Posted on November 24th, 2019


Dr Gotabaya Rajapakse became our 7th President on 18 November 2019, just a week ago. 

The busy Colombo Streets are already clean.  The make-shift vendors have moved out from pavements, so the pedestrians can move freely. 

There is no visible garbage dumping in the City, the public responded to the newly elected President call for the maintenance of cleanliness and protection of the environment.

At the Airport, prior to his election, inbound and outgoing women were seen in hundreds wearing Burqa and Niqaab.  But today, civilization has returned to the Airport where everyone can be easily identified.

On a trip down south, from Wadduwa to Mirissa, the hotel operators have confirmed an instant increase of inbound tourists to Sri Lanka.  You will find today, in addition to major hotels and motels, small operators providing accommodation are refurbishing their previously closed businesses.

In Hikkaduwa particularly, handicraft operators selling Batik products, paintings, and other ancillary items are back in business with newly found confidence.

The freedom of movements has been ensured for the public.  The VIP fast drivers are fast disappearing. Unnecessary public receptions to politicians have disappeared.  Sri Lanka is no longer a Paradise of Jokers.

With the invocation of Public Security Ordinance throughout the island, the law and order are being maintained whilst taking prompt action against drug dealers and other illegal activities.  The Land, Sea and Air personnel are safeguarding the territory, with a fore-warning to Boats carrying drugs and illegal immigrants.

The upward trend of Sri Lankan Share Indices started one week prior to the Presidential Election,  It is continuing signs of a healthy maintainable upward trend.   Sri Lankan currency unit Rupee is gradually appreciating from its previous disastrous low levels against major currencies.   

The festive season will bring additional foreign exchange through tourism, which will indirectly filter into self-employed personnel. In the coming months, positive improvements are expected as a result of the Consumer Price Index, reduction of unemployment.

Increase in Money Circulation will take place due to the increase in Spending, the influx of direct and indirect local and foreign investments, thus reducing the inflation and interest rates in the medium term.

Dr. Gotabaya Rajapakse has been in  Office for just 7 days. In fact, President Gotabaya has not done anything yet, but the Patriotic Sri Lankans have embraced the new values voluntarily.

Sri Lanka is back in Business. 



  1. Cerberus Says:

    For 5 years Ranil kept destroying the country. First with the bond scams, then it was a case of a crash and sell as part of his neo-liberal agenda which was against all common sense. Neo-liberalism does not work for poor countries who get only further impoverished. 
    See: http://island.lk/index.php?page_cat=article-details&page=article-details&code_title=214313
    Ranil has not only crashed Sri Lanka but also the UNP party. The people were demoralized. When President Gotabaya swept into power it was like a breath of fresh air blowing through the land. His manifesto and his very first statements made it clear where he stood. The people felt hope and started taking action on their own to help his work. That is the change everyone can feel. It is incredible what a difference a good, honest leader can make. We had such a leader in 2015, but our people were misled by stories of golden horses, and fleets of Lamborghinis and by the time they realized they were all lies it was too late. I wish President Gotabaya Rajapaksa the very best. May all the devas, and the triple gem bless and protect him and may Sri Lanka see the dawn of a new golden era.

  2. Vaisrawana Says:

    It is heartening to hear this about Sri Lanka just come under Gotabhaya. Thank you, Dr Dissanayake.

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