By telling the President about Rs. 2 Billion of the Lotus Tower, he has been mislead
Posted on September 17th, 2019

Hiru News

Former Director General of the Telecommunication Regulatory Commission Anusha Pelpita says that certain officials have mislead the President by providing incorrect information that Rs. 2 billion in funds for the construction of the Lotus Tower have disappeared.

He made this comment while explaining the statement made by President Maithripala Sirisena at a function held yesterday on behalf of declaring opening the Lotus Tower

The Lotus Tower at Colombo the tallest tower in all of South Asia of which construction began in the year 2012 was declared open by the President yesterday. During a speech he made at this function the President revealed a fraud of Rs. 2 billion which took place during construction.

At present there is much talk in society regarding this statement made by the President yesterday.

Accordingly, the former Director General of the TRC Anusha Pelpita has posted an item on his Facebook Account as well explaining the facts regarding this statement made by the President

He has added a photo of the then Chairman of the Tender Board in this country Gotabhaya Jayaratne in discussion with the Chairman of the Alit Company’s office in Beijing, China. This discussion had been in connection with the construction of the Lotus Tower.

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