Invisible Destructive force Behind Vanishing Nation (Helaya)
Posted on February 27th, 2020

by Palitha Ariyarathna

 The book is a re-examination of religious conversion gone through in a surreptitious way also from this book Author mention how the invisible power of invaders trying to Demise Buddhism and Sinhala Nation in This book examines key point… of cultural war towards their (Sinhalese) own nation, Palitha Aritarathna says that “religious conversion is probably one of the most unsettling political events in the life of any society and still no minister, no person would like to talk the truth behind proselytizing effort of NGO and Some of the extremists are who believe right religion is their own only.

In another way the author is used to mention that mutual understanding must be improved and who or they are coming, visiting, working, touring, illegally staying at Another country or Land should respect and protect its origins, (religion and Nationality)planning to demise Buddhism and Sinhalese is an a work that stop immediately.. War on religion is a big shame. Avoid, Step back from converting peoples and interposition others’ land.

Book Name: ‘Invisible Destructive force Behind Vanishing Nation (Helaya)’
‘Helaya wanasana Adisi Balwega’
(Sinhala Language )
Limited edition not available at the book shop
edition. Agust/2010 

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