Nagananda as a Presidential candidate.
Posted on September 1st, 2019

Bodhi Dhanapala

I was frankly surprised to find Dr. Daya Hewapathirana (DH)  coming forward to support Nagananda  of all people. But anything can happen in politics. Who expected that Ven. Ratana will end up in the UNP national list, importing and selling duty-free cars? Who expected the “Rathu Sahodarayas” to become Rathu-Ali hobnobbing with Sampanthan and other Koti? Didn’t they kill innocent people against the Indian Intervention and the13th amendment?
  DH  has often written articles explaining the danger faced by Buddhism in Sri Lanka. Now he has gone off and turned 180 degrees to become a full secularist.  I too believe that religion is a matter of personal belief.But there is a community of people who are Buddhists and their culture is what we need to create a society where Buddhists can practice their beliefs, and live their life  in peace.
The Wahabist threat, the Evangelist threat etc., and the threat posed by Marxist idiots and the excesses of Capatalism which reduces everything to money, cannot be ignored. Even the usually ultra-conservative Catholic church has now realized that Buddhists are not a threat to Catholics as long as Catholics do not try to undermine Buddhism, as was the case in the 1950s when Catholic Action was a political force. Mr. L. H. Mettananada and the Buddhist commission of the day led the battle against Catholic Acton and helped SWDR to come to power in 1956.

In  fact, in modern times, Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith has spoken in  support of  the idea of Buddhism having a special place in Sri Lanka.
The role of Buddhism in forming the cultural heritage of the country cannot be subsumed under a constitution which does not recognize the special role of Buddhist culture, even if we recognize that Buddhist Belief or any other religious belief to be  a personal matter for personal striving.
If the aspirations and the will of 75% of the people are not reflected in the constitution,  what is the use of such a constitution?  

Dr. Hewapathirana was a “presidential advisor ” to Rajapaksa. May be Dr. DH  has now switched sides and decided that Buddhism is irrelevant to our daily life and culture.
Bodhi Dhanapala

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