Posted on May 12th, 2019


The Easter Sunday terror attacks done by Islamic terrorists in Sri Lanka consider as a barbaric aggression by Islamic terrorists against a peaceful nation and no religion in the world based on the concept of taweed (There is no God, but Allah himself) would not support for such a barbaric attack and many Islam devotees condemn the attacks.  After this barbaric attack, several significant issues emerged in Sri Lanka and they should be publicly discussed and debated without political alignments. I would like to present the issues point by point to consider.

  • After the barbaric Islamic attack, security forces in Sri Lanka checked Islamic Mosques and houses, and found many swords and offensive weapons, which are banned in Sri Lanka in terms of the Offensive Weapons Act.  Legally it is very clear that no one can keep in hand such weapons and it is a criminal act if any person or an organization keep offensive weapons. The law indicates that such offensive weapons could be displayed in a shop but cannot keep such weapons in hands. I saw a statement of Mr. A.M. Ameen, the leader of Sri Lanka Muslim Council that offensive weapons were kept in Muslim Mosques and houses to safeguard girls. What was the legal provision he was talking about?  The criminal law of Sri Lanka clearly prohibits keeping offensive weapons for any reason and this law is effective in the country since independence.  In this environment, how the president of Sri Lanka considers this offense as a simple activity.   If any person in Sri Lanka needs a weapon for personal security, he or she can get a gun after obtaining a legally valid permit from the government.
  • Could Sri Lanka allow only one religious group to violate the law of the country ignoring other religious groups? The law of a country provides justice to all citizens and why the government doesn’t consider giving justice to all citizens?  The law of Sri Lanka is applicable to all communities without except to any.
  • Does Saudi Arabia or any other Muslim country allow to violate criminal law provisions in the name of religion or Allah?  The answer to these questions is no and why the Muslim community in Sri Lanka attempts to violate the law, which is not allowed in any Muslim country? In this connect it is quite important that many Muslim people condemn the terror attacks and attempted to express that terror attacks were not authenticated by the Islam religion in Sri Lanka.
  • There are personal laws such as Muslim Law, Thesawalamai law, Buddhist Vihara and Property law and Kandyan Law. These laws are allowed in Sri Lanka considering human rights and the common law provisions in Sri Lanka clearly indicate that no personal laws in Sri Lanka can violate the rights of any citizen of the country.  However, it seems that legal provisions in relation to Muslim Marriage and divorce in Sri Lanka contradict with the common law and why the government wants to keep such laws discriminating other citizens of the country.  Many practices of Muslim law in Sri Lanka in relation to marriage and divorce are unacceptable to the international community and the government needs to change the Muslim personal law consistent to common law practices.  
  • Personal laws of Muslim and Thesavalamai use to discriminates women, children and lower caste people in Sri Lanka. It is a violation of Human right convention of the United Nations.  Why the Human Rights Commission of the United Nations in Geneva did not question or focus on this issue.  Is this international organization playing politics in Sri Lanka than performing the role assigned by the United Nations?
  • As Rt Rev Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith publicly stated some politicians and individuals have unduly enriched in the country.  Did these people pay a fair share of tax to the government? In terms of the Land Reform Commission Act in 1972, a person can hold only 50 acres, but it is reported that certain personnel hold more than 50 acres and how did such transactions legally register.  Why is the government not investigating the issues and punish responsible persons?
  • Did the unduly enriched people engage in money laundering activities? Why the government is not engaging in the investigation?
  • Education is a national activity of Sri Lanka.  The primary and secondary education in Sri Lanka is a government role or government supervised role. How can deviate from such role allowing Madrasa and other higher education institutions disregarding law and regulation of the country? The  Curriculum in primary and secondary education must be approved by the Department of Education and how private organizations offer different curriculum without government approval?

The national reconciliation process began after 2015 was mythical acting against the United Nations’ accepted universal human rights and advocates of the yahapalana regime didn’t question about the dishonest process.

As a religion Islam contains vital philosophical views such as sakaat (Muslims who have money give 1/40 to people, siyam (fasting during the Ramadan) and salaat (pray five times a day) etc. Any religion, which is peaceful has a right to exist and if Muslim devotees consider that non-believers should be killed, it is unacceptable philosophy and such a religion would not exist because it is discharging criminal acts, which are subject to prosecution and punishment.    


  1. Sarath W Says:

    So these Muslim dick heads say they keep offensive weapons in their homes to protect their girls. Protect them from whom? Some older Muslim men marry girls as young as thirteen years old or even younger age. Those men are nothing but pedophiles and should punish according to the laws of the land. The whole problem is we have given these morons too much freedom to get their votes. The problem with some of them is, years of in-breeding have retarded their brains and they act like wild animals.

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