Muslims, Islamophobia, and International Jihadistic Terrorism Part 1
Posted on May 10th, 2019

By Kanthar Balanathan DipEE(UK), DipBus&Adm(Finance-Massey), GradCert(Rel-Eng. Monash), CEng. MIEE

This article does not reflect on all Muslims, however, restricts only to those maniacs with a Nymphomaniac, selfish, self-destruct, murderous, and Muslims with psychological and psychiatric disorders.


It is of the general opinion that the so-called Islamic ethnic groups are like that of a winged termite (Alates) type that reproduces quite rapidly to make the number so large. Termites are a devastating insect that destroys property etc. With democracy in place, the Muslims know that they can capture power if they are large in number. The law in SL has not changed and the Islamic people like to have more than one wife with the intention to proliferate. Although the economic status requires each family to manage their life, the Islamic society does not have any class distinction or any caste distinction and anyone is prepared to do any work, as long as their family can manage. In the early days and even now most of them were doing business everywhere plus smuggling, brothels and drug dealing. (Bangladesh and Bombay are an example). If you see a person in Pettah roadside vendor you can be sure that it may be a Muslim. Most of them do illegal activities alongside with smuggling. The interesting part is that wherever they are they can speak the four languages, Sinhala, Tamil, Urdu, broken pidgin English.

Muslim clerics are engaged in indoctrination and intoxication of educated Islamic youths to program to achieve Islam the only religion and bawl Jihad”. What is Jihad? Quote: struggle or fight against the enemies of Islam”. If Islam is a religion that preaches love, kindness and embraces unity, so said in the Ten Commandments in Christianity, there can be no enemies of Islam. The question arises who define the enemies of Islam. It is the power-crazy, despotic policy and focuses on Islamic power that drives the Muslims to assume that there are enemies of Islam”. Non-Islamic religion is considered enemies of Islam. They are living in a world of imagination.

Islamic clerics have a mindset for rigorously converting Muslim people to enter into Jihad destroy property that does not belong to them so that they can secure them. Islamic people lack in mannerism and self-esteem. They do not have respect for others and have an autocrat attitude. Muslim maniacs want the entire world to practice Islam and become Muslims.

Muslims want Sharia Law in the UK and Europe. Let’s talk of the UK. The UK is an island ruled by the Queen and Kings all along. They conquered countries and had colonies. However, they did not destroy the resources, but developed the colonies, educated the local, some barbarians, made them a civilized society, taught democracy, science, arts, etc. The British carried out infrastructural development in countries where they ruled. The British did not use force to convert the locals to be Christians. It’s the good facts about life and faith in Christianity made the people change their religion to become Christians out of willingness. The same with Catholicism. No force was used to convert people. When Islam and Christianity are compared, Christianity is a much older and worthy religion that preaches people to live together. Christianity does not use force, violence for Law & Order. There is no Christianity Law. However, Muslims came to the UK as refugees, beggars, and illegal immigrants, most of them congregated together in one town or village and proliferated population with intent motivation to conquer the country. Now they want Sharia Law in Walthamstow. Why come to the UK and demand Sharia Law. Their native country is the Middle East. Quote Ref: (i),


It boils down to people intimidating the British constitution and British Law. Muslims talk of openness, honesty, and freedom, however, behaviour in a contradictory way, quote: According to the Association of Chief Police Officers, every year 17,000 Muslim women in Britain become victims of forced marriages, are raped by their husbands or subjected to female genital mutilation — all condoned by more extreme Islamists. These events only happen in Islamic society worldwide. Quote: In the 70s, the East of SriLanka had more Islamic womenprostitutes according to a Municipal Health Inspector. Muslim women are treated as COWS by their Islamic men. Muslims talk of Sharia, however, with due respect, majority of the real Cattle Butchers are Muslims.

What is Sharia Law? TUxMjo0MjM5MzYyODE3MzA5MDA/

The Muslims believe that punishment like cutting the hands, legs, head, stone to death is a stimulating, revitalising, invigorating human punishment and that Muslims will live in harmony. Firstly, Muslim humans shall understand the fact that if they have a high degree of perception and intelligence, such punishment should remove all kinds of inhuman and illegal activities from their society. The important point is: What type of society would require such ruthless and cruel inhuman punishments? Only if the society is under animalistic behavioural psychology. Animals do not understand because they cannot think except killing, eating and reproducing without any fear. Animals have only five senses. Quote: We have the same five main senses as many animals: sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. Our main sense is sight.  Some animals and birds have strong sight as they are creditors.

Therefore, Islamic society has been a rough, rowdy, sex driven, gangster, lawbreaker, asperser, outlaw backbiter, characteristics inborn in them. Islamic society needed weapons to control their society. However, in the old ages, such weapons were not in use, therefore they lead the Mohamed to write merciless, unearthly, eerie, a law called Sharia Law”, which is good enough for Animals. This behavioural pattern of Arabs gave birth to Sharia Law and nothing else. Most Arabs are dirty unclean people at home. They shall be treated as Untouchable”. Their dress indicates why they hide their body both men and women. In the middle east, a desert area people cover their body with Daffah Dishdasha Islamic Arab Kaftan for men and Burka for women. The reason for such clothes is to protect their head and body from the desert sand. Eventually, over time, the laughable, irrational people converted this experience into a religious conviction.

Muslims could be treated as having animalistic behaviour as they have sex with multiple women and behave like animals. History proves that Muslims were responsible for the slave trade of the Africans into Europe, The Americas. What made them not to trade Arabs as slaves, but only the African blacks. Barrack Obama stated that he is proud of Islam and that majority of Muslims live in the USA. Obama is intelligent because of the European blood that flows in his veins. Does not he know that it is the Muslims who traded his ancestors as slaves and that he may be a product of a slave reign family? Every African American should know this and be against Islamic convictions and Arabs. Today majority of African Americans are Christians and have a high degree of perception and intelligence and could be judged as intellectuals, Scientists, researchers, Economists, and Astrophysicists.

Arabs still import knowledge in the form of humans to do their home functions. Engineers, Nurses, Doctors, Labourers, and house workers. Mostly all workers are imported on contract into most of the middle east countries. What is the reason? They have no brain to perform functions to live. People from India (Kerala) live on Arabic wealth, however, under harsh conditions. 

Continued in Part 2

2 Responses to “Muslims, Islamophobia, and International Jihadistic Terrorism Part 1”

  1. dingiri bandara Says:

    Many Muslims in SL thrive in business and trade. Their main customers are the Sinhalese the majority, whether Buddhists or of other faith.Most of these Muslims most of the time do not engage in honest practices although they prey and worship their god Allah five times a day( same god in all the Abrahamic religions). All the Sinhalese whatever their religious faith need to unite and help each other to set up businesses and patronise them. That will economically hit these Muslims. This can only be done as long are the Sinhalese are the majority which may not be for long.
    Whatever said and done all Muslims are united by their faith and loyally to god whether terrorists or not but may not support terrorism per say .

  2. Christie Says:

    One could say the same things about Hindus,.

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