Liars and Lies damned lies (Okama Boru)
Posted on November 14th, 2019

by A. Patabendige Courtesy The Island

This is the season for lying. With a few days left for the Presidential election panic and distortion, lies and damned lies have overtaken supporters of one side as they fight tooth and nail to survive an impending change of leadership. One minister on TV (11 Nov 19) produces a snarky looking man with a palpably false beard who says he transported 7000 tons of gold after the war from Jaffna. He named the person who allegedly gave the order, a rival candidate.

Not to be out done another minister on the same day lamented that Army HQ was moved out of the location it had been for ‘150 years’. The 10 acres of land was sold for US $ 125m to Shangri-La Hotels, Hong Kong. This Minister accuses the same rival (named) of having got US $ 5 million (about 5%) for his labours.

It was Benjamin Disraeli who said ‘lies, damned lies and statistics’’. Liars can be of many types. The most common are pathological and compulsive liars. Pathological lairs have high levels of self assurance and are verbally dramatic. The compulsive liar can be habitual or narcissist. They are also called ‘pseudo logic fantastica’. They lie for self preservation or to practice deception.

Liars are wholly indifferent in the choice of truth and falsehood. Pathological liars are “aloof, self centered, with little concern for others. They have a chronic tendency to lie driven by an innate personality disorder. They are cold and calculating. They lie for self preservation having mastered the art of deception. They start with an element of the truth and end with lies. They avoid eye contact and fix their gaze on you. The Compulsive liar is one by habit. He breaks out in a sweat, also avoids eye contact and blinks while rambling and tripping over words. Readers can take their pick in identifying members of this obnoxious tribe.

The gold ‘robbery’ canard was immediately squashed by a veteran wrecker. Goebbels had been out done. The Reserve Bank of India has only 60 tonnes .The value of just 7000 tonnes of gold would be worth nearly $ 30,000 billion.

The minister who sorrowed over Army HQ selling its land needs to know that Army HQ was not situated there for ‘150’ years however suddenly he is attached to that memory. The Ceylon Defence Force was established in 1910. Presumably some type of a HQ even if it was not an Army HQ may have been built around that time- about 109 not ‘150’ years ago. Army HQ raised in 1949 moved to its last location about 30 years ago.

The new Defence HQ will certainly not be the colossal waste of money spent on Diyawanna which may have cost about 10 times its actual value according to the first Vice Chancellor of the Minister’s Katubedde University. He should also have known, though he failed to state it, that the Army land was sold for 3 times its market value according to former deputy Minister Yapa.

The land called Echelon Square where the WTC, Bank of Ceylon HQ and Kingsbury hotels are, also belonged to the Army from 1900 to the late 1970s. They were sold by the UNP. The Sinha Regiment finally and the SL Artillery before, were stationed there. The land on which Taj Samudra stands was similarly sold by the same government. It was also in Army hands until the late 1970s.

There were 2 suicide attacks on Army HQ during his time killing a total of over 25 people. Another attack killed the SL Navy Commander Admiral Clancy Fernando in front of the Taj Samudra hotel, 500 m west of AHQ. Moving Army, SL Navy and SL Air Force HQs and the Defence Ministry to Akurugoda is a well planned move for many reasons including security. Even SF would scarce forbear to cheer ante bellum. After all he wanted a 400,000 army after the war ended. Developing remorse 5 years later for 100 years of half Colonial history is not a convincing performance.

The Minister produced a pamphlet ‘Charge of the Lion Brigade’ immediately after the SL conflict that spanned nearly 30 years. It was not a very wise title to begin with even if the other side called themselves ‘Tigers’. It was actually a silly attempt to use the title of a heroic if not also shambolic ‘Charge’ of the Light Brigade that was over in 30 minutes in the Crimean war over 170 years ago. It was over in 30 minutes. Has it anything in common with SL Army’s victory or history?

The Minister with disdain for intellectual honesty states Prussian Major General Carl Philipp Gottlieb Von Clausewitz (1780- 1831) the author of the best known book on war Vom Kriege (On War) as a ‘military ‘philosopher. He quotes that “war is an extension (continuation) of politics”. This is an over simplified statement that has been misused often. Was it used to show how important politicians like him were in war?

Von Clausewitz fought as an officer in the Russian army at Jena (1806) and was at Waterloo on the staff of Marshal von Blucher. The Minister may have misinterpreted Clausewitz’s philosophy of war that still influences strategy, for this reason.

Some excerpts from the pamphlet make very revealing reading:

“I find it difficult to forgive both the JVP and Premadasa for what they did…”’My wrath towards Premadasa knew no bounds when he gave a new breath to the LTTE’ (page 12) “… we formed a citizen’s front to fight against Premadasa’s gross violations of human rights ….. I saw over 147 dead bodies in the Mahabodhi premises (1989) – (page 10). “…. although we knew that Chandrika Kumaratunga was an anti nationalist and staunch supporter of federalism”…(page 14) “Ranil Wickramasinghe showed his inherent hatred towards the Sinhalese and especially Sinhalese Buddhists”(page 16”).The JVP “committed the most traitorous act when it left .. and worked against Mahinda Rajapakse”. The SL Muslim Congress is the only fundamentalist Muslim party to be funded by Western Embassies. . (pg 77). “…. with Western backing, their stooge -the SLMC – crossed over to the Opposition” (pg 78).The LTTE was provided with … fighter aircraft…” (pg 72). He justifies the killing of VP’s family (page 68). He was then a Minister in MR‘s government. Will his next pamphlet be called ‘Elephant Walk’? Will he add ‘Easter Sunday carnage’?

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  1. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    To save the Sinhalese race, Sri Lanka and Buddhism all Sinhalese, apart from Buuru puthano, his arya barya and
    equally toxic motherno, should vote for GR. He should get only 3 Sinhalese votes plus all mussie votes except
    Muzzamil and Ali Sabri plus Tamil Nadu Aliance aka TNA supporters (no great Murali of course).

    If Sinhalese have an iota of patriotism in them they should vote for GR.
    Especially the following people:
    60,000+ traitor alugosuwa (to Sinhalese Buddhists only) lk porisada’s victims’ families. Even school children
    weren’t spared. Where are the familes? Why can’t one of you go on a stage and tell the masses? Don’t want to do
    justice for the victims? Now even mass murderer’s son maransinha porisada jnr call MR white van man. Thanks
    to these 60,000+ victims’ families silence.

    100,000+ GooandPee’s prolonged war’s victims families

    Army, navy, air force and police families to make sure they not going to come back in boxes

    All the people who lost jobs thanks to yama paalanaya promoting, this time, mussie terrorism

    All the people using MR’s infrastructure work for their benefit (motorways, bridges, town centres etc. etc.)
    tamils and mussies who saved their children from the catholic tigers of tamill drealam war since MR and GR
    saved them.

    All the people who love their children who could be blown into pieces by new mussie terras (don’t forget
    GooandPee estimated it’s only worth Rs 100,000).

    All the people who saw a 30-year old war stopped and made Sri Lanka world top tourist destination and
    a booming economy

    People who don’t want Sri Lanka to be a mussie country. Lk maransinha porisada jnr is surrounded by terrorist
    supporting mussies and the lot will encourage mussie baby farms all over the country with their mussie baby
    machines. Sinhalese, tamils like to be under mussie sharia law? Want your children to be beheaded by the
    mussies? Old Buddhist iran, afganisthan, pakesthan, bangladesh, maldives, malaysia and indonesia were
    overwhelmed by mussie baby machines in no time. Most of them have 00000 Buddhists today.

    Theoretically Buuru puthano should get only 3 Sinhalese votes. But in Sri Lanka, a lot of people are very
    ungrateful, have a short memory and easily fooled by false promises. Send Buuru puthano with a landslide
    defeat for traitor low live @s to never come back to destroy our race, our country and Buddhism. Sinhalese it’s
    your duty for future generations!

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