It is kind of USA and we thank them.
Posted on May 17th, 2019

Sent by Charles S.Perera

U.S. pledges support to Sri Lanka to fight terrorism

Article in Economy Next  Friday 17May,2019

We are graeful for the sympathy and concern for Sri Lanka after the ISIS terrorist attack. USA is aware that our Armed Forces have the experience  to deal with terrorism having fought a ruthless home made terrorist group and eliminate terrorism and bring back and maintain and secure our country and the people until about January,2015. ISIS is ofcourse a new experiencee but nevertheless our battle hardened  Armed  Forces are quite capable of adopt itself to the new menace  facing them . Though USA was unfortunately taking sides with the terrorist sympathic Tamil Diaspora and brought a resolution against our Armed Forces at the UN Human Rights Council accusing them for war crimes for doing their legitimate duty of protecting and securing the country and bringing peace  to the people. We are nevertheless grateful to USA for its concern about our country and its people now , but our Armed Forces can face the new challenge forced upon them without assistance from any foreign force. But some transfer of technology such as DNA test for identifying victims and arrested persons may be welcome  without personal assistance…

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  1. aloy Says:

    Before we shower praises on the US, let us find out whether they have signed any secret agreement with RW as prime minister as and if so the content in such an agreement. This was revealed by Sarath Weerasekera today. The journalists should put this question to MS and RW when they meet any of them next. This is extremely important and urgent.

  2. Charles Says:

    Aloy I know i was not really praising USDA, but accusing them for what they did to our Armed Forces for eliminating Sri Lanka terrorism though they are now coming after ISIS attacks to helpus. Do we really want them , No, our Armed Forces the USA accused for war crimes are quite cqpable of meeting the ISIS terrorist menace.

    That is what I really meant.


  3. aloy Says:

    Thank Charles.

    Another thing. When US defense contractors wanted to send our war veterans to places like Afganistan our fellows declined saying they are friendly people. Now we know who they are. May be some of our ex-soldiers or deserters wouldn’t mind going there. We have surplus of them creating trouble all over the country. The ISIS terrorists at home are just chicken feed for them.

  4. Nimal Says:

    Beware of Greeks bringing gifts. I love USA for many good things and I grew up with their peace Corp in US but what they have done to Vietnam,Libya,Iraq and now to Syria and Iran is unacceptable. They seems to have a killer instinct. Perhaps the arms industry is controlling that country. We have no dispute with any country serious enough to allow either China ,India and US put bases here and non of them should dictate terms to us as we are not a colony of any country.
    I am very grateful for the last British colonials for giving the suffering Sinhalese their freedom where we were heldup in the south of the island until the colonials cased out the Dravidians and made their Devales in to Buddhist temples which we falsely claim to be Sinhalese in origin because we have a national habit of hallucinating about our culture and glorious history but no other nationals do this.
    I think today is the Wesak ,wonderful time we had as youngsters and thanks to the British where they encouraged generous gestures in to our culture where on the Wesak day they made it mandatory for government departments like the police to hold Dansalas.I saw to my own eyes the top police officer in a open car visiting the small dansala at the Mirihana police station in Station road where plenty of saruwath were given free and then he moved on the Gansba junction and tasted the food at the very big Dansala.The colonials too put drinking pots on almost every main road well supervised by their own people.Their kind gestures to the humble people is many.
    All rich Mudalalis were encouraged to put thoranas and one of the biggest was at Thorana junction set up by BJ Fernando who owns the buses that ran between Kandy and Colmbo,sadly our para Sinhala politicians confiscated their buses, our Sinhala lands and even our houses.
    So we need the right type of intervention, perhaps by the British but not definitely by China or US.

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