Posted on June 7th, 2019


The Parliamentary Select Committee is hunting down the President in an unprecedented manner.  If the witnesses are telling the truth, then any ordinary citizen could form an independent opinion. 

The President systematically dismantled the Security Council.  He changed Prime Minister with a most trusted man, Mahinda Rajapakse. But even when MR was the Prime Minister, he has also not been invited for the Security Council Meetings.  So, President neither trusted Ranil nor Mahinda.  At what cost?

It is noteworthy that Jayampathy Wickremaratne is a member of the PSC and continuing his line of questioning leading to cornering the President to the wall.

We should not be surprised, if the findings of the PSC in some way find recommendations to impeach the President.  If MR also agrees, 2/3 votes can be obtained for such a resolution under Article 38 (2) and 38 (b) (2). It is extremely doubtful MR will support such a resolution, paving way for the complete take over of SLFP by SLPP.

To avoid such distressing set of circumstances, the President might call for an early Presidential Election.


  1. Dilrook Says:

    Dumb Sirisena and his UNP fools are the worst regime since 1994. They will surely be voted out. But the real deal is what comes next.

    Easy predications for anyone with an unbiased mind.

    1. Hizbulla, Bathurdeen, Hakeem, etc. will be top ministers again in any (emphazised) future regime. More Sharia Universities, Madrasas, etc. will be coming up.

    2. Venerable Rathana, Champika, Nagananda and anyone else with some patriotism in them will be in jail (or worse) as they pose a divisive threat to fool patriots (if a more patriotic president than now is elected). Tata doesn’t compete with Merc. They are OK with Merc in the market. But Tata will try to drive out other low end autos that take a a share of its market. Patriotism in Sri Lanka is only a marketing thing.

    3. All deals with USA (ACSA, MCC) will be in operation. None of them will be rescinded although they can be easily ended. If SOFA is not signed when this rotten regime leaves, the next regime will sign it.

    4. The 2019 presidential election will show the entire world that Sri Lanka island is divided. Sinhala majority areas voting one way and all others voting the other way. It will be sharper than 2015 inviting the world to intervene.

    5. Appeasement of India and USA will take a far worse turn to avoid war crimes charges and to avoid economic sanctions. Singapore FTA will be kept although it can be ended just by giving notice!

    Lets see if I’m correct. Any challengers please?

  2. Christie Says:

    The puppet or should I say the Indian Governor has done the best job for the Indian Empire.

    We Sinhalese are paying for wiping out the Indian terrorist arm LTTE.

    Patriots of India and Indian Parasites are not Sinhala Patriots.

    USA and India appears to be in bed together but I have my doubts it is the case as long as Republicans are in power,

  3. Randeniyage Says:

    I am not challenging you as I have predicted the Indian/USA government last year on this site.
    Although unlikely, it is our duty to support someone who can go against 13A+ India. There is a slight possibility of our dream coming true.

  4. Charles Says:

    Dilrook your prediction is very pessimistic. But reading from what happened since 8th January,2015 it would unfortunately be a likely repetition. But if our people have learnt from the past experience and determined to change it is not impossible. I strongly feel that we the Buddhists have paid too much of lip service to being Buddhist , while leading lives contrary to the Buddhist precepts . We had lost the people to drive us towards Buddhism and live the precepts in our daily lives in our work and political decision making. But as you know I would still stand by Mahinda and Gotabhaya Rajapakse to bring back Sri Lanka to Sanity and progress.
    A new face in politics will not be able to bring back Sri Lanka from where it is to what it had been at least before 8th January, 2015. It is being argued that people with new ideas in politics is needed to change Sri Lanka from what its has been turned into, and to recuperate what it has lost in all fields under Sirisena-Ranil rein for the last four years.

    A new face in politics for a change It has been experimented both in France and USA and the results are ghastly. What we want is those who had already faced a worst position in Sri Lanka in 2005 and brought it to what it was until 8 January,2015. Despite their efforts they too had committed errors and they are wise to change and give back to Sri Lanka an unexpected change once again. We had tried them once and we can try them once again with confidence and Certainty. But Dilrook the future President should have full executive powers.

  5. Dilrook Says:


    Comparatively, yes. But that is hardly enough to save the nation. A politician who stabs Mother Lanka 11 times is way more innocent than another who stabs 83 times. But both taken individually kills her. This is what happens.

    My only concern is the protection of the Sinhala community. That requires a much higher level of care than available within all existing political clans.

    We sacrifice the future of the Sinhala community when we support any existing political clan under EP system and 13A. They are not going to go.

    GR is most likely to win the presidential election with 53% of the vote as it stands now but even if he wins, the above facts will come to pass. This is the sad reality. I’m not pessimistic, I’m a realist. In Sri Lanka, reality is far worse than pessimism.

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