Sri Lanka Cabinet Surrenders the Country to the Americans
Posted on November 6th, 2019

By Sarojini Dutt

10th Mar 1815 is a Black-letter day for Sri Lanka. Even blacker is 29th Oct 2019, when the Cabinet of Sri Lanka surrendered the country to the Americans by approving the Millennium Challenge Corporation Agreement.

 With that approval, the Americans, accepting the disgraceful surrender of the country by Sri Lanka’s ruling clique, are putting in place their plans to take over the country, just 71 years after 351 years of European rule had ended. 

 Alaina Teplitz is warned. Do not sign the pernicious MCC Agreement with this traitorous Government and attempt to force a dubious ‘Gift’ down the throats of an unwilling people.

 The people will not honour the Compact, as they surely will on 17 November 2019 toss it into the dustbin of history.

 If the people must fight back, they shall; they are inspired by the brave people of Vietnam whom you must surely remember.

 Your MCC team and their paid murderous hoodlums have begun threatening politicians, journalists and people expressing opposition to the surrender.

Mrs. Teplitz, be advised; refrain from such cowardly action. At least, even now, show a modicum of courage and accept the people’s challenge to an open television debate instead of resorting to thuggery and bribery to achieve your ends.

 If you already have parted with any monies, just count your losses, and get out.

 In heaven’s name, ‘GO’ with your accursed ‘Gift’. God forbid that you ever find another traitorous government like this, in this world, to sell your poison. 

 Friends, Sri Lankans, Countrymen, lend me your ears. Our Motherland is under attack. She lies wounded, stabbed by knaves whom she once suckled as little babes.

 Today, with pockets brimming of ill-gotten wealth and drunk with the power that the people temporarily bestowed on these knaves, they chortle and make merry at their evil deed.

 These knaves have opened the Island gates furtively, amidst the distractive din of Election theatrics, to allow the accursed Enemy in to rape our beloved Motherland, ravage her and tear her asunder; this is clearly evident from the MCC plans in the MCC documents and the MCC map of Sri Lanka-2050, all of which Jenner Edelman (MCC  Country Director)  was embarrassingly forced to admit, publicly, when confronted with these damning documents.

 These damning documents were distributed by MCC team leader Steve Dobrilovic amongst those present at a meeting at Temple Trees on 25 Sep 2018; the attendees included senior legal officers from various Banks and the then Bar Association President, U R L De Silva.

As per the map of Sri Lanka 2050,

the Island has been fragmented into three, at the least. Making a fallacious argument to limit the geographic focus to maximize the economic impact the Americans insisted on a land Corridor running right across the Island from Trincomalee to Colombo, for themselves; with this, the country is automatically divided into a North and a South

 The next chunk is in the East where a terrorist caliphate has been carved out by the US; see the Sri Lanka map above; follow the red-broken line defining an area bounded by the towns of Vallachenai, Batticaloa, Kalmunai, Amparai, Moneragala, Badulla, Mahiyangana and Polonnaruwa.

 Within this caliphate-haven are located Hizbullah’s Sharia University, Zaharan’s training camps, five large US barrack facilities already built by the US Army with US Army funds at a cost of One Million USD apiece that can accommodate a Division of troops; and in close proximity to this caliphate is an International Airport in Polonnaruwa.   

To a military analyst, an important implication of an International Airport is that the bearing-load of the airfield can sustain large military transport aircraft transporting heavy military arsenal.

 Teplitz and Edelman had been flippantly dismissing the 200-mile corridor and the 200-mile electrified railway line, running the length of the Corridor, as fake news until Edelman had egg on her face when confronted with Dobrilovic’s documents.

 All Jenner could mumble sheepishly was, Steve had distributed the wrong map”!!!

 And now, Ranawaka threateningly asks journalists, What Corridor”, What Bank”?

A month’s VIP- holiday in the US, with all expenses paid, has infected pseudo-nationalist Ranawaka with selective amnesia.

 Ranawaka has forgotten the two Bills, ‘State Land Bank Act’ and ‘Land (Special Provisions) Act, prepared in the US and made reference to by Sirisena in his attack of the MCC, in a televised address to the Nation, in October 2018.

 Persons who reportedly had a preview of the ‘State Land Bank Bill’ aver that the preamble of the Bill’ reads, An Act to provide for the establishment of a State Land Bank in order to compile a register of all State Lands belonging to or under the control of public institutions and to facilitate the relevant public institutions for the lease of such State lands to any persons making requests for same …”.

 These persons also avow that Section 4 of the ‘State Land Bank’ Bill vests powers of Management of this ‘Land Bank’ to a ‘Commission’ which includes the Assistant Secretary of Ranawaka’s Megapolis Ministry.

 And Sec 33 of the ‘Land Bank Bill’ avowedly repeals the LRC Act of 1972 and the limitation of ownership to 50 acres; this Section, vests all powers exercised by the LRC to Ranawaka’s ‘State Land Bank’ Commission’.

 The objective of ‘The Land (Special Provisions) Bill is, ‘To grant absolute Title to State Lands by citizens who are holders of Grants’.

 The above category of State Lands could, under Section 29 of the said Bill be mortgaged to a financial institution and if the mortgager were to default, the financial institution has been empowered to sell the land to anyone, including a foreigner.

 Interestingly, under Section 30 of that same Bill, any ambiguity of ‘Absolute Title’ is clarified; it reads, For the avoidance of doubt, the Absolute Land Grant issued by the President under this Act shall be conclusive proof of Absolute Title to that Land”.

84 percent of Sri Lanka, is State Land.

 The problem the US has with our Lands is, to put it in their words, difficulty in access to land for investment purposes”. Viz, difficulty in buying-up Sri Lankan Land. See Dobrilovic’s MCC document given hereunder.

State Lands occupied by State Institutions are dealt with, in the ‘State Land Bank Bill; this Bill enables the US to access such land by leasing it out for 200 years through the mechanism of the Megapolis Ministry.

 The electrified Railway Line from Trincomalee to Colombo (projected in the MCC Map -SL 2050) is Railway Property and for 200 years the electric fence on either side of the electrified railway line will remain the electric border between the North and the South of Sri Lanka.

 The balance of the 84 percent of State Land is dealt with in the ‘Land (Special Provision) Bill. This balance includes farmers’ homesteads on either side of the electrified Railway Line, Hizbullah’s Shariah properties in the East, Badurdeen’s Willpattu Corridor connecting the West Coast to the Caliphate in the East.

 This Land bill has paved the way for the US to access these lands; when poverty compels and encourages farmers to mortgage and default on their loans when Badurdeen and Hizbullah decide to default on their loans the US Companies come in, by buying-up the land from the financial institutions.

 Wickramasinghe, Premadasa, and others played their part in the mega American plan by issuing, from over four months ago, over a million deeds to farmers, including those on either side of the railway line, giving them absolute Title to their leasehold property.

 In the MCC Constraints Analysis, the major problem for the US was accessing Sri Lankan Land. The problem was resolved with the Americans drafting two Land laws.

 The MCC Agreement and the two land laws are co-related and cannot be considered in isolation. The two land laws are key to the MCC Agreement. There is no MCC Agreement without the two land laws and without the two land laws, the purpose of signing a Compact is lost, for the Americans. These are conditions required to be met by Sri Lanka. See Dobrilovic’s MCC document below.

‘The contingent activities are subject to the passage of legislation..’ The contingent activities as seen from the caption of the document are CONDITIONS precedent to getting the MCC ‘gift’.

In fact, as the MCC document indicates, the MCC ‘gift’ is conditional on these two Bills being passed through Parliament. The two land laws are the meat of the MCC Agreement.

 The Supreme Court has put on hold all arguments on the Land (Special) Provisions Bill until the ‘Provincial’ Council aspect is first cleared.

 To get over the problem the Americans are now attempting to have the document signed and then, subsequently, put it to Parliament. The document once signed becomes a fait accompli; the ramifications are grave.  Subsequently, all pressure, economic and political, will be applied to the country to have the land laws passed.

 All those involved in attempting to circumvent that Judicial determination by approving and signing the MCC Agreement before going to parliament, are warned that they are in grave Contempt of the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka.

 The evil that these knaves do lives after them. Oh God, help us, as the Americans prepare to take over the Country and erase the Island of Sri Lanka, in its present land configuration, from the map of the world; Buddhism is being toppled from its preeminent place as has been vowed by a principle knave, posturing himself as advisor to the Pretender to the Throne.

This knave is the first amongst all knaves in the world to have co-sponsored, at a global forum, an Enemy Resolution incriminating his country’s heroic soldiers.

 Having profited from the Americans, he now wags his tail for another bone for dragging and placing the MCC Agreement at the feet of Wickramasinghe, during the Cabinet meeting on 29 October 2019.

 What becomes of our million farmers? Once they sell off their land or default on their loans, they become landless and have no means to live. They would be attracted to migrate to the cities to subsist. Crime, violence, and drugs, like in Haiti would be a lot of all Sri Lankans, regardless of ethnicity, religion and party politics.

 Of the 480 Million USD pledged by the MCC, a great deal of the money has already been spent paying Trimble, Global Alliance and other US Contractors for their services.

 With MCC setting up a management office to manage our lands, with the MCC management office at the apex of the management pyramid and with the Ministry of Lands subordinate to the MCC, colonization of Sri Lanka is complete.

For a 480 Million US Dollars, the Americans have worked out the modus operandi to capture the whole of Sri Lanka. The Americans will decide how much India or China should get off Sri Lankan Land.

 Men, women, and children of Mother Lanka, this is your Motherland’s hour of need. I exhort you to stand up and save your Motherland from our Enemy Number One, America.

 Rise up and drive out the USA from our land!

 Tell your children that this is a long and arduous fight and that they will have to bear the brunt of this war. But win, we shall.

 Unshackle your arms and your mind and grab whatever you can. Arm yourself with books of Law, ballot paper or whatever you can.

 The clergy is requested to sit in front of the houses of all politicians and chant blessings on them without a break, so that they may be blessed with wisdom, knowledge, and love for the country to stop the US invasion.

 Our shelter and fortress are our Court of Law. This too is under attack by our enemies. Suri Ratnapala better equipped to give an opinion on Bacchus than on the character of our Supreme Court has allegedly besmirched the character of our Judges with impunity, in giving an opinion in a US Court of Law.

 The agents of the Americans, within the Cabinet, are in Contempt of our Courts.

 Any Public Servant acting on orders emanating from this Cabinet decision is in Contempt of the Peoples’ Court, the Supreme Court. 

 Teplitz in the meantime is getting paid minions to broadcast fake news about the MCC. We urge her to stop resorting to thuggery and bribery and instead pick up courage and accept the challenge of the people to a public debate.

3 Responses to “Sri Lanka Cabinet Surrenders the Country to the Americans”

  1. aloy Says:

    “10th Mar 1815 is a Black-letter day for Sri Lanka”

    Our Kandian chiefs must have done the best under the circumstances instead of fighting to retain a South Indian king. To my mind the Brits kept to their word to a large extent. Perhaps that is the reason our people still retain their names for streets and places. So, stop disgracing our dead chiefs. India need not worry at all on what is happening on our soil. Our next elected leaders will do what is best for the country. Current prez also acted wisely in October 2018 when confronted with a dangerous situation.
    In any they are all (westerners) declining powers and are confused.

  2. aloy Says:

    please read the last line as “In any case ….”

  3. Nihal Perera Says:


    It’s NOT the westerners we have to worry about. It’s our own traitors like Ranil, Mangala, Rajith, Kiriella, etc, that we have to worry about.

    They will even sell their mothers to get what they want. Hope people realise it and reject these parasites and traitors.

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