Wake Up Sri Lanka – Get Priorities Right – Regime Change!
Posted on May 18th, 2019

Prof. Hudson McLean

Easter Sunday Massacre has almost totally destroyed the Tourism Industry and all the peripheral revenues generated by Tourism.
Crying over this horrid tragic human disaster, is natural, specially for those who lost their beloved families, and suffered grief & pain. Not only Sri Lankans, but the entire civilised world shared the Pain & Grief.
Begging foreign governments to send their nationals and support the Sri Lankan economy is not the solution.  No government will take the risk to support plane loads of their citizens to fly into a country Without a Leader to offer Credibility in Security.
Sri Lanka under President Maithri Sirisena, and the Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe, is like a couple of Headless Chicken, bouncing aimlessly.
As it stands, No Words from these two National Clowns will convince any EU Country, or China, Japan, to risk another impending attack by lifting the Travel Ban.
If the President has a “back-bone”, he should dissolve the Parliament forthwith and allow the electorate to decide on governance.
Immediately upon the General Election, The President must call for a Presidential Election.
Sri Lanka demands Tough Leadership, even moving towards a Temporary Military Leadership.
However, I doubt very much Sri Lankan electorate may accept nothing other than a Democratically elected Leadership.
Like the Tamils with the LTTE, Muslims in Sri Lanka have created doubts, if any Muslim could be trusted.  In most countries Muslim Imams have been the real culprits of creating & supporting Muslim Fundamentalists. 
As with Tamils and Tamil Nadu, Muslims in Sri Lanka are better-off moving and relocating into one of the Muslim States in the Middle East or to Malaysia / Indonesia / Brunei.  
The Violent pre-historic Culture of Islam / Muslim, to be-head, cut-off limbs, stoning to death, is not for a Peace-loving Civility of Sri Lankans.
If by any chance, and I hope not, another attack on a Buddhist Temple during Vesak, or on a Christian Church, will spell the dooms-day for all Muslims in Sri Lanka.
However, to be fair, the Buck-Stops-at the Feet of the Commander-in-Chief of the Security of Sri Lanka.
The  drastic Failure of the Security Chain of Command, due to Inept Ignorance of both the Prime Minister and the President, now must lead to Regime Change.

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2 Responses to “Wake Up Sri Lanka – Get Priorities Right – Regime Change!”

  1. Christie Says:

    Looks like another Indian Job.

    India knew and informed its good friend Saudi Arabia about the coming attack.

    Indian Moles must have been among the Terrorists and organized everything.

    THE DAY OF: Wiping out of the Indian terrorist outfit trained, armed, financed, managed and branded Tamil Tigers by India. 18 05 2009

  2. Randeniyage Says:

    Christie is RIGHT !
    It is an Indian job ! Regime Change will bring new set of Indian paid look like Desapremiyos to power. This time country will be gone forever if Indians succeed.
    It is made to appear like Chinese supporters who are doing everything to gain power but actually they are Indian paid. Beware !
    Note down this comment and read it after 3 years.

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