Lanka Property Show 2020; Set and Ready to Wow Colombo with All Property Solutions Under One Roof
Posted on February 22nd, 2020

Event Coordinator Lanka Property Web (Pvt) Ltd

Over the past years, Lanka Property Show has cemented its position as Sri Lanka’s largest and foremost Real Estate show and convention. This year Lanka Property Show 2020 is scheduled to bring buyers, sellers, developers, financiers and experts together in grand style for the 4th consecutive time.

Lanka Property Show 2020 will be held on the 29th of February and the 1st of March 2020 at the Balmoral Hall at The Kingsbury Colombo from 10am to 8pm.

Organized and hosted by LankaPropertyWeb; Sri Lanka’s premier Real Estate website, the Property Show is a must-attend event for those with an interest in the Sri Lankan real estate market. The event will provide visitors with all options and solutions available in Sri Lanka’s Real Estate market under one roof.

The Lanka Property Show 2020 will also be a platform for Sri Lanka’s best and most reputed property developers, real estate agents and banks to interact with prospective buyers, share knowledge and ideas and work together to promote Sri Lanka’s property market to the public and the world.

Both local and foreign consumers will get a chance to view a plethora of properties available in the market to suit every budget. Apartments in Colombo and Greater Colombo area starting from LKR 19.5 Million, along with various housing and land projects will be showcased at the event. Over 25 different projects will be showcased at the event this year, with everything from luxury apartments to affordable houses near Colombo and many new development projects will also be launched to the public at the Lanka Property Show 2020.

Visitors will also be exposed to the various financing options available to them with home loan rates staring from 11.5% available at the event offered by leading banks.

Discussing this flagship event, Daham Gunaratna – Managing Director at LankaPropertyWeb said, We have always understood that one area where the real estate sector was lacking in Sri Lanka was in terms of efficient interaction between buyers and sellers. In fact, this was the inspiration behind LankaPropertyWeb. From the inception, we have worked to create an efficient and seamless venue for buyers, sellers and experts to interact. Lanka Property Show is an extension of this fundamental concept. Through this event, we are creating a platform for all stakeholders in the sector to interact with each other and experience everything the market has to offer, under one roof. A variety of apartment, housing and land developers, plus solar companies will be showcasing numerous projects and products this year, demonstrating the attraction and utility of this event which has become Sri Lanka’s largest property show with the largest and most diverse number of participants.”

Emphasizing the importance of investing in the property market at this time, Daham added, The more efficient tax regime that has been put into place by the present government coupled with increased FDIs, a growing middle class and economic development will work together to create a boom in the property market in the near future. It is presently a highly opportune moment to invest in Real Estate in Sri Lanka and secure yourself and your family for the future.”

Alongside the numerous displays and showcases to be enjoyed and witnessed at the Lanka Property Show 2020, the event will also feature top property agents and LankaPropertyWeb’s own Buyer and Seller Assistance Team providing assistance to visitors with their property buying and selling needs. Lanka Property Show 2020 is set to be the real estate event of the year and a treat for any participant in this market!

Leading property developers John Keells Properties, Capital Heights by Access Group and 606 The Address will be the Platinum Sponsors at this year’s event while Seylan Bank will participate as the Official Banking Partner.  

Participants can register for the event and get further details at  

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  1. Nimal Says:

    Let foreigners put up retirement bungalows on condition they could set up businesses to enhance their income and will have the benefit of inward remittances of their pensions. We are too greedy and selfish to open our country, very stupid too.
    Spain and Portugal are enjoying the incomes of the expatriates that our settled there. So are the Malaysia,Thailand,Singapore but our buffalos have no vision.

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