Ranil Wickramasinghe’s Newest Attempt at Deceiving Sri Lankan Public
Posted on November 21st, 2019

Dr. Chula Rajapakse MNZM Wellington NZ

I just listened in utter disbelief at yet another attempt by RW to pour scorn and contempt at the ability too Sri Lankans to discern fact from fiction with his address announcing his decision to resign. Therein he aimed to present himself as one who furthered freedom and democracy, especially by establishing appropriate institutions. He even attempts to take credit for the success of the process of the recent presidential election.

Does he forget that he was at the helm of the administration that by fair means and foul prevented 9 provincial council elections, and so violating one of the most fundamental tenants of democracy, that he claims he protected? What a wonderful way of ensuring free and fair elections, don’t have them at all!

Does he suffer from amnesia of unimaginable proportions to forget that he was responsible for the biggest fraud in SL’s banking history, not once but twice, attempted to reinstall his pawn in this deceit and is still aiding the prevention of apprehension of this pawn. Is that his idea of furthering democracy.

Does he forget that even in the dying days of his administration, he oversaw the signing of the ACSA agreement behind the backs of the people, parliament and even his cabinet colleagues? This agreement has significantly compromised SL’s sovereignty and worse would have happened with his administration signing the SOFA and MCC, agreements, had there not been the countrywide opposition, this attempt provoked.

Does he forget that he was at the helm of creating a constitutional council” whose sole objective was hoisting on SL a constitution that would have seen the granting everything thousands of Ranaviru sacrificed their life and limb to prevent? This was only prevented by the President finally gathering the courage to pull the rug from under his feet, by withdrawing from the national government”

The very concept of creating a national government to enable countless ministers and deputies to hold together a  disparate group of politicians, when he came to power promising to curb the excessive size of the cabinet of his predecessors, is repugnant to the core. This was to achieve his true aims, as above concealed from the electorate he duped to acquire power.

Overseeing the UNHCR resolution that sacrificed the honor of the Ranaviru whose sacrifices enabled him to commit these dastardly acts and making no attempt to correct this wrong even when such opportunities were presented to him on a platter especially by Lord Naseby, is yet another highlight of his claimed visionary guidance of Sri Lanka’s democracy.

The litany of deceit and deception that could be laid at RW’s feature endless. One would not be provoked into recounting these if RW desists from claiming credit for things, which in real life he has done just the opposite of.

An honorable expression of regret and remorse would be much more gentlemanly.

Dr. Chula Rajapakse MNZM
Wellington NZ

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