PM and Ministers required to pay govt for use of official vehicles and residences
Posted on March 19th, 2020

Courtesy Adaderana

The Cabinet of Ministers has decided that the Prime Minister, the Cabinet Ministers, the former Speaker and former Opposition Leader would be required to make certain payments to the government for the use of official vehicles and official residences, if they participate in activities promoting the party or candidature during this pre-election period. 

The Cabinet Spokesman stated that the President has dissolved the 08th Parliament by now and has declared the dates for the General Election. 

However, the Prime Minister and the Cabinet Ministers are engaged in their official duties until the date of the General Election while the Speaker as well as the Leader of the Opposition shall participate in the official duties as the members of the Constitutional Council. 

However, it was observed the appropriateness for them to pay a reasonable amount to the Government for using their official vehicles and official residencies since they participate in the activities of promoting their political party and candidature during the same period, the spokesman said. 

Therefore, the Cabinet of Ministers decided that the office bearers mentioned above shall follow the same procedure followed during the General Election held in 2015.

They are as follows:

 Payment of a monthly rental of Rupees 100,000/- per vehicle if official vehicles are used for promotion of their party and candidature.

 Bearing the amount spent for additional fuel required than the quantity of fuel provided for the official vehicles personally by them.

 Personally, bearing all expenditure if utilizing planes or choppers for promotion of their political party and candidature.

 Payment of a monthly rental of Rupees 100,000/- for the official residence if used for promotion of their party and candidature.

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