Posted on September 10th, 2019


According to an analysis, there are more than 1.8 Billion Muslims and more than 50 Muslim majority countries but among this huge crowd, it is something very unfortunate that there is only and only Pakistan to hold the hands of the helpless Kashmiris in their miseries and distress. This selfish rather cowardly attitude of the so-called Muslim Ummah (community) is simply a blob of shame on the serene face of the whole Muslim community. Far better in courage and determination is the Sikh community which is standing shoulder by shoulder with the Kashmiris everywhere from the valleys of Sri Nagar to the streets of London, raising slogans against Indian atrocities in the burning paradise of Kashmir. Recently when the Modi government imposed restrictions on phone and internet services in Jammu and Kashmir, just to counter the protest processions of the local people, a group of 32 Muslim girl students from Sri Nagar was on a visit to Pune. Because of the restrictions imposed on all communication tools, the girls lost all contact with their family. They were facing shortage of money too as their tour could not be completed within the planned period. So these girls approached the Sikh Gurudwara Committee in Pune for help. The members of Gurudwara committees in Pune and Delhi joined hands to arrange for their safe return to their homes. The Pune committee arranged for their air-tickets to Delhi and from there the members of another Gurudwara committee arranged for their transportation to Srinagar. The way the Sikh community provided shelter, care and support to the Kashmiri girls in trouble is no doubt marvelous.

Rajeev Khanna penned down an article in ‘The Citizen’ in the second week of this August 2019 with the title ‘Punjab Comes Out in Strong Support of Kashmiris’. The article says, ‘One state that is vociferously raising its voice in support of the people of Jammu and Kashmir after the abrogation of Article 370 and 35 A by the central government is neighbouring Punjab. Right from the government to various political organizations and civil society activists and organizations both in India and abroad, there has been opposition to the step taken by the Centre, particularly the manner in which it was done by silencing the voice of the Kashmiris’. Same level of support and care for the Kashmiris from the Sikh community is being observed all over the world. Analysts are of the view that this support is reciprocal; it is an outcome of a mutual understanding between the Kashmiris and the Sikhs. This year in the month of March a protest was arranged by a host of Sikh organizations in central London. The protesters were seeking release of Sikh prisoners in Indian jails. They also demanded end of atrocities against Sikhs and Kashmiris by the Indian government. The protest procession was joined by a large number of Kashmiri groups also who had flags of Kashmir and Khalistan in their hands. Media reports said that the protest was very much calm and peaceful but later on it turned violent as a pro-Modi group arrived at the scene and started shouting abuses at the peaceful protesters. The Scotland Yard had to intervene to normalize the situation.

There is a big problem; it’s not a small thing that (special status) has been revoked. We are extremely disappointed,” said Harbinder Singh talking to the Reuters last week. Harbinder is a businessman from Srinagar belonging to the Sikh community and his services for bringing Sikh-Muslim communities closer are well known and widely acknowledged. President of the All Parties Sikh Coordination Committee, Jagmohan Singh Raina also expressed his concerns over the present situation in Kashmir in a recent statement. He said, They (Indian Government) have committed a big blunder; they could have changed laws, but at least they should have consulted us.” He further said expressing his grave fears for the future of the Kashmiris We Kashmiris didn’t have much, we just had this special status, and now this is also taken from us. This will mean that our people will find it hard to get jobs here.”

The Sikhs are just 2% of the total population in the Indian-Held Kashmir but are spread across the state, says a recent report. From farming and government services to running bakeries and provision stores, they are engaged in all types of social and economic activities. They have a very cordial relationship with the Muslims and interestingly the illegally deputed Indian forces treat them with the same brutality and cruelty with which they treat the Muslims. In short their common sorrows and joys and their common enemy has merged them into a single identity. This Muslim-Sikh unity is not limited only to the Indian Held Kashmir; all over the world the Sikh community is providing all possible support to the Kashmiri Muslims and same passion for the Sikh community is expressed by the Muslims. This unity demonstrated by the Sikhs and the Kashmiri Muslims has become a pain in the neck of Modi governmentwhichis very much misguided by its own created notion that by depriving Kashmir of its special status, it would succeed in crushing the demand for an Independent Sikh state Khalistan and that for an Independent state of Kashmir.

The Modi government must keep in mind the fact that no independence movement could be crushed with the help of such silly actions. Neither the Muslims nor the Sikhs in Kashmir are like a ready-to-eat soft cake placed in show-case of some bakery. If it was so easy to swallow them, the Modi government would not have imposed such a long curfew in the valley. In spite of a very strict curfew, the ongoing protest in the Indian Held Kashmir in itself is a proof that the voices of the Kashmiris and the Sikhs could never be silenced; it is their determination which is going to be the last nail in the coffin of Indian hegemonic desires in near future. 


  1. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    All the crimes (sins) any two legged creature can do anywhere under the sun:
    1 killing/murder
    2 stealing
    3 sexual misconduct
    4 lying
    5 drug/alcohol abuse. Abstaining from those should be enough religion for any honest person.

    Abstaining from the above five is Buddhism’s Five Precepts. The Buddha could see birth, life, death and the universe
    after enlightenment while the others didn’t have a clue since they were not even real. Today NASA and science have proven again and again what The Buddha preached to be all true. NASA has shown that the earth’s size is a grain of sand in the vast vast vast vast vast universe (just like The Buddha explained) where distances are measured in LIGHT YEARS!

    Murder tops the list and the culprits who commit them get the maximum punishment. If anyone thinks, murder
    going to be rewarded in this life or after life, he/she must be insane or brain dead. Culprits who commit murder,
    pay for them in the animal kingdom for 100s, 1000s of lifetimes before gets the promotion to be two legged
    creatures (Darwin’s Theory of Evolution?). Then if any two legged creaturecare to check his/her teeth and check cat’s/dog’s etc. etc. teeth they will see they are very very different. The reason being two legged creatures are supposed to have a fibrous diet while cats, dogs are hunters and have teeth suited to that diet.

    People used to worship rivers, mountains, gods etc. etc. in olden days in the absence of science. Darwin theory put all those into history books, yet religions of conveniences which don’t regard sins as sins still survive thanks to money and in one case thanks to fast breeding. Iran, afganisthan, pakesthan, bangladesh, malaysia, indonesia
    used to be Buddhist countries before the fast breeders got to those countries. Within a few hundred years of their arrivals with baby machines they turned all of them to mussie countries. Now people brag there are billions of us etc. etc. while not giving a hoot about damage these fast multiplying doing to the civilised world.

    While Amazon burning, massive jungles are being cleared, global temperatures rising baby machines hard at work
    to islamise the world without giving any considerations to the problems it is creating. New breed need food, air,
    water, schools, hospitals, roads, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. Who is going to provide those in a shrinking,
    already severely overcrowded planet? Remember, the earth size is a grain of sand in the vast vast vast universe.
    Why the hell those mythical gods didn’t create a massive planet instead for these billions of two legged creatures
    to live in comfort? All honest people know the answer to it. Is it time for the fast multipliers to slow down now? No chance of that, the multiplying will continue until the world start burning.

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