Posted on December 8th, 2019

Stanley Perera Emeritus Medical Researcher 2/32 Chandler Road Noble Park Vic. 3174 Australia.


Dear President Gotabhaya Rajapakse,

The writer is an expatriate Sri Lankan residing in Melbourne, Australia who earned a name of patriotic writer during the time of war in Sri Lanka and your time as the defence secretary.  The writer was a front runner in challenging the International Community who conducted a smear campaign  to tarnish the image of Mahinda Rajapakse Government’.  It was an uphill battle for the patriotic Sri Lankans to counter propaganda campaign of bogus Tamil Refugees.  Their activities were slowed down in the past Ranil Wickremasinghe Government.  Since you became the President, it is seen an upsurge of Tamil propaganda activities all over the world.  Australia’s ABC and SBS TV news media are presently engaged in a propaganda campaign to tarnish the image of Rajapakses.  These news media are heavily infiltrated by bogus Tamil Refugees in Australia and elsewhere.
In the year 2002, Gamini Lokuge extorted a sum of Rs.5,000,000 from the writer.  At that time Lokuge was in the opposition.  When Lokuge failed to return the money extorted from me  when called for, I  lodged a colmplaint with the Bribery and Corruption Commissioner Ranasinghe.  Immediately thereafter, Lokuge crossed over to Mahinda Rajapakse Government.  President Mahinda Rajapakse rewarded Gamini Lokuge with a cheque for  a sum of rupees five million.  Naturally, my complaint with the Bribery and Corruption Commission ended up up in the waste paper basket.  Sunday Times published the matter in two full page article headed “FIVE MILLION RUPEE EXTORTION COME TO HAUNT LOKUGE’.  The writer also complained to the Leader of the opposition Ranil Wickremasinghe.  But it  fell in the deaf ears of Wicremasinghe.  Lokuge only paid me back Rs.200,000, Rs.25,000 and Rs.10,000 on three seperate occassions.
The writer also wrote to the  Australian Foreign Affairs minister, Alexander Downer for healp to recover the extorted sum of money.  Instead Downer dispatched a team of Fedderal Police to arreast me and frame charges on offering bribes to a foreign Official.
My dear President, using your so far unblemished good office, I earnestly urge you to retrieve from Gamini Lokuge’s state the extorted money and have it paid to me ASAP.  This, I hope your Excellency consider as a priority.  When this issue is resolved forthwith, I belive your constituents will  aknowledge the confidence that placed on you in the Presidential election.  Furthermore you will be considered as a leader with a BACK BONE.
 As a quick fiz solution, may I please suggest you pay the said sum of rupees five million out of the Presidential fund for which you have the power as the Executive President of Sri Lanka.
The report of Sarath N de Silva commission appointed by former President Chandrika Kumaranatune revealed:  it was Gamini Lokuge’s gun that was used to kill Vijaya Kumarfanatunga.  Furthermore Gamini Lokuge was known as President Ranasinghe Premadasa’s hit man was also a notorious thug.  Since you became the President of Sri Lanka, it is seen that Lokuge is getting too close to yourself.  This association with you and including Lokuge in your maiden mini Cabinet does not look as a good omen to you.  People are not happy about the formation of the mini cabinet.
While I congatulate you for the mandate you received, I make this forgoing submissions to you expecting your prompt action.
Long live my President Gotabhaya.
Yours Truly,
Stanley Perera

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