Posted on May 21st, 2019

Dr Sarath Obeysekera 

In my neighbourhood area in Preston Road Wembley Harrow there is a shop where you find everything you require .Western Union money transfer also in the shop selling every hardware item you need .Shop is owned by a Muslin boy from Kurunagala who works day and night with Sinhalese staff. Last year I walked into the shop to buy some items and asked the owner whether he can get me a long bladed sword like machete as I needed to crop the trees in our garden .

He surprised my when he bent down and pulled a 3 feet long sword like knife and gave to me and charged me 17 pounds .He said that h will get one for his use.

Out of interest I askes him why he does not show in in the racks and he said it is prohibited

I confronted him and asked why does he keeps one under his counter and he promptly replied.

He needs to fight anyone who will come to the shop to harm him or the shop staff .He used it once to scare of some mugger.

It is not a surprise that they keep swords but the question is how many you need to protect your self?

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  1. Ananda-USA Says:

    Not only Muslims, Sinhala Buddhists, like me, LOVE SWORDS as well.

    I own a LOT of swords: US Civil War cavalry swords, Japanese Katanas, straight bladed medieval Crusader swords, curved Scimitars of their opponents, and a collection of Sri Lankan swords as well. I am now looking for a hansomely crafted French rapier.

    I am a Sinhalese FIRST and a Buddhist SECOND and a creature molded by the history and culture of my motherland. As a Buddhist, I am dissuaded from using swords, but as a Sinhalese I NEED swords to defend my own as my revered ancestors did.

    So, I compromise: my left hand offers piece of KIRIBATH in peace, but my right hand wields a sharp SWORD ready to ward off evil doers. In other words, this Sinhala man is NOT a defenceless Buddhist upasakaya. That, is my practical attitude towards life in general.

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