Posted on June 2nd, 2019


The motives of the fasting unto death started by Rathana Thero are confusing. Has he got the backing of Catholic Church?  He is a Buddhist Monk.  Muslim terrorists attacked Catholic Churches.  Cardinal Malcolm Cooray appropriately provided an effective leadership at that critical moment preventing escalation of  revenge attacks.  Malwatte and Asgiriya were in hibernation as usual.

In this situation, one would expect Catholic Priests to commence a fasting unto death demanding removal of Muslim Extremists Ministers, who have secretly converted Sri Lankan Buddhist society to a Muslim Power House.  Sri Lankan Muslims with mere 9.7%  population has more rights and privileges than Indonesian Muslims with 87%.  As a person who lived in Indonesia for over 15 years and a frequent visitor, the writer can testify  that the nonsensical Muslim habits in Sri Lanka cannot be found in Indonesia.   Muslim women  are quite happy to show their beautiful faces in public. Indonesian  Muslims frequently mix with other religious partners. Indonesian Muslims enjoy a balanced social life.  They enjoy their best Beer, Bir Bintang. They even enjoy Satay Chicken and Satay Pork. Pork is available in all parts of Indonesia in Super Markets as well as at Traditional markets called PASAR, mostly serving low middle and low income groups. In Sri Lanka, down south, after you pass Wadduwa, you cannot find Pork.  To take the fight upto Muslim Political Leaders, Sinhala traders must start selling Pork in all parts of Sri Lanka. When I made enquiries with Weligama Pradeeshiya Saba Chairman, he said that there are no laws preventing issue of licences for Pork Stalls, but fear Muslim Business  protests.  90% of Weligama, Galbokka and nearby areas businesses are Muslim owned.   Opening Pork Stalls by Sinhala  is a small TRICK, but will be a sound business proposition providing best desired results and  an additional income base plus a solution for unemployed youths especially in down south where foreigners frequestly visit.

Indonesian Muslims  are religious, but the Indonesian society is not a MUSLIM MAD HOUSE.  Indonesia had 68% Buddhists, Borobudur Temple is a living testimony.  Today Buddhists are 2.5% in Indonesia.   Muslim political leaders in Sri Lanka had virtually destroyed Sri Lankan Buddhist society.

The Muslim Ministers, apart from accumulating wealth, infrastructure framework has been done over the years for a Muslim State.

It was Gnanasara Thero who exploded loud and clear of the dangers.  His aggressive vocabulary and some of the past personal behaviours eroded his reputation, resulting less attention paid to his claim.   But the facts and figures provided by Gnanasara Thero had now been substantiated after a massive loss of human lives.

It has always been Buddhist Monks, taking leadership in national interest.  I question myself why Catholic Priests are not joining the protest of the Rathana Thero?  Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe will not care for Buddhist Monks, he is happy  if they die or  put them behind bars, but if Catholic Priests also join the protest, then Ranil as a born Catholic will feel the pressure to initiate action.

During 30 year Tamil Terrorists War against Sri Lankan Sinhala Buddhists, Sri Lanka lost thousands of Sinhala Buddhists, including Buddhist Priests, Army, Navy, Police personnel.

Now they are fighting against the attack on Catholic Churches by Muslims.  Are Catholic Priests also hibernating like our Malwatte-Asgiriya Prelates?


  1. Ananda-USA Says:

    Hisbullah and Asath Sally resigned!

    Rishard Bathuideen should follow.

    Next step is to ARREST & PROSECUTE these TRAITORS!

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