SL Death Cult and Political Corruption that created this monster.
Posted on May 16th, 2019

By Siri Hewawitharana

I like to put few details re. SL state security apparatus within the war period and also major work that started after the war to create better defense for the SL state.Siri Hewawitharana

There were so many engineering talents was helping SL military with signal, satellite and other cyber warfare work since Gotabaya was instrumental in getting the single command structure for all 3 services and the police and he also asked me to help with the Army Research and Development group with command structure and product development.

First meeting was organized by Kapila Hendawitharana with about 12- 15 senior generals and other staffs including Melbourne educated IT director with the Phd . We had so many legal constrains due to Army was funded and also the Army act since we need to get smart people to the organization if we need to develop high level security group that can function parallel to defense but attached to the army. I have provided to the army that explain US defense structure and how they interact and also cyber command structure and line of authority. On top of that I also provided US security NIST Cyber Security document standards that should be followed within SL defense and also govt. departments to avoid fraud and also unauthorized access.

Gotabaya asked me to design the Cyber command structure and room which I was given access to Panagoda camp which I found not suitable and after that Gotabaya told me to find a suitable place and also design the room and its facilities.

All these facilities were done under Gotabaya including the surveillance network suppose to start with Colombo at major arteries so in case of emergencies we could gather real time data via those cameras. Unfortunately, once UNP govt. came to power in 2015, all these works were stopped and finance was taken away.

Intelligence network after the war that was build down to village level was disbanded and head of intelligence, Kapila was pushed out and left the country at the mercy of Wahhabi’s and their money that was used effectively bribing Muslim ministers and UNP hierarchy. If there is a commission probing this heinous terrorist attack should incudes, how Wahhabi’s got foot hold in SL and who their pay masters are and put these traitors under lock and also confiscate their properties.

There is a clear link between massive drugs that coming to SL and foreign Islam terror groups and also SL should ban all Madrassas since this is how Wahhabis getting foothold in countries that create terror. Wahhabis are a death cult and nothing to do with the islam.

Finally Ranil as a PM should take responsibilities for these since he started to dismantle the Intelligence command and also encourage Wahhabism in SL for votes and funding his party.

We need to redefine all 3 forces under new Defense act that can be used any time with out State of emergency so that police can request help from defense forces services since with modern terror tactics, SL state cannot rely on old fashion British law that hinder SL defense needs. Also we need to stop giving visas to foreign islam workers and preachers.

Finally during the war, ground level intelligence gathering and LRRP operators mostly came from local Muslim community and country owe so much for this group and hope local Muslim communities gather and help the country prosper under one nation.

We need to create smart communities that help our defense forces and the govt. with smart people and hope govt. and the president have a plan to attract all SL patriots that are in the global arena with so much expertise to come to SL and hope govt. help with these people to settle in SL with out red tape.

Siri Hewawitharana,Executive Director, Sydney, Australia.

– Asian Tribune –

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  1. aloy Says:

    Is this not the Hendawitharana who was in charge of security at ShangriLa hotel at the time of bombing?.

    Anybody who comes to power promising the sun and the moon think about the next election. In our context that needs lots of money. For that they have to select the most suitable are he most corrupt. That is what all politicos including the current prez did. With smart and dedicated people this is impossible. Do not blame them; blame the system. It is only the military that can make SL come out of this pathetic situation.

    In Egypt their war winning hero Anvar Sadat was eliminated when he was going astray. In many other countries people have taken corrective action. Do not expect a similar thing to happen in SL. To my mind Sinhalese by nature are a timid lot without proper leadership. However there is a divine power that protects and keeps the nation together.

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