What is the difference between the Jihadist suicide Bomber Sara, and Ahimsa Wickramatunga ?
Posted on June 3rd, 2019

By Charles.S.Perera

Pulasthini Rajasinghe or Sara was one of the Jihadists who blew herself in a Sri Lanka Church on Easter Sunday.  There is no valid reason for her to have exploded that bomb and herself along with it.  One does not know whether she wanted to be a suicide bomber  It may be she  was  forced into doing it. 

Like Ahimsa who may not even know why she should destroy the political future  of a fellow Sri Lankan without even knowing whether he was actually responsible for the death of her father.

What did Sara the Jehadist gain from that terrible act ? She was not even there to see the aftermath  of the bloody buchery  she caused to innocent  men women and children doing nothing else but  celebrating the rising of Jesus from the dead ?

Ahimsa Wickramathunga  is  also to a certain extent  like Sara the Jihadist who exploded the suicide bomb. But it may be Ahimsa  too has been  forced to do so, as no one knows what Ahimsa with such a meaningful name wants .

What does Ahimso   stand to gain from  filing a civil case against Gotabhaya Rajapakse  in a US District Court in California, which in my opinion is a bomb to shatter the reputation of an innocent man loved by a greater majority of the people in Sri Lanka ?  

As Sara the Jehadist will go down history as a murderer of  innocent men and women, Ahimsa Wickramaratne  will go down history as a woman  who tries to murder” the hopes of lakhs of people of Sri Lanka  her motherland , or  if she denies it,  that of her father.

It could be called a suicide bomb even  though Ahimsa is not physically blowing  herself up, she  nevertheless will have to live as a person with a meaningless name thereafter (because Ahimsa means not harming any one) hated by a majority of the people in Sri Lanka, and her children too will continue here after to live with that  scar of a mother’s betrayal  of the Sinhala people or if she denies they are not her people , they were at east he people of her father.

Those interesed-  Ahimsa’s handlers and brain washers like those of the Towheed Jamat  are determined to vindicate the assassination of her father ten years ago when Ahimsa was only 16 years of age. They are certainly not doing it for any love for Ahimsa or her father Lasantha , but for the compensation money they have been promised by anti Sri Lanka group-the Tamil diaspora , or a political party in Sri Lanka to who are bent on  depriving  the hopes of the majority of the people of Sri Lanka to recover the peace and security and rapid development  of their country  before the 8th January,2015, under  President Mahinda  Rajapakse and the Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapakse.

Of course in the latter case Ahimsa the  terrorist-( to my mind any one who without a valid reason attempts to kill the good name and  reputation of an innocent man is also a terrorist) may  not blow herself,  but yet she blows off her own feminity and what she may have learnt of altruism, as a child hailing from a respected and an educated family.

One may of course argue that Ahimsa even if what she is preparing to do is equivalent to an action of a terrorist suicide bomber, she may  not cause a carnage  as it had been at the Church where the Jehadist exploded herself. 

But then Gotabhaya Rajapaksa is a man loved by a large majority of the people in Sri Lanka who are lamenting the calamity that is being  done by the present government of Ranil Wickramasinhe.

Under the Premiership of Ranil Wickramasinghe;  Sri Lanka has lost its peace and security and is being gradually handed over to USA , the West and the terrorist sympathising Tamil Diaspora. It is worst than the  carnage  on the Easter Sunday, as it is an attempt to massacre  the hopes of the  suffering people of a politically mismanaged Sri Lanka.

The other Tamil man who has filed another action against Gotabhaya Rajapakse-the  former terrorist Manojkumar Samathanan who claims to have been tortured and claims compensation from Gotabhaya Rajapakse is doing so for the sake of money he may gain if he wins the case. 

But Ahimsa Wickramathunga may have enough money and her interest may not be the financial gains she has been promised, but she is nevertheless  just attempting to  blow up a suicide bomb to get  some relief for her suffering as a daughter whose father had been murdered by some unknown persons whom she thinks or her handlers think was  carrying out the orders of  Gotabhaya Rajapakse.

The poor girl Sara who had joined the Jehadists did not know she was dying in vain, as she was brain washed by Towheed Jamat. And she was obeying her handler to blow herself in a Church.  She had no alternative once the bomb was attached to her and  commandeered to enter the Church, she had to die in blowing up the bomb, or if she abandoned she would have been killed by her handler who was certainly prowling behind her.

Ahimsa Wikramatunga has also been brain washed and she obeys her handler to assassinate the popularity of Gotabhaya Rajapakse ten years after the assassination of her father.  She was only 16 years old at the time and her handlers write as if it is her confession that she was only 16 years of age at the time. 

Ahimsa may now be about 26 years, and  forgotten all about that sad episode  or trying to forget it, but it is her  brainwashers –the handlers who are using the fact of Ahimsa being the daughter of Lasantha Wickramatunga to realise their dirty  object of  destroying Gotabhaya Rajapaakse’s political future and thus assassinate the hope of a nation, and in adition hope to get financial compensation.

Ahimsa you have still time to think, whether you will be obedient to your handlers and set off the bomb or just refuse to detonate the bomb and thus be the  heroine of the countless number of people in Sri Lanka looking for redemption from calamitous situation Sri Lanka has been brought  into by Ranil Wickramasinghe and his government, and allow  Gotabhaya Rajapakse to be the President of Sri Lanka to bring it back  to what it had been  before Ranil Wickramasinghe was sworn in as the Prime Minister on the 9th January,2015.

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  1. Christie Says:

    Ahimsa should ask Pakiyasothi Sarawanamuttu how her farther was killed by Indian terrorists.

    Sara could be the one who lead the “Jihadists” on behalf of Indian imperialists interests.

    Otherwise how did India know the exact details of Easter attack before hand.

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