VIP security uniforms found from sugarcane cultivation of Pelwatte Sugar Factory
Posted on May 8th, 2019

Courtesy Adaderana

Several suspicious items were recovered from sugarcane cultivation belonging to Pelwatte sugar factory.

Accordingly, 5 walkie-talkies, uniforms worn by security details of VIPs and some other items were found during a search which was carried out based on the information received from the driver of sugar factory’s chief operations officer.

The Chief Operations Officer Surath Amadeen yesterday (07) held a secretive discussion with 13 of fellow Muslim employees at the factory and had hindered other employees from entering the room where the discussion took place.

Owing to this incident, unrest emerged at the factory and the officers of Buttala Police and Police Special Task Force had arrived at the site to curtail the tense situation.

The Buttala police officers interrogated the chief operations officer, while the Police STF had searched his house.

Amadeen’s driver was taken into the custody of CID yesterday.

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