No Sharia Universities and Madrasa schools of any kind should be allowed in Sri Lanka
Posted on May 26th, 2019

Sudath Gunasekara

No Sharia Universities and Madrasa schools of any kind should be allowed to be started in any part of this Country of the land of the Sinhala Buddhist. Those who want them should go back to Iraq, Syria or any other Arab country from where they have come.

Precisely because their main aim is to destroy the Sinhala Buddhist civilization in this country and convert it to another Muslim country  like Iraq, Syria., Indonesia, Maldives or Malaysia. Extremist Muslim terrorist movements like ISIS and NTJ are dreaming to make this Island their latest Islamic State. The establishment of Madrasa schools and Sharia educational institutes and their Mosques at every nook and corner all over the country is the starting point of this disaster. It is reported that 1683 Madrasa schools have been already established and 2161 foreign Muslim preachers have already been imported with the approval of the Ministry of Muslim Affairs (P18 Irida Divaian 26. 5. 2019) to deploy this programme. Therefore if we allow the establishment and continuation of these institutes and carry on their vicious programmes, this country will definitely end up as another Indonesia, Malaysia, Maldives or Afghanistan in no time and that will definitely mark the end of the 2500 year old Sinhala Buddhist civilization on earth. Therefore the first thing the Government must do immediately is to demolish these Madrasa schools and deport the 2161 Ulamas before they make the death- knell call for our bellowed motherland and the Sinhala Buddhist civilization in this country and punish all those who are responsible for this dastardly and treacherous act.

Furthermore we should realize that the establishment of Muslim Madrasa schools is the first step in a long journey. It is only the embryonic stage of a massive Muslim campaign deployed to capture this country.  The recently reported case of a Medical doctor involved in large scale sterilization of Sinhala women from Kurunegala Hospital, the story of running baby farms in certain other parts of the country like Wellawatta with massive foreign aid flowing in where Sinhala women are kept to produce babies for Muslims, invasion of the entire trade and commerce sector, both imports, exports and shipping sectors covering food, clothing, gem and jewelry industry, construction material, vehicles both whole sale and retail within the country in all items, the monopoly in  spice trade through which the Muslims exploits and impoverish the cultivators, land grabbing at exorbitant prices all over the country in major towns and along the main roads as Mohomad Gadapi advised them in  1976 when he came to attend the Non Aligned Summit and now even in the villages and the plantation sector, marrying Sinahala  and Tamil women and above all the tyranny of  minority politics exercised through the Parliament and even local government institutions with bribes and votes  are all a part of an interlocking network of a massive operation of political, economic and cultural invasion of this country.

Coming back to Madrasa, and Sharia Universities, all those who want them in place of Government schools and Universities should be ordered to pack up immediately and get back to their mother lands from where they have come and send them to Sharia Universities and Madrasa schools there without committing mass murder here to go to heaven as their Ulamas preach them.

We totally reject the Prime ministers political proposal to bring Madrasas or the Muslim religious schools under the purview of the Education Ministry. Instead they should be closed down forthwith. Any attempt to retain them in this country should be thwarted immediately.

It is a foregone conclusion that both history and tradition have firmly established that this country had been a Sinhala Buddhist country for 2326 years at least from 307 BC, if not before. Ever since the introduction of Buddhism in 307 BC the Sinhale Kingdom had been ruled by Sinhala Buddhist Monarchs, uninterrupted for 2122 years until it was ceded to the British Empire by an agreement called the Kandyan Convention in 1815. The fact that under sec 5 of that Convention, even the all- powerful Great Briton agreed to make special provisions for the protection of Buddhism clearly proves the inviolable status Buddhism enjoyed in this country for millennia. Therefore the fact that this country is a Sinhala Buddhist country remains unquestionable, inviolable and non–negotiable. Even the Christians and Catholics in this country are Sinhalese and Buddhists first before they became Christians.

In spite of the well- designed Colonial depredations, conspiracies and open support extended to Tamils and Muslims and importing millions of South Indians over a long period to reduce the power of the native Sinhalese, this country still remains predominantly a Sinhala (75%) and Buddhist (70%) country.

The story of Sinhala Buddhists discriminating Tamil and Muslims is a first class myth invented by the colonial west and their local agents and a diabolical lie by the extremist Tamils and Muslims that can never be proved as authentic with facts and figures

On the other hand throughout their long history the Sinhala people have accommodated both Tamils and Muslims traders who wanted to stay behind. The problem with the Sinhalese is that they are overzealous to accommodate others and help them so much they have gone down in history as the most hospitable nation in the world. Most of the Muslims and Tamils learnt the native language Sinhala, married Sinhala women and got even Sinhala ge names and got integrated with the natives. The King gave them land and allowed employment. For example in 1565 when Portuguese massacred the Muslims in the Aluthgama Beruwala belt those survived and escaped to the King of Kandy and begged for protection, he settled them in the Panampattu Korale in the East and thereby not only saved their lives but also gave them a permanent home to live in peace in his Kingdom.

It is an ironical and sad tragedy that today the descendants of those refugees, like Hisbulla and the dead Saharan (suicide bomber) are now conspiring have taken to arms to create an Arab land on that Sinhala land gifted to their ancestors by the Sinhala Monarch through sympathy and on humanitarian grounds for survival. Isn’t it a disgrace for these ungrateful and inhuman Arab intruders to resort to such savage and uncivilized actions shamelessly disregarding the sympathy and hospitality of the Sinhala people? In spite of Hisbulla’s deep involvements in these conspiracies, treacheries and murders, President Sirisena has appointed him as the Governor of the Eastern Province  thereby making him the King on the land he has robbed from the natives of the land that was given to escape death from Portuguese. Furthermore in spite of his converting the entire eastern province in to a pure Arabia by installing buildings with Arabian style and Arabian landscaping, naming public institutions like Government schools in his, his wife’s, his fathers, mother’s an and his sons name as reported and planting even date trees all over to give a typical Arabian touch to his Arabian dreamland, he is still kept as the Governor of the Eastern Province providing fabulous facilities out of public funds to carry on his diabolical conspiracies against the Sinhala Buddhists.

No matter what religion one follows, they must act according to the culture of this country where they decided to settle down. The old adage says ‘when you are in Rome you must acts as a Roman do” If we apply that adage to ours it would sound like  when you are in Sri Lanka, the land of the Sinhala Buddhist you must act as a Sri Lankan do”  and definitely not as an Arbian. To do that you must get back to Arabia.  If they refuse to do so then they should be packed up immediately to their respective motherlands. Not only Muslims but everybody else in the world should admit and accept without any reservation that this is a Sinhala Buddhist country as it had been from the dawn of history and they are the architects of the rich Sinhala Buddhist imprint of this land and they were the people who have fought against all invaders throughout history to protect this beloved land for their future generations.

Anyone who poses a threat to that age old heritage should be defeated and deported forthwith.

Coming on to the Sharia university whether you call it a public-private institution with the University management as the so-called Sectorial Committee appointed by the Government calls it, or a University jointly managed, as the Government as the President calls it, means the same thing as long as this terrorist

Governor of the President (not of the people) is there, it will ever   remain a Sharia University. Hisbulla in fact has already said that it cannot be taken over by the Government.  I have no doubt that Hisbulla’s bold statement must be based on an assurance by the President.  Isn’t it a treacherous crime for our politicians to betray the motherland for few votes like this?

Whatever it is there should never be a Shariya University or any Institution of that short in any place in this country. No permission should be given for such University or any institution anywhere in the island given the complexities and destructions this Muslim ideology has already brought about in recent times highlighted by Muslim terrorism blasted on the 21st last month.

Therefore if the government still wants to have a University in the EP then this building g complex,should be taken over by the Government and run as a government University under the full control of UGC as national University where student from all over the country could study, unlike the University of Jaffna where Sinhala students are not allowed.  Neither Hisbulla, nor his son or any other Muslim element should have any hand thereafter. I do not know whether he is planning to blast it off in case the Government takes it over. One thing I must clearly state is that whether it is Hisbulla or any other Bulla or Billa  they all should  remember they live on somebody else’s land generously given to their ancestors by the Sinhala King over which none of them has any historical, legal or moral right plunder.

I do not know as to who did the architecture of the buildings and landscaping of this University premises and who approved it. It is surprising that even the shade trees planted on the roadways are decorated with date trees giving the whole campus a unique Arabian look. Why was the government of the day sleeping while Hisbulla did all this damage.                                                                                         This perhaps is the womb of the Mini Arab of the ideological threshold Hisbulla was having in his head to overrun this whole Island one day. Obviously this is blatant and naked cultural invasion that is going to erase and destroy the Sinhala Buddhist civilization in this country. Therefore in my opinion no buildings with such Arabian architecture or landscaping or lettering should have been allowed. A full inquiry has to be made to find out as to what they were doing and where they were sleeping all the time and punish them. It should be taken over as a Government-run institution only after removing all Hisbulla elements are removed. I strongly insist that all Arabian features including names should be removed and replace with native names and other features that go with the local traditions and culture before such acceptance is done. Furthermore no Madrasa program or any special Arabian programmes that are going to be detrimental to our culture should be allowed within this site. If that is not possible this Government can use it to store paddy in the Amapre district as they have done in Hambantota Airport.

Meanwhile I would also like to draw the attention of the President as the Head of the State on another very important issue.

That is instead of mollycoddling these proven extremist Muslim communal terrorist politicians, I strongly suggest the President sack Hisbulla along with Asad Sali before they create further problems for the general public and also personally to the President by fully eroding his vote base already dwindled to almost zero.

In Addition I would also like to suggest that the President takes steps to order that,

1 There shall be no Muslim Mosque anywhere in the country for less than 100 Muslim families and all Mosques contravening this rule shall be demolished immediately as it has already become a serious threat not only to the Sinhala people and Buddhists but also to everybody in the country, as these Mosques will be converted to arsenals very soon that will be used to kill Sinhalese, Tamils and all those who are not Muslims of that particular faith.

2 Also you need to ban communal segregation all over the country either as Muslims or Tamils for the same reason.

3 Abolish the Ministry of Muslim Affairs for getting involved in Madrasa propagation and other crimes connected with Muslim terrorism and expansion.

4 He should also order the Muslims who have encroached on and vandalized ancient Buddhist sites all over the country including places like Kuragala, Devanagala Digamdulla and all other places in the Eastern and North Western Provinces and Mannar District, particularly in the North and Eastern Provinces in consultation with the Buddhist clergy.

5 Arabic names of settlements, sign boards, roads in the Eastern province and sporadic settlements like Akbar Pura in Polonnaruwa bordering Somawathi National Reserve, Dharga Town  in the WP and sign boards should also be removed all over the country.  Only names of Muslims who have contributed to Sri Lanka culture, for example Mohideen Beg and Kreem should be allowed to be displayed

6 Have one law for all citizens. Abolish the Muslim law and the Thesavalamei Laws given to Muslims and Tamils as special privileges by the British to get their support against the native Sinhalese.

7 Also instruct the Commissioner of Buddhist Affairs to explore the possibilities of taking back all Temple and Devala gam given to Non-Buddhists

The Government and the general public should realize that the devil is much darker than most of us imagine. Its tentacles spread all over the country in all spears like trade, demography, legal sphere, land ownership and security of the country has got a strong grip of the xcountry. They have tightened their strong and poisonous tentacles in all spheres such as economic, social, political and what not.

Therefore the Government must give the top priority to eradicate this menace before this country is made another Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia or Indonesia remembering that protection of the country is its most basic and fundamental duty.

Furthermore all Tamils and Muslims or any other should understand that his was the Land of the Sinhala Buddhists for millennia and they are only intruders and visitors in somebody else’s land. If they desires to be citizens of this country then they must assimilate with local culture and begin to behave as Sri Lankans at least, and certainly not as Arabians in their traditional Homelands. Otherwise they will be considered as invaders like Magha, Chola Portuguese, Dutch and British. If they cannot accept the inalienable birth rights of the native Bhoomoputras and claim parity with them then they should be ordered to vanish from this Sinhala Land. No Muslim or Tamil in this country can have any special grievance that are not there for native Sinhalese as people like S MP Sumanthiran  claimed last week at the BMICH. They also should accept that there are no minorities in this country as long as all fall in line with one language .and one national identity. Those who refuse to do so should leave to their motherlands of origin as we have never invited them to come here as Russian President has once said with regard to Muslims living there. Or in the alternative go anywhere in the world where they are treated as equals. None can claim equal rights on this land with the native Sinhalese simply because they are not Sinhalese.

 The elected government must stand and up and say this otherwise they have no right   to remain in the seats of power any more dabbling in jokes like democracy, reconciliation and bloody human rights introduced by the colonial West, just to collect the votes of the minority communities. These power hungry treacherous politicians who do not know what this country is and to whom it belongs should go home without destroying our mother any more like what they have done for the past 71 years ever since 1948.

One Response to “No Sharia Universities and Madrasa schools of any kind should be allowed in Sri Lanka”

  1. dingiri bandara Says:

    The only solution is for all the Sinhalese to unite. Despite any differences all Muslims are united. They are united by their loyalty their god they called Allah. Although it is the same god in all Abrahamic religions, Muslims behave so differently when compared to the other religions taken after the god of Abraham, Jacob and Issac as they call him.
    Sinhalese need to unite or else we are doomed. All Muslims are not bad but their actions are very subtle.As long as the numbers are low they will be OK. As I have mentioned before, they are buying up land in very so called traditional Sinhalese areas and converting them to enclaves. It is difficult for others who non Muslims to live among them. It is done openly and the Sinhalese are turning a blind eye.When BBS talked about it, the secretary was imprisoned whilst the radical Muslim preachers were allowed roam freely and preach their radical ideas. It resulted in the Easter tragedy.
    I just read about the large gathering of Muslims in Municipal grounds for breaking fast called If-tar.
    Who organised the event? How is it that such large gathering was allowed when the country is under emergency? Has it been done before in the municipal grounds? AS far as I know breaking fast is done at home privately. It appears that those who are involved are thinking of the Muslim votes in the next municipal elections. All the politicians think about is winning elections.
    All Muslims will not want radical Islamic State but toy with the idea of Islamic country.

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