Posted on March 18th, 2020


For the last many years US has been providing immeasurable financial assistance and support to Afghanistan; it is a day-light fact. Under the banner of USAID program trillions of dollars have yet been spent in the fields of health and education there. According to a report published by the USAID, ‘the basic purpose of all this support is to help Afghanistan become a more responsible and integrated member of the region and the world. Apparently the USAID program’s only purpose is to bring more Afghans back into economic and civic life. US’ huge investments in infrastructure and human capital are making the country less vulnerable to insurgents and illicit business and more attractive for private-sector enterprise.’ But in spite of all these services provided to the people of Afghanistan, no one could say that the people of Afghanistan love and like the Americans because they have been serving them for so many years.

The reason behind this disliking for US in Afghanistan is that the Afghans hold the US authorities responsible for all the trials and tribulations they have been passing through for the last three decades. The Afghans could never forget thousands of their children who were burnt to ashes just because of the merciless bombings of the NATO forces under the command of US. Be they in groups like Taliban or in any other ‘formation’ they never miss a chance of targeting the US led troops or any of the US interests in Afghanistan. It is their harsh reaction which has compelled the US authorities on searching for retreating strategies. The Afghan people are so spiteful regarding the US troops that neither they let them go back nor let them stay in Afghanistan.

The same vindictive behaviour could be noticed in Palestine against the Israeli forces and in the Indian Occupied Kashmir against the Indian troops. Mr. Modi claims that he has tried to bring a new era of peace and prosperity by withdrawing the special status of Jammu & Kashmir but a recent report of the Reuters points out a situation altogether different. The report says referring to a speech Mr. Modi made at Red Fort in New Delhi, Modi said the constitutional status of Jammu and Kashmir had encouraged corruption and nepotism, while creating injustice for women, children and minority communities. Today, every Indian can proudly say One Nation, One Constitution.” Mr. Modi might be sincere in his opinion but according to the Reuters, ‘the policy will trigger a backlash from Kashmiris aggrieved by losing their exclusive right to buy property in the state and to fill state government jobs.’

In short the ‘marvelously gracious’ favours of Mr. Modi would simply add agony to the sufferings of the helpless Kashmiris. Mr. Modi claims that his actions like CAA and NRC are a favour and a blessing for the people of Kashmir, Assam and for Dalits, Adivasis, Vanvasis, Tamils, Gorkhas and so many others belonging to different tribes. Unfortunately the realities on ground are contrary to the claim of Mr. Modi. The amended Citizenship Act is nothing but an injustice against all minorities and an attempt to kick out all those who don’t belong to the upper caste Hindu community.

The worst consequences of Modi’s CAA and NRC are being witnessed at present in Delhi. The Guardian has recently published the story of a 30-year-old Muslim Musharaf who lived in the Bhagirathi Vihar area of Gokalpuri, north-east Delhi with his wife and children. That day he was at home when a mob of around 30 men with iron rods and knives broke down the locked door shouting jai Sri Ram. Everyone got into the beds to hide but the men covered everything with kerosene and shouted: Will you come out or do you want us to burn you alive? They smashed the bed where Musharaf was hiding underneath and dragged him out into the street. The children ran out, too, and were screaming. His daughter, Kushi – she is just 11 – fell on the feet of those men, pleading ‘Don’t kill my father’. She tried to save him but they beat him to death in the middle of the street and threw him in the gutter-hole.

The violation of human rights is nothing but depriving people of their basic right to move freely, to think independently and to do business of their own choice. And this is what the Modi government is doing with the minorities in India; and same things the US led troops have been doing for the last many years in Afghanistan. Unfortunately in both cases the victims are the Muslims and more unfortunate is the fact that all over the world wherever there is a story of human rights violations, the victims are the Muslims. Certainly the reason behind this ‘universal’ pathetic condition of Muslims is that they lack unity. A painfully agonizing indifference of the Muslims to one another provides strength and courage to the forces hostile to them.  

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