Posted on December 17th, 2019

Vajiragnana Warnakulasuriya

This is a re-enactment of the disappearance of Prageeth Eknaligoda the Media Journalist! This latest episode makes one believe The Swiss Embassy could be the silent provider to make VANISH much talked locals to discredit, embarrass Rajapaksas either in Power or not!

This latest episode after worldwide publicity was given damaging the reputation of the new Presidents Government through, Al Jazeera, Times of America and the UK. Now that the case has been proved as purely a fabrication, the Swiss Embassy as a matter of courtesy on the Host Country should respectfully request the above-said Media outlets to publicly apologize for publishing fake news!

Furthermore, it’s of utmost importance to ascertain when this woman’s assumed the name Gania Banister Francis dropping Siriyalatha Perera, is it before or after being employed by the Embassy. This becomes important as that’s the start of the FICTION! Suppose Prageeth Eknaligoda too had fled the Country after assuming an Alien name and happily lives there or some other foreign soil!

Now let’s divert our attention to a possible scenario had this woman managed to flee immediately after the BASTARD, RAJITHA SENARATNE made in that Media interview where she was SEXUALLY MOLESTED and a REVOLVER was RAMED DOWN HER THROAT! Then the WHITE VAN story the torture and subsequently feeding her body to CROCKERDILES becomes true for the Embassy to communicate to his foreign affairs in Switzerland while she and her family HAPPILY live in Switzerland!

Which makes the World Media paint the new President Mr. Gotabhaya in par with Philipines President Rodrigo Duterte alleged to have committed heinous crimes!

So, the whole story fell through the Swiss Ambassadors’ fingers due to poor SCRIPT of the local author! This IDIOT underestimated the investigating s of the present teams!

And finally, we see the drama of the highest order when this seemingly friendly Envoy from the Switzerland who, in my assessment may have made to vanished some locals to discredit Sri Lanka in the past, now admits an error of Judgment (to that effort) been made in this instance and in response, President Mr.Gotabhaya assures no hard feeling (to that effort) between the parties!

But we are no fools to swallow that these two are not CHEATING EACH OTHER! This is what’s called DIPLOMACY!

If the whole saga took place after she has changed her name after employment in the Swiss Embassy, the motives are dishonest, Hence I see no reason why The government allows such missions to exist that are scheming to discredit the Government!

 Vajiragnana Warnakulasuriya

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