MCC Corporation Proposed Zone in Sri Lanka
Posted on November 22nd, 2019

orpheus perera

Millennium  Challenge Corporation was set up as an alternate to providing American AID to the 3rd world. Around 2004, Americans must have thought, why they help any country, unless they have some control over them politically as well as economically. 

If you inspect existing MCC corporation zones in most countries, it is different how the zone(Proposed) done in Sri Lanka. It divides the country into two. The danger here reminds me of a statement made by former US ambassador Robert O Blake, when Sri Lankan forces were advancing, beating LTTE. “LTTE will never be defeated, even if they do, they will do a comeback later because they are resilient”. According to what I have read  MCC has full land rights in the proposed zone. If this is done this way and if a terrorist uprising takes place again in the top part of the country, even Sri Lankan army will not be able to go to the North to combat it. Your Excellency, the President,Goatabaya Rajapaksha ,  if you have not given any thoughts about it, please think about it. It is a different issue if you set up more than one MCC zone(Eg. One in Trincomali, one in Batticaloa one in Jaffna peninsula and one in Matara.  

Asian Tribune Report:-

3 Responses to “MCC Corporation Proposed Zone in Sri Lanka”

  1. Hiranthe Says:

    We don’t need any MCC Zones. We became the Grannery of the Asia without all these rubbish. We had the best technology in Irrigation and medicine without all these rubbish.

    NO TO MCC!!!

  2. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    HIRANTHE !! Your first sentence says it all. Srilanka has been administered all this time without MCC. This is something Politicians want to lean on, for lack of wisdom.

  3. aloy Says:

    MCC is nothing but a plan to control poor nations the same way Britain had the East India company to control and extract wealth from the colonies. They will kill millions or starve if necessary. In SL they were going to use a company by the name Trimble Inc., the creator of GPS system and now a software company owned by a guy called Richard Trimble. He was an ex-researcher of IBM and started the company by mortgaging his apartment. It was virtually broke when he got an order to supply GPS kits to soldiers in Quwait war. We were to be under their local agent in Hariyana. US governments strength is in its companies If RW was able to sign the deal in October 2018 nobody would have been able to stop it just like the Hambanthota deal and we would have been under another western power for hundred years or more. Very clever plan of Pasky and the crowed to put us under ICPs again. Even after that they tried hard through parliament and corrupt judges. We must be thankful to MS for stopping it at the nick of time.
    Fortunately for us Gota has full control now and he should not sign any deal concerning land matters, come what may and the whole nation will be behind him. What he has already signed is more than enough.

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