To HE the President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa,
Posted on November 21st, 2019

From Dr. Sudath Gunasekara Former Permanent Secretary to Prime Minister Sirimavo Bandaranayaka and Ex- President of the Sri Lanka State Administrative Services Association (1991-19194)

Dear Sir,

First of all, please accept my heartfelt and warm Congratulations on your unprecedented and brilliant victory. We all know how much we struggled to get here for the past four and a half years. How many hundreds of letters we have written to newspapers and other news sites like Lankaweb.  I am happy all those efforts have brought ample dividends by putting you in the highest place in the country.

Personally, this is no surprise for me as I knew it beforehand as I predicted very accurately in my Email to you on the 14th where I said you will definitely start with 65 lakhs and you should not get surprised even if you get 70 lakhs. I am copying that mail again here for you to verify in case you may have not seen it. As for me with my 35 years of experience in SLAS  from a Post of Principle of  a college to the level of Mrs. Bandaranayaka’s Secretary, ranging from the village, division district to the national level   you victory was a foregone conclusion as I have said in the opening part of that mail

Looking at the way you have started on the job I am really jubilant and feel proud to see you have risen above all former Presidents just within the first 2 days in Office.

 For example

1 By winning this election you have dispelled a long-standing minority myth that a Sinhala leader can never win without the votes of the minorities and put an end to the tyranny of minority politics in this country as well forever, in the same way how you won the so-called unwinnable war against the LTTE in 2009.

2 You started with the official swearing-in as the President at the most appropriate place in this Island nation the most sacred Ruwanweliseya and Jaya Sri Maha Bodhiya in Anuradhapura that was the capital of the Sinhala Nation for ove15 centuries, particularly at a time like the present after 204 years of subjugation to brainwashing and colonial rule. By doing so you have not only won the admiration of all Buddhists but also has conveyed an important message to the minorities. As such, there is no doubt about it. It is history-making for any Head of State and a new tradition set for all future Heads of State to follow.

Your swearing at this place has much more emotional significance to me personally. Because apart from its political, religious and social significance you have made, it was I who made this suggestion of swearing-in at Sri Dalda Maligava, Jaya Sri Maha Bodhiya, and Ruwanweliseya, to MR in 2005 writing from the USA. My suggestion was published in the Island paper by Prabath. This was the age-old hallowed tradition followed by the Sinhala Buddhist Kings

3 Your speech made at the occasion has no parallel in Sri Lankan history by any Head of State. It reminded me of the famous Gettysburg Address by Abram Lincoln. Your words carried more meaning than they had and must have echoed in the ears of all patriotic people in this country.

4 Removing politician’s photos from all Government and replacing them with the State Symbol is another historic decision you have taken

5 Appointments of the Secretaries, PB, Kamal, and Artigala, I think has set the example of putting the correct man in the correct place. This is what you called good Governance

6 Your decision to appoint a Cabinet of 15 Ministers is the best in statecraft taken by any politician in the post- Independence period. Because it shows your genuine concern for the people and their purse as it is directly related to excessive expenditure and colossal wastage of the government funds incurred by all governments up to date, just to maintain and keep tied a set of useless politicians and institutions to remain in power with least concern for the people while the whole economy was bleeding. Again it is a dream come true for me as I was the first man who proposed a Cabinet of 15 in this country a long time ago. Even in my latest mail of 14th Nov 2019 (”After the 16th of Nov. 2019, Presidential Elections; are we again going to have another six months of UNP miss-Government and total anarchy?) On page 3 para 4, I have mentioned like this I also would like to propose that the new President appoint a leaner cabinet of say about 15 for the interim period”.

7 The next thing I would like to mention here is your reaction to Tamilnadu politicians that appeared in today’s Decan Chronicle where you had asked them to talk sense or shut up” This was the kind of leader this country wanted and had been eagerly looking for the past 7 decades from 1948.

This is only 2 days record. I am sure your whole term of office will shine with this type of shining golden pinnacles of the highest statesmanship.

8 Meanwhile finally, I also request you to follow the same principle in appointing Governors, Ministry Secretaries, Ambassadors and all top public positions without repeating the mischievous practice of appointing defeated politicians, their family members as all past governments had done. In my understanding all Governments since the inception of PCC in 1987 to date only one suitable man had been appointed as a Governor. All others were just political rejects, relatively disabled widows or personal friends of the respective Presidents, who should have found their places in a Home for the Aged. They knew next to nothing about governance or administration. Besides enjoying the fabulous luxuries of the past the only other thing they did was making the Government unpopular and officials unhappy. Also, none had commanded the respect of the officers or the people and everybody hated and cursed the Government for appointing such parasitic persons at public expense.

9 Another very important key area in Governance is the selection of Government Agents/District Secretaries. In my experience, not every SLAS officer who could be a success in the District/Divisional  Administration. Apart from professional skills, they also need to have high skills in PR and empathy for people and their problems. They are the last links who take administration and social development to the grass-root level and people. Delivery of services to the Provincial, Divisional and Village level rests mostly in their hands. As such you have to be very selective in appointing people to these positions. During British times they appointed only the best brains to be in charge of Provinces and Districts as GAA and AGAA.

I hope and wish you will not do the same mistakes all the previous Governments did. I know you will not. I can vouch for you, a set of professional Governors in the 9 Provinces and GAA in the Districts will be an asset for your Government  

 If you need any clarification or advice on these matters please contact me on the following links

TP 081 2232744/ 071 8075326

No 2i Gemunu Mawatha, Hanthana Pedesa, Mahanuwara

PS: I am also attaching herewith an AFP news release for your information and necessary action. I wonder whether you can sue them for misinformation and malicious reporting without knowing the political culture of our country.

Wishing you all the best in your new Assignment and  the Blessings of the Triple Gem,

Yours Sincerely.

Dr. Sudath Gunasekara

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  1. aloy Says:

    When we were developing fast under JRJ, the tigers were created and we lost thirty years. Before that our Sinhala youths were brain washed to fight against the government. And until today the youths in unis are trying to do revolutions and not learn in Unis. In April this year when our tourism was thriving they exploded bombs and that industry came crashing down. All these are impediments to our development. And now our politicos are fighting among themselves to grab power or ministerial positions.

    Our enemies be it Indians or the latest Arabs (for what ever reason) know that our people are not second to any other when it comes to use creative ideas. So, they will try any means to contain us. My appeal therefore is to have a secret service like Mosard, or even RAW and eliminate the trouble makers and maintain law and order in the country. Our industrialist would do the rest. In the meantime connect our universities with the best in the world and give our youths a clear direction. Let us leapfrog from classical computing to the quantum.
    Watch the following two videos (sponsored by D-Wave perhaps an Arabic funded outfit in Canada), to know the direction the world is moving:



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