Canadian-Genocide of Canada’s Indigenous Women
Posted on June 2nd, 2019

Asoka Weerasinghe Kings Grove Crescent . Gloucester . Ontario . K1J 6G1 Canada

1 June 2019

Mayor Patrick Brown, MPP
Office of the Mayor
City of Brampton
2  Wellington  Street West
Ontario L6Y 4R2

Your Worship Mayor Patrick Brown:

Oops! Did someone  shatter your and your City Councillors Moral Code of We are Holier than Thou” when you all voted unanimously to Proclaim 18 May 2019, as the ‘Tamil Genocide Remembrance Day’, vilifying the Sri Lanka Government who won decisively,  militarily, the 30 year long Tamil Tiger Terrorist War on 19 May 2009.  And you all  at Brampton’s City Council with bleeding hearts shed tears for the Tamils, and patted the heads of the Tamil Tigers  with affection, holding on to their tails.

The whole Sinhalese World objected to the City of Brampton’s proclamation of Tamil Genocide as it did not happen. It was a lie.  And you know it, Mayor, and you knew it.

And you Mayor Patrick Brown who proposed the  motion and Councillor Pat Fortini who seconded it, have  to take the complete responsibility for waking up the Sinhalese Lions and Lionesses  who were at peace with themselves for a decade after the end of the Eelam Terrorist war, who  were working  feverishly towards a reconciliation, who roared with anger at all of you at Brampton’s City Council with anger on 21st May, for churning the Pot of Lies of a Witches Brew of  Separatist Tamil Hate for annihilating the Tamil Tiger terrorists before they achieved their mythical Separate Tamil State, Eelam.

You, Mayor Patrick Brown and your galaxy of Councillors stand guilty of this unnecessary evil which brought that massive tectonic shift  in the hearts of the Sinhalese Lions and Lionesses hearts from Peace to  visceral Anger, when you had no business to get involved in Internal politics of Sri Lanka 15,000 kilometers away from Brampton.  The Brampton Council’s action was hogwash, was buckets full of dead capelin washed on the summer shores of Chance Cove in Newfoundland,  strings of baloney hanging from a stall in the summer heat in Ottawa’s Byward market.  And you Mayor Patrick Brown, tested the patience for far too long, over a decade since you entered parliament as the MP for Barrie.  You were sitting on a powder keg.

And Mayor Brown, you were wrong when you thought that you could go on beating the separatist Tamil  War drums for the creation of a Mono-ethnic , racist separatist Tamil State, Eelam, for your Tamil constituents, not knowing that you were a thorn in the Sinhalese Lion’s passion for their Motherland, Sri Lanka.  And on May 21, you and your galaxy of your Councillors, heard over 600 thunderous roaring voices of the brave Sinhalese-Canadian Lions and Lionesses.  They had enough of your piffle you had been marketing,Tamil Genocide, in Ottawa’s Parliament,  Toronto’s Queens Park, and Brampton’s  City Hall.  I am sure you and your galaxy of Councillors  would have had nightmares that night.  You called for it, and you got it Mayor, in buckets full. ‘You all got it wrong and you lied to the Bramptonians.

 Now what is all this then Mayor Patrick Brown. Today’s (1 November, 2019) news item headlined ‘Deaths of indigenous women ‘a Canadian genocide’, leaked report says.   Really! Did I have to believe this tosh really, when  the Ontario, Brampton’s Goody Two Shoes, Mayor Patrick Brown and His Councillors, said to the Sinhalese Sri Lankans 15,000 kilometers away, We are Holier than Thou.”

This bit of news no doubt shattered your  Brampton City Council’s Moral Code into smithereens.  No box of Band-aids are going to hold your shattered Moral Code together anymore.  It has been flushed down the drain for good.

This is what the news item said, in case you and your Brampton City Councillors missed it:

A national public inquiry into possibly thousands of missing and murdered indigenous women in Canada has called the deaths a Canadian genocide”.

The report was leaked to Canada’s national broadcaster CBC which published details on Friday….”

Once this bit of news sinks into you, Your Worship Patrick Brown, the Mayor of Brampton, Ontario, with a population of 595,000, I suggest to be fair on your constituents who voted you in with trust, to give back the honesty and dignity which they lost due to your arrogant foolishness, you ought to come down from your high-horse, and charge yourself with a bit of humility, and offer the Sinhalese-Sri Lankan Communities around the globe a Peace Offering, by saying I am sorry, I made a mistake in my political judgement when I proclaimed 18 May of 2019, a Tamil Genocide Remembrance Day, and I have decided  to rescind it. I am sorry if I did bring  some hurt on all of you.  I thank you for your understanding. I can assure you that it will not happen again.”

If you decide on such a Peace Offering to my Sinhalese-Sri Lankan communities around the globe, I will Thank You for your honesty and withdraw my  invitation for a Public Debate on the issue of the  Brampton’s Tamil Genocide Remembrance Day on 18 May, 2019.  Failing, I still invite you for a public  debate on the issue and my three incentives for you to accept my challenge will still stand.

However, Your Worship, Mayor Patrick Brown, tell me how are going to deal with the Canadian-Genocide of our Indigenous Women.  Are you going to Proclaim a day in Brampton City’s Calendar as the Canadian-Genocide of Indigenous Women Remembrance Day? If you did it for the Tamil’s 15,000 kilometers away on a lie, well, are you going to do it for our own First Nation peoples who have their reserves just around the corner from Brampton and Barrie.  Are You?


Asoka Weerasinghe(Mr.)

Cc. Councillor Rowena Santos

Councillor Paul Vincente

Councillor Doug Whillans

Councillor Michael Palleschi

Councillor Jeff Bowman

Councillor Martin Medeiros

Councilor Charmaine Williams

Councillor Pat Fortini

Councillor Harkirat Singh

Councillor Gurpreet Dhillon

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  1. Hiranthe Says:

    Good work Asoka. your grateful nature to Mother Lanka will pay you dividends soon as the whole universe is watching over us.

    Similarly the ones who betray Mother Lanka will get the free visa to suffer in hell as this is a blessed land.

    Please keep it up. Mother Lanka must be proud of her sons and daughters

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