Is Sajith the son of Ranasinghe Premadasa? Part II
Posted on November 8th, 2019

H. L. D. Mahindapala

In watching the video of the launch of the UNP manifesto, one of the factors that surprised me most was the performance of Sajith Premadasa. I had never seen him so stiff in delivering his public speeches. He was speaking more as a ventriloquist than as a fired-up, rabble-rousing politician gesticulating frenetically, or beating his chest on public stages. He stood there at the launch as stiff as a statue made of clay. Only his tongue was moving to make noises.

Somebody must have told him that to look presidential he must not throw his hands around and blast his opponents at the top of his voice. So he was as solemn and stiff as he could be, cutting a very poor image of a want-to-be president. The image he projected was that of defrocked priest delivering a Sunday sermon from his pulpit which is about to come apart. On the public stage he comes across like a street-corner evangelist, (inspired by the born-again cult of Rosy Senanayake, a family friend), who promises to bring paradise down to the  earth before  the  day’s sun goes down.

However, it must be conceded that the flow of his verbal gymnastic was flawless. But it was all puffery. It was all sound and no substance. Sajith is a man in a hurry to make an impression. He is trying to cover his immaturity and inexperience with sounds of empty phrases. He is certainly better than Ranil in performing on the stage. He has also energised the crest-fallen UNPers to be more active. But all his rhetoric so far comes down to offering freebies, ranging from gewgaws, lollipops and tampons. His offering of tampons to villagers is the equivalent of Ranil offering computers to farmers in previous election campaigns. I was wondering whether Sajith got this idea of distributing free sanitary pads from Prince Charles who once wrote endearingly to his mistress, Camilla Parker Bowles, saying that his ambition in life was to be her tampon!

All his sound and fury can be reduced to one simple argument: he is going to be the new broom that will sweep all evils away in one swipe and bathe Sri Lanka in milk and honey. There is nothing new in this. He is repeating what Ranil and Sirisena promised in 2015 – a vena-suck (difference). And he was an integral part of the Yahapalanaya (good governance) which promised the difference. But what did he do when he was a vena-sucker? Did he lift afinger, or raise a whisper to stop the daylight robbery of his leader, Ranil?0r when Ravi Karunayake found guilty by the courts, was reappointed as a Cabinet minister, sitting next to him? Or when his leader failed  to honour  his  promise of bringing  back from Singapore the crook who steered the robbery on the floor of the Central Bank? Etc? Etc? If he did nothing then how can we trust him to do something now?

He admits that the state of which he is a key figure is rotten. His new-found political guru, Victor Ivan, too states that the Yahapalanaya regime of which he was part is rotten to the core. But he promises to clean  it up. How? Now it is obvious to even the blind man’s blind dog that if and when Sajith is elected (Fat chance!) he will have to work with the same rotten mob. How can he fulfil his promise of restoring purity, honesty and integrity to his government when he is bound to appoint Ravi Karunanayake and Ranil Wickremesinghe, two of the leading political apparatchiks behind the biggest bank heist in Sri Lanka, to his Cabinet?

He is lying through his teeth when he  promises to be  the next Mr. Clean” of the UNP. He knows that he can’t fulfil his fake promises. Obviously, he is making these fake promises because he knows that he will never be asked by the people to honour his promises on November 16. They know as a vena-sucker he went along with the rotten state” (his words) of his leader Ranil. And despite his bravado on the stage, he will continue to go along with the same rotten mob which will pressure him to fall in line with their rotten politics. If he is the honest man that he claims to be can he gives the nation an assurance now that  he will not appoint crooks like Ranil and Ravi?

Sajith is tied, hand and foot, to Ranil’s rotten” political agenda. His desperate attempts to project himself as a new force within the UNP, divorced from Ranil, lacks credibility because he has fallen into the hands of Ranil’s doppelganger, Mangala Samaraweera who is with Victor Ivan and the NGO gangs who constitute the so-called civil society. The difference between Sajith and Ranil is only a personal conflict of interests / ambitions and not ideological, defining two different political philosophies. Sajith’s flowery language is a mere cover to hide his hidden commitment to Ranil-TNA political agenda.

At this critical stage when he has to walk a tight rope between the South and the North he is unable to reveal his hand. That is why he and his minders hired Victor Ivan to propagate the fiction of a new constitution as the final solution to the national crisis. To the vast majority the talk of a new constitution is as dangerous as one of the bombs made by Victor Ivan when he was a JVP fascist. Sajith is promising to devolve uparima balaya (utmostpower) to the Tamils within a united nation which is the mechanism designed by Ranil and Sumanthiram. All this means, that the UNP has put forward Sajith, dressed in national costume and pirith noola, to sell the TNA agenda instead of Ranil marketing it in shirt and trousers. In this election the stand taken on constitutional reforms is critical to win the Tamil votes. Gotabaya Rajapakse has bluntly rejected the 13 proposal put forward by the Tamil extremists. But Sajith is silent. Instead he puts forward Victor Ivan to praise the necessity of constructing a new constitution – a concession that goes to please only the Tamils.  When on the day Sajith makes his firm pledges to the nation he invites Victor Ivan to preach the value and the necessity of constitutional changes as drafted and promoted by the TNA he is indirectly guaranteeing that he will give top priority to the devolution of uparima balaya” to the Tamils in exchange for a handful of votes.

Prioritising of the constitutional changes” was the main platform of the UNP at the launch of the manifesto. Sajith and his minders had pre-planned in advance and picked Victor Ivan to deliver the message of constitution-making as a sine qua non for the future of the nation. Events on political stages of this magnitude do not happen by chance. Key events are pre-planned. Which means that Sajith had embraced and endorsed Victor Ivan to be his spokesperson. And victor  Ivan was the ventriloquist who uttered the words of Sajith.

Sajith should hang his head in shame for committing this betrayal. He was not only betraying the nation but also his father, President Ranasinghe Premadasa. If his father wanted to betray the nation he had the opportunity to do it when  he was the President. He need not have risked his life. He sacrificed his life to save the nation from the Tamil extremists. Sajith, like Chandrika Bandaranaike, is somebody today because his  father  gave his life to save his people. Sajith’s lack of principles and readiness to betray fundamental decencies that define honest men of integrity was revealed when he invited the man who celebrated his father’s death to deliver his betrayal of the nation.

He is doing exactly what CBK has been doing. She climbed on her father’s coffin to raise her image in the eyes of the sympathetic public claiming to be the legitimate heir to his heritage. Once she climbed to the top she betrayed her father with no qualms. The children are shamelessly climbing up the public ladder by claiming to be the legitimate heirs of their fathers. When they get to the top they party on their fathers’ graveyards, kicking their fathers’ principles without any respect or gratitude.

In a sense the whole scenario at the launch is hilarious. Imagine the giants like D. S. Senanayake, Dudley, JR and Premadasa of the Grand Old Party being told what to do by Victor Ivan, the bomb-maker of the  JVP which went all out to decimate the UNP leadership. It is a comic show that could be organised only by the UNP jokers. He was hand-picked by Mangala Samaraweera and Harin Fernando – two of the key minders of Sajith. Where does this leave Ranil? Is this the shape of things to come?

The battle lines are quite clear now: Gota has openly rejected the TNA demands. Sajith thinks he can get away by spinning rhetorical yarns to cover up his surrender to the Tamil demands. The launch of the manifesto now has exposed him as a prisoner of the Mangala-gang within the UNP who is equally committed as Ranil’s commitment to grant the Tamils their demands. 

The internal struggles for power, the betrayal of national interests, the bankruptcy of a  party which cannot  guarantee a secure  future and, above all,  the rottenness of the leadership in the  UNP are factors that reveal the pathetic state of the UNP. Besides, the indecent act of Sajith inviting Victor Ivan to launch his manifesto is reason enough to question whether the son carries his father’s DNA. Victor Ivan not only celebrated his father’s death but he took the son’s stage to promote the political agenda of the Tamil Tigers who assassinated his father.

What a father! And what a son!

One Response to “Is Sajith the son of Ranasinghe Premadasa? Part II”

  1. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Maranasinha(la) premadasa’s son of course. Only difference is traitor alugosuwa (to Sinhalese Buddhists only)
    lk porisada@ didn’t look like a mass murderer (appearances can be deceiving of course). Maranasinha(la)
    premadasa jr looks a potential mass murderer with sunken eyes, hardly a smile, when addressing rallies looks
    like devil possessed. Sinhalese Buddhists be aware.

    If you, your children want to be safe stay away from the GooandPee (kakka and chu party) aka traitor UNPatriotic_rats. The traitor low lives won’t hesitate for a second to kill Sinhalese Buddhists. Why? Because
    traitor low lives mainly depend on traitor tamils, mussies to get into power. Then fool some Sinhala dhrohiyas and
    get into power. There is another factor. No UN, no AI, not even a single deshapaluwa will open their mouth in
    protest. Simply Buddhist lives don’t matter to anyone. This is proven beyond anybody’s doubt by jaathidhroee
    vermins’ party aka jvp leaders. These traitor low lives misguided youth and sent 60,000+ to terrible deaths and
    now church acolyte A K de lapaya is propping up its catholic buddy die hard catholic token Buddhist Batalande
    wa(n)dakaya who was instrumental in those killings with its catholic top police/deshapaluwas. Can anyone
    believe? But stilll a lot of Sinhala modayas revere those jaathidhrohee vermins’ party guys.

    Maransinha(la) premadasa even has the audacity to say vote GR to bring back white van culture. This is from the
    son of mass murderer lk porisada who killed 60,000+ Sinhalese Buddhists mercilessly. Then maranasinha(la)
    premadasa junior said mass murderer very lovingly brought them up. Lovingly of course while
    murdering dads, mums, brothers, sisters including scores of school children (several hundred in Ambilipitiya,
    crime: being Buddhists). 60,000+! Traitor alugosuwa (to Sinhalese Buddhists only) lk porisada@ also lowered
    percentage 12.5% to 5% to enter parliament. This made the thieves den galore with mussies and those mussies
    propped every government since then, landed powerful ministries and promoted mussie multiplication with
    mussie baby machines. Today, mussie numbers gone up to may be 5 millions. Thanks to the traitor alugouswa
    lk porisada. GooandPeers will say it’s only eka milliana deka milliana dedahas pansiya thun dahas ata siya visi
    pahai or something. That’s GooandPee Sinhala modayas.

    You maranasinha(la) premadasa, if you have an iota of decency, you shouldn’t have entered politics at all. Your
    traitor alugosuwa lk porisada r@ maha eka did so much damage to our Motherland and Sinhalese Buddhists and forfeited any right you had. In the end traitor alugosuwa lk porisada@ got its dessert and that’s what the mass
    murderer deserved! So many people celebrated mass murder’s death obviously. Get lost, leave our Motherland alone, leave Buddhists alone you GooandPee (UNPatriotic_rats.

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