Posted on December 4th, 2019

By Stanley Perera, Melbourne, Australia..

My dear Ambassador, Your recent larrikinish behaviour is looked upon down by the decent and civilized society.  In other words it is a shame on Swiss people.  To begin with, I must politely tell you to leave my country and go back to where you came from without creating disharmony amongst the Sri Lankan communities.  Your fabricated and larrririnish lies about the abduction and sexually abused staffer is seen as the lowest of the low which is also not up to a civilised ambassador.  Ambassador, please note that you are only an ambassador who should play diplomacy without hurting the host country.  In the past during the time of war against Tamil Tiger Terrorists your biased against the democratically elected government in siding with the Tamil Terroists was also not an acceptable behaviour.  You smuggled out of Sri Lanka truck loads of racists and terrorist Tamils to fill your ballot boxes in conniving with other western countries who followed your foot steps.  In that scenario, the western countries built up a strong media machinery to campaign against Buddhist Sri Lankan country.  You were seen in and out of the former Prime Minister’s office when the President dissolved the Ranil Wickremasinghe’s government.  Furthermore you were also seen in the parliament gallery applauding and cheering for Ramil Wickremasinghe playing a role of a corrupt politition.  Ambassador, what is your problem with Rajapakse government?   May I please re-iterate here once again, you need not  hang around in my country if you don’t like the way of the host country, you are free to leave at anytime you like.  Nobody wants you here in Colombo to bullshit and tarnish the image of Sri Lanka.  You abducted  out of Sri Lanka that Police Officer Silva and gave political assylum in Switzerland knowingly very well Silva was a wanted criminal by Sri Lanka government.  That proved beyond any reasonable doubt thata this local staffer of yours and youself cooked up a false story of abduction deliberately to cover up your scullduggery of abduction of criminal police officer Silva out of Sri Lanka.  You and your local staffer are liars.  We Sri Lankans want to know who is behind this scullduggery?  How much you were paid to fabricate lies about the abduction of your local staffer? Have you got the power to detain the local staffer and prohibit her to be investigated by the Sri Lankan Authorities?  Why don’t you reveal the full name and nationality of the local staffer?  Does the local staffer entitiled to diplomatic immunity?  Reveal the full name of that criminal police officer Silva?  What is the relationship between the local staffer and Silva?  You are a bull shitting diplomat who has no honesty and inetegrity.  You leave me no alternative other than to call you disgraceful liar.  You walked all over my soverign country.  If I have the power, I will deport you back to where you came from with one way ticket on a deck cargo submarine.
Yours Truly,
Stanley Perera Melbourne, Australia.  


  1. Sarath W Says:

    Send this moron in the sky ambulance to an asylum in Switzerland.

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