Masterly Plan for SRI LANKA
Posted on December 30th, 2019

By, Professor Nishan Wijesinha

With the P-TOMS (Post Tsunami Relief Operations), and Prof. G. L. Peiris’s Proposed Constitutional Reforms which was to supersede the 13th Amendment, with an unique network of politicizing within the concept of one Sri Lanka; drew vast attention and the highest applaud and favor by the International community and the expatriates as the move which was to end all ethnic imbalances and bring in economic restoration which was the immediate and logical calling by the first woman president of Sri Lanka Her Excellency Chandrika Bandaranayake Kumaratunga during her term of office as the Executive President of Sri Lanka. This was the time that Dr. Anton Balasingham met me at Stone Cottages to get my expertise of jurisprudence and science of economics to the agenda to build the Port of Chundikkulam which was to aid International luxury cruise lines and merchant ships; and also accommodate submarines and amphibious vehicles. 

This project once completed had guaranteed annual revenue of a decisive thirty billion US dollars.

Unfortunately due to the ignorance and power game play of local political fractions, Sri Lanka is loaded with an ongoing economic and political catastrophe leading on to the 2020’s and plus.

Sri Lanka being 15 times smaller than Egypt must learn from history that if the minority Hebrew people living in Egypt could overpopulate the Egyptians,  that it is a serious concern in Sri Lankan politics to omit the voice of its minority which is going to be the major source of  replenishing  its economy. 

The learned and the prudent will always want to release information to help guide an ignorant society.

Therefore I am forwarding herewith the guidelines for the construction of the Port of Chundikkulam, which was discussed at Stone Cottages as of then; in the intention that there would be economic redemption and brotherhood within the communities of Sri Lanka; who would work together within one Sri Lanka.

The Port of Chundikkulam was to be constructed to accommodate the movement of sea vessels within an area of 3.97 square kilometers expanded through the lagoon from the demarcated locality shown in Fig1.

I do believe that this revelation of the masterly plan for Sri Lanka will inhabit the hearts of all the readers of this article and would become the very source of economic prosperity and blessings of brotherhood to all within one Sri Lanka.  

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