No links between NTJ and Dr. Shafi, CID tells court
Posted on June 27th, 2019

Courtesy Adaderana

Dr. Mohamed Shafi has performed 4372 Caesarian surgeries at the Kurunegala Teaching Hospital, the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) informed the Kurunegala Magistrate’s Court today (27).

The CID produced a 210 pages long report to the court on the finding of their investigations on the assets of Dr. Shafi and the complaints lodged by mothers who underwent Caesarian surgeries under him.

The CID had recorded statements from over 500 persons on Dr. Shafi with regard to the investigation carried out against him.

However, no evidence was discovered connecting the doctor to the National Thowheed Jamaath (NTJ) or terrorist activities.

The CID informed the court that they refer to the Defense Secretary and take measures to release Dr. Shafi who under currently detained under the Prevention of Terrorism Act.

Meanwhile, the CID reported to the court that 4372 mothers had undergone Caesarian surgeries under Dr. Shafi and that they consist of 3479 Sinhala mothers, 860 Tamil mothers, and 33 Muslim mothers.

It was observed that the doctor had taken a shorter amount of time when performing Caesarian surgeries on Sinhala and Tamil mothers than the usual amount, CID informed the court and that he had sent away the attending staff towards the end of the surgeries, according to the statements received from some doctors and staff at the Kurunegala hospital, said the CID.

Meanwhile, an anaesthetician at the hospital, Dr. Deepani Nandasena had made a complaint to the Assistant Director of the hospital on Dr. Shafi which had resulted in a heated argument between the two doctors on a hospital corridor, reported the CID.

Reportedly, during the argument, Dr. Shafi had told Dr. Nandasena that he possesses he has the power of money as well as political power.

However, the CID has received615 complaints against Dr. Shafi and among them, 468 are based on suspicion, the department relayed to the court.

The remaining 147 complaints are from mothers who experience some complications following the surgery, the CID said.

Accordingly, the CID sought a court order to carry out an SHG test on the affected mothers at the Colombo National Hospital.

The attorneys representing the victimized parties objected to this request stating that the SHG would further deteriorate the health condition of the mothers who already experience complications or infertility.

Therefore, the court rejected the request of the CID and ordered to obtain a report on the matter from the doctors at the Kurunegala hospital including the hospital director and to produce it to the court on the 11th of July.

The attorneys representing the victimized parties stated that the CID has taken the investigations against Dr. Shafi lightly.

The CID further informed the court that the monthly income of Dr. Mohamed Shafi is Rs. 1,923,500 and he has purchased property worth Rs. 53,047,600 in the recent past.

Ven. Athuraliye Rathana Thero, too, attended to hear the court proceeding on Dr. Shafi today.

2 Responses to “No links between NTJ and Dr. Shafi, CID tells court”

  1. Randeniyage Says:

    NTJ is not so dangerous. They are a stupid bunch of stupid terrorists ! Of course they will killl time to time (they will target non-Buddhists). This is a common problem to all countries and we are not an outstanding super country with super intelligence. Even Israel , who is an unofficial nuclear power cannot prevent it. Therefore, my statement they are not ‘dangerous’ (beyond normal dangers everyone face). Our parliamentarians have no BALLS and HEART to state this fact, they are simply ALL dishonest.

    What is dangerous is those soft spoken, Sinhala speaking, pretending to be loving Buddhism crooks. Even more dangerous are our so called Sinhala-Buddhists Patriotic parliamentarians who secretively make deals with them and make them their ministers and let them do whatever they like ( when this is discovered, they pretend to be Thoththa Babas).

    I have no words to describe our plight – after believing these crooks again and again.

    I am expecting total ‘Obedience to India’ by the next government and death of Sinhala-Buddhist. Sometimes , I tend to think it is better to have a weak government, although we can develop, we will not be a State of India.

    Which ‘party’ will give an election promise “WE DO NOT ALLOW OUR LEADER TO WORSHIP THIRUPATHI” ? People should ask for this from every party and every presidential candidate.

  2. Hiranthe Says:

    I do agree with Randeniyage on THIRUPATHI and the other points.

    I can’t understand why CID were referring to only 615 complains. There are more than 1,000 complains already made as I learned from the media.

    CID looks like have eaten from Safi’s money or Rajitha’s money. Finally it is the same poor people’s money those rogues are spending and paying back to selfish officials, to buy them.

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