Choosing your candidate
Posted on November 11th, 2019

Viraj Kithsiri

I would like to place a few pertinent questions to my fellow countrymen with regard to voting at the forthcoming presidential election.

How gullible should be us in our knowledge not to suspect the ulterior motives of America in granting the valuable US $ 480 million for our well being? Their untiring efforts to force this on us can be taken as a reflection of true altruism. However, compare this with their just recent decision to pull out the US troops from the Syrian Turkish border without batting an eyelid exposing millions of refugees to the firing of their enemies. Just to safeguard their interests, death and destruction of millions look a small matter to them.

It was due to the countrywide strong protests to the MCC agreement and the brave fast unto death by the Most Venerable Ududumbara Kassapa Thero that saved us from inking this agreement.

The whole country breathed a sigh of relief when the government postponed the signing until after the election with the fervent hope it will be gone by then.

However it will be no surprise no sooner if this government returns to power with the election of  Sajith Premadasa, the said agreement will be signed with aplomb. With opposition to this pact mounting what chaos the country is likely to face then?

The TNA has come on board to support Sajith Premadasa after forwarding a list of thirteen demands earlier but no word on how many were agreed upon by both parties. These demands go even beyond what the LTTE  were clamouring for at the height of the war.

Are we ready to divide our country just to support the candidate of our party?

Then what about seeing those who are alleged to have aided and abetted the murderers at the Easter Sunday attacks celebrating the victory along with Sajith Premadasa, if he wins?

The UNP admits it could not do what it wanted to do to develop the country because the President and the Prime Minister did not see eye to eye.

Then won’t it be a much worst-case scenario if Sajith returns to power with Ranil as the PM?

The rift seems to be widening day by day now with Ranil’s side confirming him as the PM over and over and Sajith’s camp distancing further and further away from him. Are we ready to witness further endless disasters with a win to the UNP? Can you remember countless meetings they had to have just to nominate Sajith Premadasa as the candidate?

Even if Ranil is replaced who are the potential candidates to fill that role in Sajith Premadasa’s favourite group? Mangala, Kiriella, Karunanayake and Champika are the frontline candidates and I do not think any one of them will bring much enthusiasm to the public at large.

However, the most I fear is this. The UNP is banking on forming a phobia on Gotabaya Rajapaksha showing he has the potential to rule the country in a military-style.

But none asks the question of the person on whom Sajith Premadasa has already placed the post of Defence Minister, Sarath Fonseka!

Don’t you shiver to feel how he would run the defence when he has the power at his fingertips?

Now itself Sarath Fonseka is going from stage to stage claiming the MR clan should be hung in four corners at Medamudalana!

Will a peace-loving subject be at ease with such a vindictive person at such a powerful position? We will have daily nightmares probably. Who is more likely to bring white vans in we can guess.

The worst is to come. Mr Fonseka already has had confrontations even with his deputy at his Wild Life Ministry.

Are we naïve to ponder if things do not go according to his wishes even a government overthrow with his military might at hand?

The phobia should not be on Gotabaya but genuinely on Sarath Fonseka, my dear countrymen!

2 Responses to “Choosing your candidate”

  1. aloy Says:

    Citizenship certificate or the unitary state and safety of the country that we all live in is more important?. The people have to decide.
    Also, can all NE MPs produce affidavits to speaker declaring that they do not have dual citizenship in the western countries. These countries boast of technologies (AI, etc.) that can verify them at the touch of a button.

  2. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    We all know what the current Grade eighter gamarala did during the last 5 years. While the country burning gamarala aka vairapala sorry sena toured the world, rubber stamped all the things traitor chief die hard catholic token Buddhist mega thief mega thakkadiya bay gal karaya Batalande wa(n)dakaya put in front of it. Now
    vairapala sorry sena getting rewarded for destroying the country, Sinhalese race and Buddhism with a
    handsome handshake of 800 million house. This traitor shouldn’t go out in the rain. If you do carry a device to
    earth yourself from lightning. That applies most of the traitor yama palana yama pallans.

    Now we have another grade eighter in the form of biggest mass murderer’s son, Buuru puthano. He looks more
    dangerous and with very few brain cells on top of its shoulder, it could try to break the record set by traitor
    alugosuwa (to Sinhalese Buddhists only as usual from GooandPee) lk porisada. Buuru puthano really showed its
    stupidity when he said he got lk porisada’s genes (jeans?). It is said lk porisada’s gene passing instrument landed
    in a curry pot in a nearby cafe when it got blown to smithereens. People celebrated all over the country to see the end of the darkest era in the history of the country. Anyone with brain cells > 0, would distance him/herself from the monster. But buuru puthano is a real donkey and keep saying it on stages like a man devil possessed. Give buuru putha the job and get the Sinhalese race, Sri Lanka and Buddhism destroyed completely.

    All patriotic Sri Lankan can see buuru puthano is surrounded by tamil nadu alliance aka TNA exeremists one foot in the grave sambanda (still filled with hatred towards Sinhalese of course, since we brought them from tn to work in tobacco plantations?), the church acolyte sumanthiran and
    mussie extremists bada udin, xxxxhim, mujiballa raha balla, a sad ali (not enough children to be sad), kabir
    hashish etc. etc. Buuru puthano will break up Sri Lanka in no time to please its ardent supporters traitors tamils and
    mussies. Any protests from the Sinhalese? They will be hanging from lamp posts, burn in tyre pyres, headless corps in rivers etc. etc. Do we want that again from the GooandPee? Patriotic Sri Lankans, dump these GooandPee aka UNPatriotic_rats for good this time never to come back. These are out and out traitors, robbers, liars, murderers (Buddhists only of course). Send the traitor low lives to history bins!

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