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Asoka Weerasinghe

Kings Grove Crescent . Gloucester . Ontario . K1J 6G1 . Canada

29 December 2019

Ambassador Hanspeter Mock
Ambassador for Switzerland in Sri Lanka
63 Gregory’s Road
Colombo 7
Sri Lanka



(Asoka Weerasinghe-AW) Who is there?”

(Hanspeter Mock -HPM) It’s Hanspeter”

(AW)  Hanspeter who…?”

(HPM) It’s Hanspeter..the diplomat … from the Alps”

(AW) Ah..No… Are you the Swiss Diplomat, who loved putting his finger into Swiss chocolate fondue, and lick it…and being nosey tried a foreign country’s fondue,and put his finger in a Sri Lankan GBF Chilli Hot Curry fondue, got his finger stuck and got it burnt…Ouch!.  What was that all about, Hanspeter Diplomat from the Alps?”

(HPM) I don’t understand what you are getting at. You are talking in riddles.

Why aren’t you being direct and ask me what you really want to know from me.  Stop playing games with me, I have little time for that!

(AW) Oh, Goody! Now that you’ve opened a window for me, I will talk straight to

You. I will huff and I will puff through your open window and blow away your Swiss cunning, lying, arrogance, condescension and of pretence that We are Holier than Thou” attitude towards my historic Sri Lanka, that was under colonial rule for 450 years, by the Portuguese, Dutch and the British.

I want you to read-listen to me, as this will give you some insight about my Motherland, Sri Lanka, which you know sweet nothing about.  I am not charging

You even one Swiss franc for this induction lesson.  It is free to you, as you seem interested in, and got involved in a nasty spat with the Sri Lankan Government.

You could edit and reboot your knowledge about Sri Lanka before you open your mouth next time about my Motherland, and looking a blithering  Diplo-mutt, and embarrassing yourself and your country.

I know you were crying for Sri Lankan minorities, asking the Government to treat

them well. I tell you Swiss Diplomat, ‘Don’t you cry for the Sri Lankan Tamils.’  They were the most ‘PRIVILEGED’ minority (10%) that were in the world for 131 British colonial rule, and years beyond Independence in 1948.  And the Sinhalese (I amone of them) who were the ‘WRONGED’ Majority (75%) during the British divide-and-rule policy for 131 years.

It was a case of, …if you are White, you are alright, if you are a Tamil-dark, we will treat you as a bright spark, but if you are a Sinhalese-brown, you can stick

around, if you want to as we don’t  care.  Right, Hanspeter?

And you Swiss cried for the Tamil minority.  But hell, Hanspeter, did you not know that the very early Missionary schools were established in the North of the island, to provide the Tamils a handicap, to become a school-based PRIVILEGED minority.

The Missionaries who started to arrive from 1812 were able to increase their schools, particularly in the Jaffna’s North District  within a very short time.  The Baptists had 126 schools, Wesleyans 81, the Church Mission 36, the American Mission 96, and the Roman Catholics had 61 throughout Ceylon.  But the majority of schools were opened in the Tamil Jaffna District.

Were you aware of all this? Na!  Of course you wouldn’t, as you Humbug-guys in the West shy away from the truth, in case it gives the Sinhalee community the factual advantage over the Tamils. Right! Hanspeter?

Here are the  ‘Asoka Weerasinghe-Facts’

The oldest established Missionary Schools after the British colonized the puny Island in the Indian Ocean, Ceylon,  was in the Jaffna District in the North.

  1.  Union College in Tellipalai founded in 1816.  A Christian College with Rev. Daniel Poor as its Principal;
  •  Jaffna Central College, established in October 1817, a Wesleyan

 Methodist College;

  •  St.John’s College, established in 1823, by the Church Mission Society of the Anglican Church;
  •  Jaffna College, established in Vaddukoddai in 1823, by the American Ceylon Mission;
  •  Uduvil Girls College, established in 1824, by the American Ceylon Mission,

  It was situated in an abandoned Franciscan Mission built by the Portuguese;

  •   Vembadi Girls High School founded in 1834, by the Wesleyan Methodist  Mission;
  •   Hartley College, originally named the Wesleyan Mission Central School,   Established in Point Pedro in 1838, and so forth.

And you cry and belly ache for Sri Lanka’s minority Tamils,  That is a load of rotting Branzino,  isn’t it.  And you Swiss had the gall, temerity and arrogance, to tell President Gotabaya Rajapaksa and his new Government what you Swiss Government expect of him how to govern his country, especially when Sri Lanka was not your colony. Ha! Let’s get this right into our thick skulls, Hanspeter.  Come on, you Diplomat, go, chill yourself with your Foreigtn Ministry buddies in Berne by sitting on the Grand Aletsch Glacier with bare bottoms to cool off and take a deep breath, and breathe In, so you are calm, and breathe Out and be peaceful.  What a waste of a bucket of Swiss tears for a community of PRIVILEGED Tamil minority, who claim that they are being discriminated and persecuted in Sri Lanka.  All that is poppycock!

Do you know what, Hanspeter, your Switzerland having joined the International Western Mafia Consortium wanting to hurt President Gotabaya Rajapaksa and his new government, will not cut mustard nor hold water as there is a hole in your ‘Made in Switzerland’ bucket. There’s a hole in your bucket, Hanspeter, Hanspeter…there is a hole in your bucket, Hanspeter.

Well, Hanspeter  while on the theme of schools, here’s another ‘Asoka Weerasinghe Fact’, which will really shoot down the yellow belly aching separatist Tamil complains that they are being discriminated by the majority Sinhalese and foolish-you had got sucked into, hook, line and sinker.  Not smart for a Western Diplomat who thinks  he, of Swiss origin, is the next best creation after a slice of brown bread, isn’t it!

In 1983, when the Tamil separatist insurrection started wanting their mono-ethnic, racist, Tamil State, Eelam, carved out of one-third of the prime real-estate in the North, bordered by 66% of the coast line, the The Tamil Jaffna District had 555 government schools for a student population of 207,524, and the capital city Colombo in the West had only 251 such schools for 231,690 students.  And this would blow your mind, as 41%  of these Jaffna District schools had government-approved science laboratories compared to an island average of 19.6%.  And you cried for this bunch of PRIVILEGED minority Tamils.  What a waste of a bucket of Swiss tears.

Do I notice your face turning a 50-shades of red as if a lobster doing its death-dance in a  pot of boiling water with embarrassment.

Well..you can cry if you want to for  the PRIVILEGED minority Tamils of Sri Lanka,

but let me ask you one last question before I share my observations about the Swiss Embassy saga, to find out whether you really know what the heck you are crying for.

The question is a simple one. Do you know who the three top administrators of Sri Lanka, AuditorGeneral, Inspector General of Police and the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court were when the riots happened in Colombo on July 23, 1983.  I will make it a bit easier for you.  Were they from the majority Sinhalese or from the minority Tamil, Muslim and Burgher communities? 

Come on…Spit out the answer Hanspeter.  Your briefing notes from your Foreign Ministry should have provided you with that bit of information when you were posted to Colombo.

Well…here they are Hansperter.  If they were all Sinhalese from the 74% of the population, thus ignoring the minority communities,  these communities may have had a good reason to belly ache.  Well, Hansperter, strap yourself to your chair, in’ case you fall in disbelief.  All three were from the Tamil minority community from the North. The community that you are crying for and asking the present Gotabaya  Rajapaksa government to treat the minority communities well.

When the July 23, 1983, riots happened, Sri Lanka’s Auditor General was Siva Pasupathi, a Tamil; the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court was S. Sharvananda another Tamil from the minority community, and the Inspector General of Police was

Rudra Rajasinhgham, from the PRIVILEGE minor Tamil community!

Hello! Hanspeter, did you know that?  I cannot see how you Swiss in Bern equate this to discrimination having been successfully brainwashed by the separatist Tamil Diaspora who are coming to you as refugees.  And you Swiss Human Rights bleeding hearts got it all wrong and mutated yourselves into a bunch of Suckers.  Didn’t I tell you that they were the PRIVILEGED  minority,  compared to the WRONGED majority, the Sinhalese community.  Hanspeter, you may cry for the Tamil community if you want to, as it would be a good reason for me to Mock at you saying Ha! Ha! Ha!!!  This is embarrassing, isn’t it?

Let me change gears and share with you my observations of the foolish Saga at the Swiss Embassy in Colombo. The theatrics were pitiful and poor. I knew that the storyline was going to bite you and hard along the way, and you will be wiping egg yolk from your face very soon. The plot was insane and the script was fit for a drama group of fools who would perform a Modern Swiss Tamil-Blarney Gong Show with props like a Swiss ambulance plane with a red cross painted outside of it. And a bad choice by the Casting Director for the lead character, the Hallucinating woman staffer.  The Switzerland National School of Drama would have given you all a F” for your Diplomatic creativity.  How stupid can a Diplomat be.

I was intrigued to read what your colleagues in Bern had said that, as an employer that you will do everything in your power to assist the member of the staff concerned.”

That statement was quite honourable Bern, but you all had missed the backlash-clause, that if and when it happens to be an act of collusion, the act will be chalked as one of Diplomatic moronic-dishonesty.  So Bern, you certainly got Burnt, a Big tectonic shift in your neutrality, didn’t you?  And your veiled threats and innuendos against the sovereign state of Sri Lanka, and she happened to be my Motherland,  didn’t cut Mustard, even those  produced in Wettingen where you boast of fields of yellow mustard blossoms in May.

Your Bern also stated that Sri Lanka’s reputation as a country that upholds the rule of law is at stake.”    Phew! Hanspeter, see who’s talking.  You guys are not so lilly-white at all that you think you are.  This arrogant, condescending statement coming from a country whose judiciary has just ruled that the LTTE (aka Tamil Tigers) who was proclaimed by the UN as the most dangerous Terrorist organization in the world (eat your heart out Al Qaeda), is not a criminal organization.” You guys in Bern are nuts.   A country that profited from World War II.  Although selling yourselves to the world to be ‘neutral’, you all did an impressive business with Nazi Germany, holding even the gold from the of Holocast victims teeth.  Your country, Hanspeter was an embarrassment in the world during the post-war years having to face legal charges in the 1990s, for having plyed a role as the major hub for the sale and transfer of Nazi-looted priceless art during World War II, and other stolen property. 

You are no Babes in the Berna Woods. It is time that you all come down from your high-horses and be humble for a change and admit that you were  wrong..wrong..wrong trying to undermine the dignity and integrity of the newly elected  Government.  The Gotabaya Rajapaksa Government was elected by the people and the people have made their choice and Switzerland has no business to poke its fingers into Sri Lanka’s pie.  Ask your people in Bern to back off, Hanspeter.

Let me share some thoughts about President Gotabaya Rajapaksa, before I conclude this letter.  I know you Swiss and most of the western countries, hate his guts, hate his gumption, for leading a team of brave and courageous  women and men of the armed forces who ended the 30-year bloody war with the separatist Tamil Tigers, by kicking their butts, made them run for cover until their leader, Velupillai Prabhakaran was downed on the sands of the Nandikadal lagoon, in Mullaitivu, in the east of the island  having been shot  by a bullet through the forehead, on 19 May 2009.

And this end meant that President Gotabaya as the Defence Secretary , and his brave team, gave back the right-to-life to 20.5 million of their people which had been hijacked for 30-years by the Tamil Tigers, who were aided and abetted by several western nations, including Canada where I am domiciled, and India, who had perfected the suicide body pack used by human bombs. None of the western countries, including your government had acknowledged this act of humanitarianism showing their honesty, but only showed their disingenuous hypocrisy and that they are cruel Humbugs.

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa and his valiant armed forces personnel made a Historic Classic Military Text Book entry when they rescued 295,873 Tamil refugees who were used as a human shield by the Tamil Tigers, who you now consider not to be a terrorist organization”, who were marched for 30 months from the west to the east coast like a herd of unwashed cattle, under a scorching Jaffna-Killinochchi sun,

and rescued from the clutches of the Tamil Tiger terrorists.  And not a single western country nor the UN in Geneva had the honesty, decency, courage, and guts, to recognize this amazing rescue mission in a War Theatre.  That shows the West being hypocritical Sinhalese blood-dripping Humbugs.  Shame on every one of you,

Well the Sri Lankan forces who rescued 295,873 Tamil refugees could have bumped them off easily, but they didn’t.  You know what they did to these refugees Hanspeter?  They were housed in temporary refugee camps and prepared a million meals –  Dietitian-controlled hearty breakfasts, lunches and dinners every day,

And some of the soldiers turned temporary Chefs to feed these Tamil refugees.  A Himalayan task, but they did it. And they didn’t care two Swiss francs what you Swiss think or thought about it. They did what they had to do, to keep these Tamil refugees alive and give back and assure them of their right-to-life.

So your colleagues in Bern had very little to say about this amazing Rescue Mission of the Tamil refugees.  Shame on every one of you.  It shows the true colours when you all try your arrogant bullying and shenanigans.  Sri Lanka doesn’t need that crap, Hanspeter.  They don’t, specially the West-generated crap, including that of your Switzerland.

And here is a reality check for you and your smart Diplomatic colleagues in Bern.

If the nefarious story of the abduction of a local staff member in your Swiss Embassy in a white-van, was to discredit President Gotabaya Rajapaksa by spreading misinformation and slinging mud at his leadership, you all were taking on every Sri Lankan Mother of a school going child prior to 2009, who was thankful and think a world of President Gotabaya. They will swear that he was their child’s Guardian Angel who saved their lives by getting rid of the Tamil Tiger menace.  These are the Mothers who stood at the front door of their homes from Monday to Friday between 1:00 o’clock and 2:30 in the afternoon, looking deep into the approaching road to their homes, praying that their child will come home from school in one piece and not in a plywood box, as a puzzle of a head, limbs, flesh, blood and bones being blown to smithereens by a Tamil Tiger claymore mine.  You harass their President Gotabaya and you will have to deal with their wrath, their anger, and their curse saying Pox to you all”  So, I tell you, Hanspeter, use your wisdom if there is any left by now, after your Act of this dishonest Hoax.

After getting eggs on your face, with your stupid Swiss theatrics, be judicious when dealing with Sri Lanka with another creative hoax. Doesn’t look good for you lot in Bern. Bern you have burnt your britches. And I hope you all have learnt your lesson the hard way trying to overwhelm Sri Lanka with your bad-ass diplomatic onslaught.

It hasn’t worked Hanspeter. 

Ask your Diplomats to come down from their high-horses, as their arrogance only tickled Sri Lanka’s  peoples, Diplomats and Intelligence personnel. You all will be smart if you admit to your brutal ridiculous folly and don’t undermine Sri Lanka’s present President Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s intelligence and his advisors and his Foreign Secretary, Ambassador  Ravinatha Ariyasinha, who is bright as a star on top of a Swiss Christmas tree. Be humble now that you all have been humiliated and revert to your innocence of that of the Sound of Music that you once knew;

‘My day in the hills
Has come to an end, I know
A star has come out
To tell me it’s time to go….

I go to the hills when my heart is lonely
I know I will hear what I’ve heard before
My heart will be blessed with the sound of music
And I’ll sing once more…

I wish you a better year in 2020, and I wish you wisdom.

May you be Happy, May you be Well and May you enjoy Inner-peace.

I wish you Shanthi..shanthi…shanthi


Asoka Weerasinghe (Mr.)

Ottawa, Canada

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    Asoka !! I wish you a very Happy New YAR, 2020, and may you keep all your Humour intact for us, your ardent readers. BUDDHU SARANAI.

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