Responsibility to roar for the Country.
Posted on November 28th, 2019


Dinesh Guanwardana has the key on his shoulder  when he was appointed  in recognition of his ability, honesty and unquestionable patriotism , to the key position of the Minister for Foreign Affairs. He will have a lot in his plate as he has to undo the damage caused to the independence and sovereignty of the country due to the bend over backwards foreign policies of the previous government.

I would earnestly request the Minister to consider taking urgent action to tackle the following issues.

1 The selection and urgent appointment of Sri Lanka’s foreign representatives based on the seniority and the capability of the officers in service and where appropriate to consider selection of  outstanding creative appointees outside the service. The nepotism and planting of friends and relations to be the country’s representatives never be even entertained, To appoint senior and tested foreign policy experts as advisors to the Ministry will be very useful to implement an effective policy.

2. It is of importance to concentrate on key areas of foreign policy to protect our interests, to counter adverse publicity and misinformation peddled of the separatist fronts and their partner FNGOs . Further, a change in the culture to should be a priority to  make it a 24/7 function to enhance the image of the country among the foreigners as well as the foreign organizations and to utilize the economic opportunities available for the country’s advantage.

3 To take suitable and urgent action to counter the adverse situation confronting the country and its armed forces due to the co-sponsoring of the UNHCR resolution slavishly by the Yahaplanaya government’s foreign minister.

4. To consider moving a resolution with the help of other sympathetic nations based on Lord Nasby’s observations , the Rebuttal presented to the UNHCR by the Sri Lankan Global Forum and other reports to rectify the damage caused to the country’s image by the dubious programs based on Darusman report including the resolution approved.

5. To discuss and clarify to the USA that MCC and related agreements contravene the non-aligned foreign policy which  will be followed by Sri Lanka and re-negotiate the conditions and stipulations which are intrusive.

6 To adhere to the non-aligned foreign policy by developing a dynamic relationship with all countries sharing our value systems bearing in mind the critical role assigned to Sri Lanka as a country located strategically in the Indian ocean.

7 To utilize the patriotic Sri Lankan organizations based in foreign countries to help countering misinformation, creating economic, technical, educational, social services and professional service to assist economic development and widen the  opportunities for Sri Lankan people


2 Responses to “Responsibility to roar for the Country.”

  1. Nihal Perera Says:

    Well said Ranjith!

    I fully agree with you. The new regime has to act quickly to correct many mistakes done by the previous governments, when comes to foreign missions, and their lack of effectiveness in the past, countering the anti-SL propaganda.

    They need to revamp the entire diplomatic missions, especially in countries like UK, Canada, Australia, where the anti-SL Tamil Diaspora and their pro-LTTE organizations are well-established, well-funded, and well-organized in spreading anti-SL, and anti-Sinhalese propaganda.

    I hope this will be a number one priority for the new government.

  2. Cerberus Says:

    Cerberus Says:
    November 30th, 2019 at 9:28 am
    Thank you, Ranjith. I agree with all you have said. For the last five years, Yahapalanaya kept mum when all kinds of lies were spread abroad by the Tamil diaspora. Even our people started believing these lies. In addition, I would suggest that President Gotabaya and ex-President Mahinda learn from the mistakes of 2015 and take action against lies that are being spread by some people already. In 2015 when Champika and Anura Kumara were saying how MR has imported fleets of Lamborghinis for Namal and that he has a stable of golden horses from the Buckingham Palace, he never said or did anything to counter these lies. They seem to have left it to the general public of Lanka to refute these lies? As a result, I think people were not sure what to do, even as they knew these were lies. Mangala swore that MR had US$18 Billion in a Dubai bank – why didn’t the MR govt counter these stupid lies? When Yahapalanaya came into power they sent a team of people to Dubai to investigate. They came back empty-handed, but probably had a fine holiday there !. Then they started lies about Pradeep Eknaligoda being killed by Gota and Thajudeen being killed by Namal & Mrs. Rajapaksa. Now the Narahenpita OIC has come forward and told the facts and exposed the lies. See
    In fact, the Yahapalanaya took both of them into questioning and Namal was remanded too. I hope all these lies will be cleared up once and for all at this juncture. As given in the Indian flag “Satyameva Jayate” “Truth alone triumphs.”). The Age of Truth must dawn for Lanka and the rest of the world.

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