Ex-cop alleges Shani, others coerced to implicate Gota, Namal in Thajudeen probe
Posted on November 29th, 2019

By Lahiru Pothmulla Courtesy The Daily Mirror

Former Crime Branch OIC at the Narahenpita Police A. D. Sumith Chammika Perera yesterday alleged former CID Director Shani Abeysekara and several other officers coerced him to implicate Gotabaya Rajapaksa and Namal Rajapaksa in the Wasim Thajudeen investigation.

Speaking at a news briefing organised by the Sathya Gaweshakayo Organisation, Mr. Perera said he launched a probe over the Thajudeen incident after informing higher officials within a legal framework in 2012.

When I looked to find the last place where the deceased was at before he came and what he did, I received information that he was at F5 unit at the Anderson Flats where he and two others were consuming alcohol until around 11.45 pm. One was Thajudeen who was killed and two others,” he said.

He said he was transferred as Nelliady Police OIC in Jaffna in 2015 and during that time a CID Sergeant called him and said a statement was needed to be recorded.

I came to the CID at least 15 times from Jaffna and after three, four days, they told me that what they needed was the names of Namal and Gotabaya. They asked me to say that Namal and Gotabaya told me over the phone to brush the investigations under the carpet. 

I received no such directive from anyone. I was summoned to CID two days later. What they did was wasting peoples’ time. During the last two days, an ASP named Weerasekara, another one named Tissera, Shani and Director CID Nagahamulla threatened me to pronounce the names,” Mr. Perera said.

He said he was arrested for not doing what he was asked to and said had he done what he had been asked, he would have to leave the country as Nishantha did.

After I was released, I wrote to the IGP, Human Rights Commission, President’s Secretariat, PM’s Office but there was no response. The IGP said he was unable to reinstate me because I didn’t do what they had asked me to do,” he said adding he would take legal action against the injustice caused to him.

When asked why he couldn’t come up with the information before, he said he was afraid to do so.

Meanwhile, Sathya Gaweshakayo Convenor Attorney-at-Law Premanath Dolawatta said Mr. Perera was named a suspect, and therefore, he could not reveal this information earlier. Now he is released from the case,” he said. 

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  1. Cerberus Says:

    Thank you, Ranjith. I agree with all you have said. For the last five years, Yahapalanaya kept mum when all kinds of lies were spread abroad by the Tamil diaspora. Even our people started believing these lies. In addition, I would suggest that President Gotabaya and ex-President Mahinda learn from the mistakes of 2015 and take action against lies that are being spread by some people already. In 2015 when Champika and Anura Kumara were saying how MR has imported fleets of Lamborghinis for Namal and that he has a stable of golden horses from the Buckingham Palace, he never said or did anything to counter these lies. They seem to have left it to the general public of Lanka to refute these lies? As a result, I think people were not sure what to do, even as they knew these were lies. Mangala swore that MR had US$18 Billion in a Dubai bank – why didn’t the MR govt counter these stupid lies?  When Yahapalanaya came into power they sent a team of people to Dubai to investigate. They came back empty-handed, but probably had a fine holiday there !. Then they started lies about Pradeep Eknaligoda being killed by Gota and Thajudeen being killed by Namal & Mrs. Rajapaksa. Now the Narahenpita OIC has come forward and told the facts and exposed the lies. See http://www.lankaweb.com/news/items/2019/11/29/ex-cop-alleges-shani-others-coerced-to-implicate-gota-namal-in-thajudeen-probe/
    In fact, the Yahapalanaya took both of them into questioning and Namal was remanded too. I hope all these lies will be cleared up once and for all at this juncture. As given in the Indian flag “Satyameva Jayate” “Truth alone triumphs.”). The Age of Truth must dawn for Lanka and the rest of the world.

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