Sri Lanka’s development plan is in my head – Sajith
Posted on November 4th, 2019

Courtesy Adaderana

NDF presidential candidate Sajith Premadasa says that his first task as President will be to hold two international aid conferences for the North and the East as well as establish special presidential task forces for the war-torn provinces.

Addressing an election rally in Mullaitivu, the minister said that he also said that he will ensure a ‘golden era’ for every community in the country.

Premadasa also spoke during an election rally held at Ratgama.

He stated that presidential units will be established in every divisional secretariat allowing the public with an opportunity to come forward with their common and personal issues and that thus far there has not been such a system in place. 

This is my best time,” he said, before adding that he intends to work tirelessly and with utmost diligence to provide a matured service to the public. 

Premadasa said that the plan he will execute to develop the country is in his ‘head’ and that he is in no need of ‘tuition classes’ from anyone as he is with a sound knowledge and a clear vision.

One Response to “Sri Lanka’s development plan is in my head – Sajith”

  1. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    No education qualifications at all to show. Yet all the development plans are in his empty head. How many
    brain cells? 1 or none? Anyone with a single brain cell knows what people need are jobs, not pint size houses.
    Without a job house is no use. Understand? The other factor is, this uneducated traitor destroying all fertile land
    in the country setting up these pint size houses, after 25 years they become little town since the children going
    to settle down in those lands itself. All the country’s fertile lands gone, where you going to grow your food? Its
    traitor alugosuwa dad (to Sinhalese Buddhists, Sri Lanka and Buddhism only) lk MARANA sinha porisada did the
    same to fool people while killing 60,000+, mostly Sinhalese Buddhists. Worst thing the moron has built so many
    villages for mussies. They are basically baby farms and mussie baby machines will overwhelm the area in no time
    after multiplying like ….

    Admit you moron, GooandPee aka traitor UNPatriotic_rats are only good at:
    murdering Sinhalese Buddhists,
    dismembering Mother Lanka,
    worshiping minorities for their votes,
    robbery (grand ones only),
    lying (mega only).

    Development work? What for? We loot, loot and loot and disappear for 5 years to enjoy the lot. Come back with brand new lies and Sinhala modayas (sama harakk) fall for it without batting an eye lid. Of course tamils and
    mussies, catholics vote for us 100%. See we need only a bit of Sinhala modayas (sama harak) support and we
    will be in the driving seat again. Ever heard the thing, Sinhalaya modayas with a short memory?

    Lk porisiada Marana sinha premadasa alugosuwa (to Sinhalese Buddhists only) killed 60,000+. And its brainless
    son tells people not to vote for GR to stop white vans. Shameless? Then again traitor knows he is talking to
    Sinhala haraks.

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