experts in the art of evading the question, confusing the moderator, the interlocutor and taking the main line of questioning to an area where he is most comfortable. These are some of the tactics they use. If everything fails ‘tears’ – The tears in the eyes of the Moulavi on 24 April at the Aluth Parlimentuwa, Derana TV program are so real that it brings tears to any listener! These tears appeared in another TV program exactly in the same fashion and in the same order – they were so real till we begin to understand the gist of what is happening!

    This is what Militant Islam is about. The fact that it is about world domination is not a secret anymore. The Caliphate declared by Baghdadi is to include the whole of India and Sri Lanka. The number of weapons found all over Sri Lanka, including mosques in the aftermath of the Easter Sunday killings – bombs, bomb-making materials, guns, swords, knives and other apparatus for killing are a clear indication of what was lying in store for the Sinhalese in particular and for others who are not Muslim in the island. The number of swords and how these would have been used is unthinkable and bring shudders to any sane human being. When the Minister of Muslim Affairs was asked about the swords his explanation was that they were to be used for ‘cutting grass’ in their cemeteries! A classic example of Taqiyya!

    They will point out one part of the Koran which is outwardly peaceful in order to hide a vast majority of sayings which are absolutely hate-filled and anti-social. 
At one point the Prophet has said that the killing of one human being is equivalent to the killing of the whole of humanity. Elsewhere it says to kill the non-believer if he does not convert to Islam.

    The Koran must be understood in its totality and not in parts to declare whether it is a document that promotes peace in the world. What the Prophet preached to the Meccans in the early years of his life is different from what was preached in Medina at a later stage. This is what is called the Medina Agenda which is more warlike and used for warfare, which was the beginning of the Caliphate that finally led to the Ottoman Empire in the Middle East, Mogul Empire in India and other conversions to Islam by less warlike activities – mainly, deception and deceit in South East Asia. These ideas are now followed by Wahabbis throughout the world for the same purpose as before – world domination!

    World Governments are guilty of this overlook or rather wilful ‘overlook’ because of the lure of Oil and riches these resources entail! Today thousands of young men are taking up arms following this call to kill the INFIDEL as per the Medina Agenda, while conveniently forgetting that killing one human being is equivalent to killing the whole of humanity as preached to the Meccans!

    Exposing the truth about the Koran, is an undertaking for the world governments before they are all fooled into believing what is stated in this holy book in full. Young Muslim children the world over are drilled in this ideology in Islamic Schools called Madraasas the world over. What is taught and drilled into these children at an impressionable age and who are the teachers are not closely monitored by governmental authorities anywhere in the world.
 Even if they are told that they are Muslims and that they are different from the others who are not Muslim – is good enough to turn a child later into a young terrorist capable of killing Non-Muslims!

    In Sri Lanka, Middle Eastern money and Muslim votes play a major part in the political thinking and resulting action. For the moment, the Muslim vote bank is a crucial part in the composition of the votes any single political party can muster and hence the outcome at an election! The current government will lose her majority in the parliament if the Muslim parties deny their support. The extent to which the current – ‘here there and mostly nowhere’ government will take action to bring to book the real leaders – other than the simple radicalized Muslim is yet to be seen. All that is seen are actions of the Security Forces in the island and not concerted actions of a responsible government.

    A Buddhist priest is languishing in jail, sentenced for 19 years with hard labor for merely shouting at a witness at a court of law. Sri Lankan people are witnessing the completely asymmetrical way the Sinhalese, especially the Sinhala Buddhists are treated and how others are treated. How politics will metamorphose in the coming days and months will be very interesting!

Listen to Ayaan Hirsi Ali a former Muslim about Taqiyya.

  2. Dilrook Says:

    Completely false. Sirisena must not find absurd excuses for his incompetence in everything. He failed to do anything right. Even the sham military operations now hasn’t eliminated any terrorist. Call for an immediate presidential election.

    The attack was not caused by intelligence failure.

    Local intel may have failed but it did not matter. At least 4 foreign intel sources gave correct intel – USA, India, Turkey and even Saudi Arabia.

    The government could have acted upon them. The government failed to act.

    We acted upon US, Indian, Pakistani, etc. intel during the war and thereafter. It is not unusual to obtain foreign intel and Sri Lanka is contractually obliged to act upon them by UN resolutions.

    A more believable theory is that Sirisena’s defence team didn’t trust anyone else around them. They didn’t understand the warnings given to Sri Lanka written in English.

  3. aloy Says:

    I think they all (including some corrupt judges) understand the value of green bucks and also the Sinhala psyche. Modayas will forget anything in two weeks time, and come any election, there votes are assured with some crumbs thrown at them. That is why some people who actually laid the foundation for the establishment of colonies for ME terrorists in Wilpaththu are now coming forward as the saviours of the nation.

    However, I do not think all those countries whose high profile citizens lost lives will take this lightly; they will definitely demand action unless there is some strategy behind the all these happenings.

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