Assault on Sinhalese loses over 100000 votes for Labour
Posted on November 30th, 2019

Ivan Amarasinghe Northampton

Mr Corbyn,

You and your Deputy Leader’s unwarranted and intentional defamation of the Sri Lankan State and the Sinhala people as some kind of monsters intent on genocide of the Tamil people has cost your party over 100000 votes in the UK; and quite rightly so.

We can only take so much of your false allegations and intentional politically motivated spin doctoring done to appease the LTTE diaspora. The Sinhala people have now communicated on the social media and decided that we can no longer vote for a Party which tells blatant lies about us and our roots.

I need not write a lengthy letter of facts and figures as you and your party henchmen  know all that but willingly apportion blame on the innocent Sinhala people.

Why you would tell lies for Tamil votes is something the Labour Party will repent henceforth. I used to be a Polling Agent for the LabourParty since 1978. But enough is enough. All my family and friends have no choice but to vote against those who spread lies and empower themselves through false slanders of innocent Asian people.

Ivan Amarasinghe


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  1. Cerberus Says:

    Mr. Amarasinghe, Thank you for standing up bravely for Sri Lanka Sinhalese. The Sinhala expats need to come together and form groups which can speak out regarding the atrocities we suffered under LTTE and also the lies propagated by the western media to promote LTTE presumably since they have the money to pay them off. Unfortunately for the last 4 years the Yahapalanaya Govt prevented the Sri Lanka embassies from speaking out againt lies against Sri Lanka. Hopefully the new Govt will address these issues.

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