Iran’s Non-Oil Trade With Sri Lanka Exceeds $140m
Posted on May 11th, 2019

Courtesy  Financial Tribune

Iran traded 256,551 tons of non-oil commodities worth $141 million with Sri Lanka in the last fiscal year (ended March 20, 2019) to register a 53.58% growth in tonnage and 8.22% decline in value compared with the year before, latest data released by the Islamic Republic of Iran Customs Administration show.

Iran’s exports to Sri Lanka stood at 233,453 tons worth $51.11 million, up 69.50% and 28.33% in tonnage and value respectively year-on-year. 

Sri Lanka was Iran’s 39th export destination during the year.

Iran mainly exported bitumen, non-alloy semi-finished iron/steel products, urea and turbines to Sri Lanka during the 12-month period.

In return, Sri Lanka exported 23,097 tons of goods worth $90.69 million to Iran, down 21.22% and 20.92% in tonnage and value respectively YOY. 

Sri Lanka was the 35th exporter of goods to Iran during the period.

The imports mainly included tea, cans and coconuts.

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