PROCLAMATION OF MAY 18.2019 AS “Tamil Genocide Remembrance Day”
Posted on May 17th, 2019

SPUR   (Society for Peace, Unity and Human Rights for Sri Lanka Inc) VIC 3170, Australia

Mayor John Tory                                                                              15 May 2019

Mayor Patrick Brown

Dear Mayors

PROCLAMATION OF MAY 18.2019 AS Tamil Genocide Remembrance Day”

We, as a registered organization of Australians of Sri Lankan origin write to deplore your decision to play the role of  devil dodger of so called Tamil Genocide. Over 2,5 million Tamils still live in Sri Lanka in spite of the deafening genocide cry emitted by the Tamil Tiger supporters and some evasive politicians in Canada who cry one’s eyes out for the ethnic vote banks.

It was the Tamil Tiger supporters who egged armed Tamil Tigers and helped them to fight the armed forces of Sri Lanka to carve out a mono-ethnic racist state in Northern Sri Lanka. They were defeated by the Sri Lankan armed forces in keeping with the expectations of 21 million Sri Lankans who literally were compelled  to live like prisoners in their homes due to the frequent attacks carried out by the suicide bombers of the Tamil Tigers.

The front organizations of the Tamil Tigers were active in Canada with the overt support of the evasive Canadian politicians. They never experienced  the consequences of deep suffering caused by terrorist acts of the Tamil Tigers committed in Sri Lanka. World Tamil Movement and TRO collected $1 million a month  in Canada according to the well -known editor, Stewart Bell. LTTE’s front organizations have sent $22 million in 2003 for the first three quarters in 2004  remitted $35 million to the LTTE’s war chest! According to RCMP Tamil Tigers control every aspect of Tamil gang life in Toronto. In the final analysis the war in Sri Lanka was partly fuelled by the pro LTTE fronts and by the politicians in Canada who extended a blind eye to the international terrorism. You will no doubt agree that the loss of many lives in Sri Lanka was linked to an extent to the financing of terrorist acts condoned by the Canadian politicians then. Now, yet again you and the other councillors have resorted to create a fictitious edifice based on unverified evidence and partisan views in order to entice vote banks.

The Sri Lankans were liberated by her armed forces by defeating the Tamil Tigers in a tough war fought with thousands of deaths to both sides in 2009. Sri Lanka and her people were enjoying the fruits of the efforts of Sri Lankan armed forces for nearly 10 years when the ISS struck in the Easter Day of 2019.

It is indeed pathetic to see yet again the Canadian politicians -the councillors in Toronto and Brampton -have joined to provide artificial respirations to the separatist cause in Sri Lanka by the current proclamation. If at all, the right thing was to share the concerns with all Sri Lankan people  rather than focussing biased attention only on Tamils.While we REJECT the claim behind the proclamation we say to the Councillors, the hungry dogs will eat dirty puddings”


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