An Open Letter to President Gotabhaya countered with Comments
Posted on December 13th, 2019


The Terrorist Tamil diaspora, the Tyrant Western Nations (TWNs)the NGO vultures and the local reactionaries, the UNP, TNA, the two derspiable racist Muslim parties Mano Ganeshan’s Indian Original Tamil (IOTs) were bewildered by the massive and historical victory achieved by President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa in the presidential election with 6.9 Milliomn people voters exercising their franchise in support of him.  

For more than one week these doomed fellows were blaming each other for their disaster and were battered quisling Mangala, pseudo Buddhist Champika, Abduction story teller Eajitha and the alleged male prostitute Ranjan Ramanayake as the cause for their defeat and many insisted this dirty four cabal should not be given nominations for the forthcoming General Election.

In the meantime, atiger terrorist hooligan resident in France enjoying economic asylum by betraying the Tamils of Sri Lanka has written a lengthy letter under the title”An Open Letter to President Rajapaksa ” to the treacherous UNP website Lanka E News published from London which cannot be accessed from Sri Lanka since the former President Sirisena banned access to it from Sri Lanka following a spate of malicious and fake news items and reports about him and his family members posted by this mudslinging website. 

It seems that this terrorist ruffian has purposely posted this letter knowing very well it will not meet the eyes of the President but through it he can mislead the overseas Sri Lankans and it can get the attention of non Sri Lankans and thereby create a nasty impression about Sri Lanka and its new President as it is the prime objective

of these terrorist hooligans. 

Initially I thought to ignore the letter but on the second reading I found that the allegations being made in the letter are very serious and this culprit should not be allowed to go scot free.

This hooligan starts his letter with a Damma Pada that admonishes Don’t trust too much. Don’t love too much. Don’t hope too much. Because that too much can hurt you so much” and then he laments that conscience does not allow him to congratulate the new President and it is the same with many of my fellow Tamils. (What moral rights he has to speak about the Tamils in the North and East who are being bamboozled for the terrorist diaspor’s luxury life.)

He saysthat in July 2019, he predicted Mr. Gotabhaya’s victory and stated that Sarath Fonseka would be the right match for Mr. Gotabaya and if Fonseka contested this election, Mr. Gotabhaya would be defeated. For Sinhala Buddhist voters, it would be a choice between two ‘cardboard heroes’ and Fonseka would have stood a better chance. (Your prediction and imagination was totally wrong and absurd since the since the first election results relating to southern eletorates came from 100% Sinhala Buddhist Ambalangoda electorate which is the hometown of Fonseka and the results not only showed a mammoth victory for Mr. Gotabhaya but also indicated that Mr. Gotabhaya will be the ultimate winner)

You both as ‘cardboard heroes’As usual, here too I refer to you both as ‘cardboard heroes’, because if neighbouring India and the International Community hadn’t supported the war efforts of Sri Lanka, by now either the Tamils would have achieved their external right to self-determination or the war would have been prolonged even until today. (Again a wild imagination by you.  The countries you mentioned only wanted to suspend and allow America to evacuate the terrorist leaders by sea safely, perhaps to fight another war.  It was only becasuse of sophisticated arms, ammunitions, latest guns, double barrelled rockets amd MIG fighters supplied by China, Russia and Pakistan helped our gallant forces to win and end the war).

not twist from what you and your brother Mahinda Rajapaksa – MR, now your prime minister, said soon after the end of the war about the Indian involvement – I mean the involvement of the Indian Congress. Your victory and the path you used to gain your victory require various analyses. However I will cut short my analysis and go straight into what I would like to tell you.

In Sri Lanka, the executive presidential system was introduced only in February 1978. Before that, the parliament was the supreme legislative body of Sri Lanka. In the parliamentary election in May 1970, under the leadership of Srimavo Bandaranayke, the Sri Lanka Freedom Party – SLFP’s coalition with leftist parties known as United Front – UF, won the majority of the electorates, especially in the South. (Here too you are wrong.  In that election several United Front candidates won several constituencies in the North and East and Mr. C.Kumarasruyar became a Minister of the government)

Then again, in July 1977, under the leadership of J.R. Jayewardene, the United National Party – UNP had a landslide victory in the South. Whether one liked it or not, these two parliamentary elections were won overwhelmingly with pure Sinhala Buddhist votes. Therefore, there is nothing extraordinary for you, your family, your party or your supporters to boast about your victory.

Now let me come to your inauguration speech, your first interview with Indian Bharat Shakti TV, your interview with Hindustan Times, Hindu and also your press conference before the presidential election.

You blame Tamil politicians..In all those interviews, you were inventing a new doctrine that ‘development is reconciliation’. In those interviews, you never accepted that the Tamils including the Muslims (stop dragging Muslims to your fold to get your passions fulfilled.  Muslims belong to a separate community existing in Sri Lanka several centuries the Tamils were brought to this country as agricultural slaves by the Dutch and the British Imperialists.  It was clearly punched to your father of racism, Malaysian born Chelvanayagam when he said in the State Council in 1931 that Tamils are superior community and it should not be allowed the inferior Sinhalese to rule over them.  Chelvanayagam was defenselessly gunned down by the then Minister of Communications Sir Maran Markar defending the Sinhalese and saying that the Muslims have the highest respect for the Sinhalese and they are the majority in this country and they should be vested with the total right to rule this country.  This position was upheld by all subsequent genuine Muslim leaders who represented both the UNP and the Muslim friendly SLFP).

The North and East have long-standing unsettled political issues. The way you speak, some outsiders may think that the people in the North and East are simply uneducated, jobless, suffering from poverty and other social problems. Also, you blame Tamil politicians for ‘taking a wrong path’ since independence.

Mr Gotabaya, the truth is that since independence, it has been Sinhala Buddhist politicians who took Tamil leaders and the people of the North and East for a ride. (There is a saying that a person who couldn’t dance blames the dancing floor saying that it is not even.  What you say is something like that.  The infrastructure and other shortcomings in the North and East were mainly created by the arrogant Tamil politicians who wanted to keep Tamils permanently trampled under their boots and returned the decentralised budget allocations back to the treasury unused.) 

You swiftly brush the truth under the carpet, whitewash successive Sinhala governments and underestimate the reasons, why since independence in 1948, the Tamils engaged in thirty years of non-violent struggle and then a further thirty years of armed struggle.(What is the non violent struggle you are talking of?  All troubles, I mean communal clashes in the post independent period were started by the arrogant Tamil politicians similar to sheep skinned wolves, in the name of staging Hartals even desecrating Mahatma Gandhi’s non-violent concept.  What was wrong for the Tamil politicians to launch an utterly political motivated tar campaign against the introduction of vehicle number plates bearing the letter Shri” and under that guise to apply tar on all name boards in the North and East. The most horrendous crime was the planting of the Shri” letter in Tamil with hot tar on the breasts of innocent Sinhalese women. Are your politicians are barbarians.  This was something similar to the tiger terrorists smashing Sinhala children in the Ampara/Digawapi area on the walls and nearby trees and cut opening the bellies of pregnant Sinhala women.   Even such things have not happened in the Uva Wellassa massacres.

Please be aware that in Arab countries only letters from the Arabic alphabet are used for identifications in the vehicles. )

Tell us a single country in the world where there was a liberation struggle or struggle in exercise of the right to self-determination and the political issues were resolved through ‘development’. (You talk like a frog in the Well. Haven’t you at least read about world history? The United Arab Emirates, U.A.E, in the past were seven Emirates antagonistic with each other and the Emir of Abu Dhabi Sheikh Zayed Al Nahyan with flow of oil wealth launched a programme of equi-development of all the seven emirates and unified the country as United Arab Emirates, and now they don’t identify themselves as Abu Dhabi national, Dubai national, or the national of any other emirates.  They commonly call each other as Watani” which means a national of U.A.E, and the Watanis equally enjoy all government privileges over and above other country nationals.  Many countries in the Middle East were tribal entities including Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Libya and Egypt and they are now highly developed Single nations. Even South Africa now stands a single developed nation after ending its apartheid policies. You seem to be like a proverbial prawn.  It is better you read how Chairman Mao-Tse Tung built the great Chiba as a single great3 nation after the historical Long March and how President Vladimir Putin re-established the Russian Federation as a powerful nation after the former Soviet Union was destroyed by the CIA Agent Michael Gorbachev.). 

You completely ignore..

You completely ignore the grievances and the history of the Tamils, who had a Tamil Kingdom similar to Sinhala Kingdoms in the island. You bluntly ask us to forget the past. On the contrary, you went all the way from Colombo to Anuradhapura to take oath at an ancient sacred Buddhist temple as the seventh President of Sri Lanka. The Sinhalese King Dutugemenu, known for defeating the Tamil King Eellalan, built this temple. If you want us to forget the past, what led you to Anuradhapura to take oath?

(Repeating a lie even for several hundred times cannot make it authentic. I will enlighten you the the real history of this country in brief for you to shed your misconceptions. During pre-Vijaya era, before 505BCE, several different indgenous clans lived in Sri Lanka and the main four clans were Yakshas, Nagas, Devaa, and Rakshas. Vijaya married Kuweni and she helped him to establish his rule over the clans and it led to the establishment of the Sinhala Kingdom in this country.  The majority of the population then were farmers and cattle herders. They had knowledge about healing arts (ayurvedic), built irrigation systems and temples. During the time of King Devanam Piyatissa,Emperor Ashoka’s son Arahat Mahinda thero brought Buddhism to this country and the king and the peopleembraced Buddhism and thus the country became a Buddhist nation.  As regards yor clim of King Elara, he was invader from South India and this bandit ruled the Northern parts of this country from Anuradhapura and Prince Dutugemunu of Magampura {Tissamaharama area} defeated him and unified this country as a Sinhala Buddhist nation and ruled the country from Anuradhapura. )

You consider that Sinhala Buddhist history is very important and expect the Tamils to forget our history, our hereditary land, war crimes, atrocities, missing people and all sorts of violations committed during your period as Defence Secretary and your brother – MR as President.

You say that the ‘minority should not do anything that disturbs the majority or causes suspicion’. Firstly, we Tamils are a ‘Nation’, not a minority as you opportunists in the South interpret. You all are good in inventing new terminologies to suit your purposes. Your request can be fulfilled by the slave Tamils who are with you, but not the Tamils who sacrifice their lives for their political aspirations, and for truth and justice. (Who are these so-called humanitarian Tamils you are referring to?  Are they people like you in the outfit called Tamil diaspora who took advantage of J.R,Jaywardene/Cyril Mathewled Black July progrom and secured economic asylum and living luxuriously in the west with least considerations for poor toiling Tamils in the North?  If you people had a genuine interest for the welfare of your people you could have made their lives brighter instead of investing in very much profitable high rise buildings in ellawatte/Bambalapitiya areas.)  

Your other doctrine..

Your other doctrine is that you cannot accept the UN Human Rights Council resolution – UN HRC that was worked out with the earlier government. This is the biggest joke of the century. First of all Resolution 40/L.1 of the UN HRC is a follow up to Resolution 19/2, adopted in 2012 during your brother MR’s period.

Mr Gotabaya, I will explain to you in simple language, how UN member states follow their international commitments. Take your favourite country China as an example. During your brother’s Presidency, Sri Lanka took a huge sum of money in a loan from China. This put Sri Lanka into bankruptcy. The next government in power was compelled to deal with the problem. If your doctrine is correct, that government could have told China that as the loan was given during the period of MR, it would be better to settle with them. The world does not operate in this manner.(Again you are exposing your ignorance and incomprehension of UN procedures and monetary policies governing the countries.  First let us focus attention on the UN.  The UNHRC resolution co-sponsored foreign and Tamil diaspora servile quisling Mangala Samaraweera, a fellow born as a Sinhalese unfortunately was done with consent from the President of the country and without approval from the Cabinet of Ministers.  The United States which brought the resolution Sri Lanka for this quisling to co-sponsor has left the UNHRC condemning it as a Cesspit” and a useless outfit.  Any country can dissociate from a resolution against it and they not binding to be implemented by the UN.  How many resolutions even approved by the Security Council remain unimplemented by Israel?  What about the Kashmir referendum Security Council resolution? It remains ignored by India for nearly 70 years now.

As regard international loans it cannot be waived or reneged by change of governments.  What the Ranil/TNA government did was taking further loans from international lending institutions on high interest rates purely for day to day consumptions and for purchase of super luxury vehicles and not investing such funds on development projects.  It was a government of ignoramus Ministers who devoid of knowledge about economic management even possessed by a petti kada mudalali (a man who owns a roadside boutique).

When you are advised by people like Prof G.L. Peiris, there is nothing surprising about these new. Some think that your political party SLPP has the best academic Prof G.L. Peiris at its helm. He said in your press conference that ‘the Sri Lankan constitution doesn’t permit/accept any UN resolution’. This is a laughable matter. Is the United Nations obliged to see the constitution of every country before it adopts resolutions? I am sure Prof G.L. Peiris has not forgotten the words that he and I exchanged in one of the briefings organised by the Sri Lankan mission during the 6th session of the UN HRC in Geneva in September 2007. (Needs no comment as it has already been clarified)

Sorry, this is not true..

You said in one of the press conferences that reports were written without outsiders visiting Sri Lanka. Sorry, this is not true. Every UN report on Sri Lanka was written only after UN personnel including Special Rapporteurs and the High Commissioner for Human Rights visited the country. Also before the UN publishes any report, an advance copy is given to the country concerned. (Be realistic in what you say.  For instance take the so-called ignominious Darusman” report.  It had been written by Darusman, Yasmin Souka et al who never visited Sri Lanka on heresay accounts mainly provided ny the despicable Tamil diaspora for which you also belong to and from what you have said in this letter we can comprehend how the others could be.)

Mr Gotabaya, you talk about ‘Buddhism’ and its thousands of years of history, etc. Before you talk about Buddha and Buddhism, shouldn’t you know who this great Buddha is? Without knowing the history of Buddha and history of the Tamils and language, you simply bluff because you have power. (Are you attempting in your ignorance of facts to imply  that Lord Buddha was a Tamil? He was a Prince born in Baranes” in the contemporary Nepal and not in any part of India.)

As you are for your language, religion and ethnicity, so every Tamil including Muslims  are for their language, religion, ethnicity, as well for their political rights based on human dignity. Yet you simply say ‘forget the past, talk/think about the future’! (Desist from dragging Muslims to fulfil your passions.  Just because Muslims speak a colloquial no of Tamil mixed with Arabic termsno one has the liberty to refer to them as Tamils.  This Tamil mixup was invented by the racist Arunachakam Ponnambalam who in 1888 introduced the vicious concept that all those who speaks Tamil language are Tamils.  Can you comprejhend if I tell you to come and and meet me after Magrib” or after Ishah”, or if I say that Janaza” or Nikah”  will be held after Jumma”.  This is what we speak.  Presently Muslims in the South are studying in Sinhala, speak in Sinhala in their homes and even sermons in the mosques are held in Sinhala.  Will that mean as per the vicious concept of Arunachalam Ponnambalam that these Muslims are Sinhalese? Shed your imaginations for mere convenience and embrace reality.)

This country was a tribal entity of This shows that Sinhala Buddhist history is very important for you, whereas you expect the Tamils to forget our history, our hereditary land, war crimes, atrocities, missing people and all sorts of violations committed during your period as Defence Secretary and your brother – MR as President.

You say that the ‘minority should not do anything that disturbs the majority or causes suspicion’. Firstly, we Tamils are a ‘Nation’, not a minority as you opportunists in the South interpret. You all are good in inventing new terminologies to suit your purposes. Your request can be fulfilled by the slave Tamils who are with you, but not the Tamils who sacrifice their lives for their political aspirations, and for truth and justice.

To be continued……..

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